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new program allows soldiers to innovate from the bottom up

In combat, U.S. Army Maj. Evan Adams is a tank officer responsible for leading intricate cavalry and reconnaissance operations. But more than a decade ago, he was a graphic design major in college, a skill he put to use in a new Army effort aimed at gathering innovative ideas from within. On Wednesday, the 18th Airborne Corps announced Adams as the winner of their inaugural Dragon Innovation Challenge. Amid government red tape and military bureaucracy, the “Shark Tank” like competition hopes to harvest new ideas from the bottom up. Col. Joseph Buccino, spokesman for the 18th Airborne Corps, sees this as a way of unlocking hidden, untapped talent. “Our soldiers see inefficiencies in their daily lives and, in many cases, develop solutions,” he said. The challenge plans to address various shortcomings across the Army.…

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italian regulator investigates google over digital ads

Italian regulators opened an investigation this week into Google over alleged abuse of its dominant role in the country’s online ad market, adding to the global scrutiny that the Silicon Valley company is facing. The Italian Competition Authority said it suspects the U.S. tech giant of using the vast amounts of data it collects through its various services to prevent rivals in the digital advertising market from competing effectively. The watchdog said it carried out a joint inspection of Google’s offices with Italian tax police. Italian authorities are focusing on the availability and use of data for display ads — the space that publishers and website owners make available to sell advertising content. The authority said Google allegedly used tracking elements that allowed its ad broker services “to achieve a targeting capability that some…

6 min
stressed freshmen missing quintessential college experience

It’s a major life milestone, the first time many U.S. teens have ever been on their own. Even in normal times, freshman year in college can be a jumbled mix of anticipation, uncertainty and emotional highs and lows. In these hardly normal times, when the quintessential college experience exists only in catalogs, freshmen are being challenged like never before. Amid pandemic restrictions aimed at keeping students safe and healthy, colleges are scrambling to help them adjust. But many are struggling. Social distancing requirements, mask mandates and daily temperature checks. Quarantine and isolation. Online learning glitches. Campus Black Lives Matter protests. Anxiety over whether to join partiers or hole up in dorm rooms or at home to stay safe. This is freshman year 2020 for many college students nationwide. “There is a lot of stress and…

4 min
china’s leaders vow to become self-reliant technology power

China’s leaders are vowing to make their country a self-reliant “technology power” as a feud with Washington cuts access to U.S. computer chips and other high-tech components, hampering Beijing’s industrial ambitions. Leaders of the ruling Communist Party made the announcement Thursday after a meeting to draft a development blueprint for the state-dominated economy over the next five years. President Xi Jinping’s government is trying to limit damage from the Trump administration’s curbs on technology sales to China in a fight over security and spying. Those threaten to disrupt plans to create Chinese companies able to compete in telecoms, biotech and other fields, which communist leaders see as a path to prosperity and global influence. “Science and technology should be self-reliant as a strategic support for national development,” said a party statement. It promised…

3 min
moon holds more water in more places than ever thought

The moon’s shadowed, frigid nooks and crannies may hold frozen water in more places and in larger quantities than previously suspected. And for the first time, the presence of water on the moon’s sunlit surface has been confirmed, scientists reported this week. That’s good news for astronauts at future lunar bases who could tap into these resources for drinking and making rocket fuel. While previous observations have indicated millions of tons of ice in the permanently shadowed craters of the moon’s poles, a pair of studies in the journal Nature Astronomy take the availability of lunar surface water to a new level. More than 15,400 square miles (40,000 square kilometers) of lunar terrain have the capability to trap water in the form of ice, according to a team led by the University of…

3 min
zemeckis makes dahl’s ‘witches’ a brighter affair

No matter how you cut it, “ The Witches ” is a really disturbing tale. Not that one should expect anything else from Roald Dahl, but for some reason this story about a group of grotesquely disfigured women who hate children always seemed extra sinister even within his generally sinister oeuvre. Perhaps it’s because I happened to be a child when the Nicolas Roeg adaptation came out in 1990 and, well, let’s just say the nightmarish image of Angelica Huston transforming into a bald, warty witch made a lasting impression. For many children of the era, Roeg’s “The Witches” was a first foray into horror and a traumatic one at that. This was clearly not lost on the people who hired Robert Zemeckis to do a new adaptation for another generation…