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asus zenbook s13

Price: £1,499 from Asus is further cementing its position as one of the most interesting laptop manufacturers on the market, proving that it’s not afraid to take risks and try out new form factors. Take the ZenBook S13. The almost bezel-less design makes it look extremely clean and tight, and the inclusion of the ‘reverse notch’ places the webcam in a space where it doesn’t increase the size of the top bezel. It’s one of the more interesting designs we saw at CES 2019 – where the device launched. After using the laptop intensively for two weeks, including putting it through its paces as my main device while covering E3, I’m happy to confirm that this is a laptop that’s as powerful as it is portable and should meet most users’ needs…

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lg gram 17

Price: £tbc There was a time when a 17in laptop was a desktop replacement device, but that’s no longer the case. The LG gram 17 is a great laptop for those wanting loads of real estate in a chassis you can actually take around with you. These days a 17in laptop is going to be of the gaming variety, focused on power and not portability. With the gram 17 though, LG proves that a large laptop doesn’t have to be thick and heavy. In fact, it’s lighter than many laptops with a smaller screen. It’s also no slouch when it comes to performance and there are plenty of good features on offer here. Price and availability The gram 17 is currently available for $1,699 in the US, though at the time of writing no…

7 min
raspberry pi 3 b+

Price: £35 from The Raspberry Pi mini computer just keeps getting better. It’s been three years since we reviewed a major upgrade to the Raspberry Pi line, and it was worth the wait. If you’ve been wondering if the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is a worthwhile upgrade let me answer that with an emphatic yes. Once again, we’re seeing a noticeable jump in performance compared to the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B that we looked at in early 2016. Some of the downsides of the Raspberry Pi still exist with the Pi 3 B+. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to tinker with hardware, start programming, or just create an everyday PC for very basic needs, then this is an excellent choice. The basics On paper, the hardware for the Pi 3 B+ isn’t that…

5 min
withings move

Price: £59 from Fitness trackers are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s hard for even established players like Withings to stand out. The Move does its best by offering core features at a friendly price and letting the design do the talking – with a bit of help from you. That’s because while the standard issue Moves look attractive enough, the real selling point is customizability: you can get a Move in a load of different colour combinations and even pick the design of the watch face itself. Design The Withings Move looks more or less like a standard sporty wristwatch. The slim body comes with a rubber-y wrist strap, and is lightweight and unobtrusive enough that you’ll almost forget it’s there. There’s a single button on the right side,…

18 min
best camera phones

Cameras are among the most important features of a smartphone for many buyers. After all, their phone is their camera, so their quality can be the deciding factor in opting for one model over another. And given that most phones – especially flagships – are otherwise very similar in terms of performance and screen quality, photography and video is where manufacturers can differentiate their offering from rivals. Our aim with this comparison is to reveal which phone has the best cameras for taking photos, videos and selfies. You won’t find every flagship phone here, as we’re including only those which have cameras good enough to be called ‘the best’. That isn’t determined by specs or features, it’s judged by the quality of the photos and videos they produce. How we test Rather than…

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who should buy intel’s 10th-gen cpu in a laptop

With Intel’s 10th-generation Ice Lake CPU finally here, you may be wondering whether to wait for laptops to come out with the new CPU, rather than buy an existing model with an 8th-gen CPU (Note: Intel’s 8th generation offers a full range of mobile CPUs, while the 9th generation offers only high-end ‘H’ mobile parts). We’ll walk you through the reasons why you’d want to wait for a 10th-gen laptop, and five reasons why you don’t have to. 5 reasons you should wait for Intel’s 10th-gen Ice Lake CPU in your next laptop We know, you want shiny new things. And you know what? The shiny new thing in laptops are Intel’s new 10th gen-chips. Here are five reasons why it would be worth it to wait. 1. It is actually new With its…