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doordash looking for a valuation of nearly $30b

DoorDash is looking for a valuation of nearly $30 billion when it takes itself public, reflecting how integral food delivery has become in millions of people’s lives during the pandemic. The company is planning to raise up to approximately $2.8 billion from an initial public offering of 33 million shares. The offering is expected to be priced between $75 and $85 per share, according to a regulatory filing this week. DoorDash has experienced explosive growth this year. Last year, the company generated $885 million in revenue. During the first nine months of 2020 revenue more than doubled that to $1.9 billion. It was already growing before the pandemic. In 2018 it brought in $291 million in revenue. But DoorDash has lost money each year since its founding and the company has warned potential investors…

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a year in 60 secs: tiktok lists top videos, creators of 2020

From skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac to learning Cardi B’s rump-shaking choreography, TikTok users got creative in a pandemic year with new songs, dances and memes in 60 seconds or less. The social media video app on Wednesday shared its list of top 100 videos, creators and trends in America during 2020, recapping a year of viral videos that were sometimes a needed distraction in a tumultuous year. “The through line is that these are videos that brought joy and inspiration to millions of Americans in a year that has been a bit of a whirlwind for everyone as we all try to figure it out,” said Kudzi Chikumbu, director of creator community at TikTok. The platform has been widely associated with Generation Z and millennials who experiment with the app’s digital effects like…

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china spacecraft lands on moon to bring rocks back to earth

A Chinese spacecraft took samples of the moon’s surface Wednesday as part of a mission to bring lunar rocks back to Earth for the first time since the 1970s, the government said, adding to a string of successes for Beijing’s increasingly ambitious space program. The Chang’e 5 probe touched down Tuesday on the Sea of Storms on the moon’s near side after descending from an orbiter, the China National Space Administration said. It released images of the barren landing site showing the lander’s shadow. “Chang’e has collected moon samples,” the agency said in a statement. The probe, launched Nov. 24 from the tropical island of Hainan, is the latest venture by a space program that sent China’s first astronaut into orbit in 2003. Beijing also has a spacecraft en route to Mars and…

2 min
gm rethinks planned stake in electric vehicle maker nikola

General Motors will not be taking a stake in the electric vehicle company Nikola, and the company said that it was scuttling one of its marquee vehicles, an electric and hydrogen-powered pickup, after GM pulled technological support from the project. Shares of Nikola plunged 24%. Nikola on Monday released updated terms between the companies for a supply agreement related to GM’s fuel-cell system, replacing an agreement signed in September. That deal would have given GM an 11% stake in Nikola. The early agreement would also have allowed Nikola to use GM’s new battery electric truck underpinnings for its electric and hydrogen-powered pickup called the Badger, and its fuel cell and battery technology as well. That is no longer part of the agreement, essentially gutting Nikola’s plans for the Badger. Nikola said that it will…

8 min
powerful m1: benchmarks reveal incredible power of new chip

Though it was always Apple’s intention to create leaner, faster machines when it transitioned to its own custom chip, even Craig Federighi revealed he was shocked when benchmarks were revealed. M1 takes the Mac in a whole new direction, revolutionizing computing once again. SUPERPOWER COMPUTING It’s not an overstatement to suggest that M1 has changed the computing game. For years, it has been iPhones and Apple Watches that have pushed boundaries in terms of performance and specifications, and though the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 6 are industry-leading in their own rights, the truth is that innovation has slowed greatly. And one area where Apple has rested on its laurels, releasing half-baked year-over-year updates to devices with very few changes along the way, is its Mac family. When Apple announced back at…

6 min
hawaii seeks to be seen as a remote workplace with a view

Software engineer Raymond Berger begins his work day at 5 a.m., before the sun comes up over Hawaii. Rising early is necessary because the company he works for is in New York City, five hours ahead of Maui, where he is renting a home with a backyard that’s near the beach. “It’s a little hard with the time zone difference,” he said. “But generally I have a much better quality of life.” The pandemic is giving many workers the freedom to do their jobs from anywhere. Now that Hawaii’s economy is reeling from dramatically fewer tourists, a group of state officials and community leaders wants more people like Berger to help provide an alternative to relying on short-term visitors. Coinciding with the approach of winter in other parts of the U.S., “Movers & Shakas” —…