Tech Advisor July 2020

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windows 10x may be the new windows 10 s

With dual-screen Windows devices seemingly off the table for 2020, Microsoft’s Windows 10X has to find a home. Will it become a replacement for Windows 10 S on low-cost single-screen devices instead? According to ZDNet, the delays associated with the coronavirus have pushed back the launches of Surface Neo and other dual-screen PCs, past their expected Christmas 2020 debut and into 2021. Microsoft’s Android-powered Surface Duo has not been affected. Sources close to the company had told our colleagues at PCWorld that the Surface Book 3 and Surface Go 2 launch was being delayed until the end of April. That delay was due to concerns that Microsoft simply wouldn’t have enough devices to put in stores, they said. Microsoft is also wrestling with the reality that audiences might not want a premium…

3 min
microsoft adds a news bar app in latest windows insider update

Microsoft is launching a redesigned Microsoft News app, now dubbed the Microsoft News Bar, in conjunction with a new Windows 10 Insider build that tidies up your PC’s storage. Windows 10 Insider build 19603 is part of the Fast Ring, a sort of repository for ongoing code that Microsoft hasn’t formally slated for any particular release. (The Slow Ring, by contrast, is code that will appear in the upcoming release.) Build 19603 contains several new features, a change from a recent run of bug fixes: better file integration within Windows Subsystem for Linux, improvements to the Storage settings, the News Bar, and support for the Canon CR3 format within Microsoft’s RAW image extension. Meet the Microsoft News Bar Many people don’t know that Microsoft curates – and pays for – licensed news content from…

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chrome os’s new tablet mode is a lot more like android (and the ipad)

Many updates have passed since Chrome OS introduced a proper tablet mode for convertibles with version 70, and while Google has certainly refined the system, it’s done little to fix its core navigation issues. The main problem: it’s confusing. But the next Chrome OS update will go a long way to fix that. With the upcoming version 81, Google is bringing a new way to navigate when you’re not using the trackpad. It’s similar to both Apple’s new gestures on the iPad Pro and the latest Android 10 navigation with three main components: Swipe from the bottom of the screen to get to the home screen. Currently, you need to bring up the shelf and use the button on the far left or minimize your current window to return to the home…

10 min
tips to work from home

When you’re working from home for the first time, you quickly realize that it requires more thought than plunking your laptop on the coffee table. Nailing down the tech is a large part of it. But we realize, too, that there’s a ‘softer’ side: what hours you keep, how to stay in contact with colleagues and friends, and even what to wear. Our editors are ready with all the tech tips we’ve learned from years of working from home ourselves. Define your workspace First things first: as we’re learning, there’s no ‘normal’ with the coronavirus. You’ll have to figure out what works for you, within your own unique environment. Still, some rules apply to just about everyone. Establish a workspace. Our first tip is to claim a physical working space. Maybe it’s a…

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tips to maintain your pc, router, and more

Maintaining your home office tech is just as important as maintaining your garden or your car, but we often zoom right past it in the rush to get the next task done. Don’t do that. We’ve compiled a list of to-do items for you to check off to keep you, your PC, and other devices running smoothly. There’s an economical side to this, too. In certain situations, working from home effectively may mean buying new equipment to fill the gaps. But before you decide you need something new, making the most of what you already have might be a better idea. The device everyone forgets about: the router As with our work-from-home tips guide (see page 17 ), we’re not going to begin with the PC, as it’s the most familiar, most easily…

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how to tune windows 10 for laser-focused productivity

Find yourself suddenly needing to be more productive? Good news. Windows 10 comes loaded with all sorts of tools designed to help you Get Things Done, along with deeper tweaks that can optimize the operating system for productivity even more. Now for the bad news: all those excellent productivity-boosting Windows tools and tweaks aren’t immediately obvious, with many of the most useful settings buried deep inside a maze of options menus. We can help. Taking five or ten minutes to tinker with Windows 10 can supercharge your set-up, regardless of whether you’re trying to keep at work while stuck at home or setting up something more permanent. Let’s dig in. Get rid of interruptions If you want to stay focused on a task, reducing your interruptions is key. That can be as simple…