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8 min
razer blade 15 (2018)

Price: £1,699 inc VAT from Razer is back with a new Blade and a bold claim, describing the 2018 model as the “world’s smallest 15.6in gaming laptop”. It comes with an improved design, 8th-gen Intel chip and Nvidia Max-Q GPU. There’s much more to it than this though, with a number of upgrades and refinements throughout. Design There’s no big departure here from Razer’s design that over the years has become iconic in the gaming market. As you can see, the Blade 15 offers the sleek black and green styling that many adore. The headline design element here is that the laptop offers a full-size 15.6in display inside a chassis that appears to be no bigger than well-known 14in Razer Blade. In fact, in some ways, the new model is smaller. The Blade…

7 min
acer swift 7 (2018)

Price: £1,499 inc VAT We first saw the Swift 7 at CES 2018. Now the world’s thinnest laptop has arrived in the UK and we couldn’t wait to test it. Design As you’d expect, design is the key element here. The previous Swift 7 was already extremely thin at just 9.98mm, but Acer has managed to shave the chassis down to 8.98mm. That’s pretty mind-blowing, especially when you consider it means this laptop is actually thinner than a number of recent smartphones. A thin profile also equates to a lightweight product and the Swift 7 is a true featherweight at 1.17kg – the previous model was 1.13kg. This is because of a few upgrades, but mainly the addition of a touchscreen. Still, it’s one of the lightest laptops around and you won’t notice it…

11 min
asus zenfone 5 (2018)

Price: £349 inc VAT from If the ZenFone 5 sounds familiar, it probably should – Asus released a phone of that name way back in 2014. Unsurprisingly, this latest version has had a few upgrades – not least a very familiar notch. It was first announced the phone at Mobile World Congress 2018, but Asus has unusually decided to wait until July to actually release the phone. We’ve spent some time putting the phone through its paces, and here’s what we think of the firm’s latest attempt to crack the smartphone market. Design If you thought the ZenFone 5 sounded familiar, that’s nothing compared to how it looks. No, that isn’t an iPhone X, but you’d be forgiven for making that mistake. Asus was one of the first of the major Android manufacturers to…

11 min
blackberry key2

Price: £579 inc VAT from BlackBerry is back again – sort of. The brand has been revived by manufacturer TCL, a company invested in cashing in on nostalgia. The BlackBerry KEY2 is a better phone than 2017’s KeyOne (£349 from, but still a stunted device compared to the rest of the market. It’s an undoubtedly slick smartphone, with a look clearly modelled on 2015’s BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, a phone that supposedly was meant to run Android until the last-minute change to BlackBerry’s own software. History aside, the KEY2 is a device with limited appeal in 2018. Unless you really, really want a keyboard on your smartphone, this is not the handset for you, despite especially secure Android Oreo 8.1 and productivity-focused keyboard functions. If, however, you are in the vocal minority…

5 min
g data total security

Price: £39.95 inc VAT from Nothing says security and trust like German quality. At least that’s the pitch for Germany-based G Data. The company’s tag line is: Trust in German Sicherheit (safety). The idea being that modern Germany is known for ‘solid German quality’ and its strict privacy laws, which G Data must adhere to, thereby shielding its customers from breach. Besides that, G Data has also been doing antivirus protection for a long time, and its current AV product relies on not one, but two detection engines. The firm has been on the AV scene since 1985; it even claims to be the world’s first antivirus outfit. Similar to other legacy security companies such as McAfee and Symantec, G Data maintains a well-organized suite. Its top product, G Data Total Security,…

25 min
home security cameras

Whether you rent or own, you want the best security camera system for keeping an eye on your home while you’re out. That used to entail signing on with a professional – and pricey – security service, but a boom in consumer-level smart-home tech is putting indoor and outdoor home surveillance into our own hands. These close cousins of webcams require minimal installation and offer flexible setups and a range of security features. Indeed, the offerings vary widely by camera, and deciding what to buy gets more daunting as this category grows ever more crowded. But whether you’re looking for an easy way to check on your children and pets, or a full-service sentinel to monitor for intruders, we’ll help find the right product for your needs. What to look for Most home…