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4 min
paris art fair to go ahead despite virus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of this year’s premiere global art fairs since March, stymieing the main commercial artery of the multibillion-dollar industry. But Art Paris, which is France’s second-biggest contemporary art fair, is opening its doors to thousands of visitors from Thursday in the Grand Palais. The four-day show is going ahead despite a spike in COVID-19 infections in the country. Art Paris is the first big international art fair to physically go ahead since the coronavirus swept through the world, grounding flights, triggering lockdowns and devastating commerce. In 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic struck, the global art market was valued at around $64 billion. “We had this conviction that we had to do this fair because it’s so important for the galleries to meet their collectors, you know, after…

4 min
bring in the experts: it’s time to secure your home network

Not all that long ago, managing your home network’s security didn’t involve much more than installing an antivirus program on your PC. If only it were still so simple. It’s no longer just about protecting the computer on which you may be working from home and the laptops the kids may be using as online school starts. Odds are good you’ve got a few other internet-connected devices around the house -- phones, tablets, game consoles, maybe a“smart”TV or thermostat or refrigerator or light bulb or kid’s toy or security camera or video-streaming gadget or voice-activated digital valet. The average U.S. home now has 11 such devices, according to Deloitte, many of which are vulnerable to hacking. If you don’t want cyber cat burglars traipsing across them, potentially spreading malware or ransomware as…

2 min
us sanctions on huawei hit chip supply and growth, exec says

A Huawei executive says that recent U.S. sanctions against the company have caused a shortage of computer chips for the company, hurting the growth of its smartphone business. Richard Yu, president of Huawei Technologies’ consumer business, said at a company conference for developers on Thursday that the company has still managed to gain a 51% market share in the Chinese smartphone industry. The U.S. has imposed various sanctions on Huawei, citing national security concerns. The latest, ordered in August, restrict foreign semiconductor companes from selling chips to Huawei that are produced using American technology. “Even after this third blow, we still managed to achieve growth,” said Yu, who acknowledged that growth had been impacted over the last month. In May, the U.S. barred chipmakers that use U.S. technology and software to design chips from…

1 min
samsung wins $6.6 billion contract from verizon to create 5g

Samsung Electronics Co. will develop 5G network infrastructure for Verizon Communications under a $6.65 billion deal announced this week. The contract runs through 2025, according to a Samsung corporate filing. Samsung and Verizon have worked together before. In 2018, for example, Samsung technology was behind a 5G home service that Verizon offered to some customers in California, Texas and Indiana. “Samsung has demonstrated their commitment to collaborating with us to drive innovation in 5G,” New York-based Verizon said in a statement. “We are excited to expand our relationship with them and benefit from a long-term strategic agreement.” Samsung did not immediately respond to messages from The Associated Press seeking comment. The South Korean technology giant beat out rivals like Finland’s Nokia, which has collaborated with Verizon in the past. But one 5G rival — China’s Huawei…

2 min
china launches initiative for global data security issues

China has launched an initiative to address global data security issues, a countermove to the U.S. “clean network” program that is aimed at discouraging other countries from using Chinese technology. Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced the initiative in Beijing on Tuesday at a seminar on global digital governance. He said mounting risks for cyber security threaten national security, public interests and personal rights. The move comes amid a deterioration in U.S.-China relations encompassing trade tensions and competition in telecommunications and artificial intelligence technologies, with the U.S. accusing Chinese technology companies of threatening American national security. “Bent on unilateral acts, a certain country keeps making groundless accusations against others in the name of ‘clean’ networks and used security as a pretext to prey on enterprises of other countries who have a competitive edge,” Wang said,…

2 min
chinese chipmaker denies military ties as us steps up feud

China’s leading maker of semiconductors has denied it has any links to the military following reports Washington is considering stepping up its feud with Beijing over technology and security by imposing export controls that could disrupt manufacturing for a national industrial champion. U.S. regulators are considering adding Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. to a list of foreign buyers that need government permission to acquire technology or components, according to The Wall Street Journal and other outlets. They said officials are looking at whether SMIC plays a role in Chinese military development. “We have no relationship with the Chinese military,” the company said in a statement. It said SMIC products are “solely for civilian and commercial end-users and end-uses.” The company said it is “open to sincere and transparent communication” with Washington to resolve “potential…