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apple to tighten app privacy, remove apps that don’t comply

Apple is stepping up privacy for app users, forcing developers to be more transparent about data collection and warning they could be removed if they don’t comply with a new anti-tracking measure, a company executive and regulators said this week. The U.S. tech giant said it’s set to roll out the anti-tracking feature next year and warned it could kick apps off its widely used App Store if they don’t obey its requirements. Called App Tracking Transparency, it will require apps to clearly ask for users’ permission before tracking them. It was due to be launched this year but was delayed to allow developers more time to make changes. “Its aim is to empower our users to decide when or if they want to allow an app to track them in a way…

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reorienting the crime drama in ‘i’m your woman’

When it’s at its best, “I’m Your Woman” feels like you’ve slipped through a trap door, revealing a hidden pathway in an old genre apparatus. Everything looks familiar — this is a ’70s-set crime drama with all the usual trappings of shootouts, safe houses and polyester — but you’re seeing it from a different perspective. The camera doesn’t stick with the usual characters. It has other interests. “I’m Your Woman,” which debuts Friday in theaters and Dec. 11 on Amazon Prime Video, is directed by Julia Hart, who also wrote the script with her husband, the producer (and Oscar flub hero ) Jordan Horowitz. Rachel Brosnahan (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) stars as Jean, the kind of woman typically relegated to bit character in more masculine dramas. She’s sitting in their suburban home…

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capsule with asteroid samples arrives in japan for research

Japanese space agency officials were delighted by the return of a small capsule containing asteroid soil samples obtained by their Hayabusa2 spacecraft and were anxiously waiting to look inside after preparations are complete. Hayabusa2 dropped the capsule from space and it landed as planned in the Australian Outback over the weekend. It arrived in Japan on Tuesday and will be studied for insights into the origins of the solar system and life on Earth. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said the capsule, tightly sealed and carefully stored in a container box, arrived at its research facility in Sagamihara, near Tokyo, for analysis. “It’s really like a dream,” said Yuichi Tsuda, the Hayabusa2 project manager. “After 5.2 billion kilometers (3.2 billion miles) of space journey which took six years, (the capsule) has returned and…

7 min
airpods max: all the sound tech you can get

Apple may not have hosted an all-bells, all-whistles event to show off its new headphones, but it didn’t need to: the company’s letting the sound speak for itself. After a year of speculation, Apple lifted the lid on AirPods Max online, with its $549 over-ear headphones offering breathtaking high-fidelity audio combined with the magic of AirPods. Designed for professional musicians and audiophiles, Apple’s ready to claim the headphone crown. THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL LISTENING EXPERIENCE Since the introduction of AirPods back in December 2016, Apple’s wearable technology division has exploded in popularity, and recent analysis suggests that the Cupertino company managed to ship more than $9 billion worth of AirPods and AirPods Pro in 2019. That’s without mentioning the continued brand power of its Beats headphones range, which cost the company a cool…

4 min
like everything else 2020, taxes will be like no other year

It’s the time of year to start thinking about taxes — but the upcoming filing season is going to be a bit trickier for many Americans due to rampant unemployment, working from home and general upheaval due to COVID-19. Here are a few pandemic specific conditions — good and bad — to be aware of. UNEMPLOYMENT Unemployment benefits are taxable income, which tax experts say may surprise some filers. Workers are not required to have federal taxes withheld from their benefit payments. While people have the option to have the tax withheld, many do not. It’s worth noting that unemployment benefits are all subject to federal taxes but not all states tax it. Taxpayers who unintentionally do not include unemployment income on their taxes could face a tax bill, penalties or interest charged by the IRS,…

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former nfl player urschel sells virtue of math to youngsters

John Urschel has found that a master’s degree in mathematics, his stature as an accomplished author and his pending doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology isn’t necessarily enough to sell young students on the benefit of crunching numbers. What really makes him interesting to most kids is that he’s a former NFL player who opted to immerse himself in math. “In the broader context, it helps because it makes me more believable. It shows I have an interest in doing other things,” Urschel said. “Often, a mathematician is too abstract for young people.” Urschel recently drew 700 participants worldwide for an event staged by the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) called Bending the Arc. Urschel is a member of the board of trustees at MoMath and serves as the organization’s ambassador by…