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airbnb: revolutionizing travel through tech

After a turbulent year with the coronavirus pandemic putting a halt to the world’s travel plans, rental giant Airbnb is preparing to go public. Over the past decade, the Silicon Valley startup has transformed the way we sleep and explore, and its dominance will only continue to grow. CHANGING THE WAY WE TRAVEL When you need to get from A to B, you turn to Uber. Hungry? You open up UberEats or DoorDash and order from your favorite restaurant. The App Store has revolutionized the way we live, no more so than in the world of travel. And as iOS 14 has proven, Apple can still innovate, as it demonstrated with its new Translate app coming in October, making it easier than ever to have real-time conversations with locals and speak to…

7 min
back to school: returning to the classroom safely

Five months on from the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and policymakers and public health officials have decided it’s time to return to the classroom. Around the world, schools and colleges are preparing for a new semester, and though environments may be different, one thing is clear: teachers and students will be depending on technology more than ever. LEARNING IN TIMES OF THE CORONAVIRUS Over the past few months, teaching bodies and school administrators have been fiercely debating the safety of reopening schools in the United States. And it’s a similar picture in other countries. In April, an eye-watering 1.5 billion students around the world were sent home from school for an early summer break, and whilst some have been trialing new ways of learning, others have pulled the plug entirely, with…

7 min
remote working: virus encourages businesses to think differently

With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak forcing governments to close schools, sporting events, communal spaces and more, businesses are taking the situation into their own hands, encouraging their staff to work from home. With the virus continuing on its path of destruction and no clear end in sight, the pandemic could change the way we work forever. BIG COMPANIES CHANGING POLICIES We’re living in truly unprecedented times. Not only has the World Health Organization called COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic, but stock markets are hemorrhaging billions, countries are closing their borders, and businesses are beginning to feel the pitch. With a vaccine at least six months away and governments imposing new social distancing measures, we knew it wouldn’t take long for businesses to introduce their own coronavirus policies to protect their staff, customers, and shareholders.…

3 min
apple unveils new ipad pro with trackpad support

APPLE TAKES THE iPAD PRO TO THE NEXT LEVEL Apple is taking the iPad Pro to the next level with the launch of an all-new device, featuring an innovative new A12Z Bionic chip that will make the iPad more powerful and faster than most Windows PC laptops. Featuring an Ultra-Wide camera, studio-quality microphones, a stunning dual-camera setup and a new LiDAR Scanner that offers cutting-edge depth-sensing for augmented reality, Apple has put the Pro back into the iPad. Apple will also launch iPadOS 13.4 in the coming days, bringing trackpad support to the iPad for the first time with an all-new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, offering a desktop-like experience on a stunning touchscreen device. However, Apple hasn’t copy and pasted code from macOS – it has developed an all-new experience with a pointer…

7 min
game on: apple’s plans for live sports dominance

As Apple ramps up work on innovative, immersive sports viewing technology and throws a punch at Amazon by pilfering one of its executives to head up a new sports division, it’s clear that the company is game set and match. Let’s explore Apple’s uphill battle to dominance in the field, analyzing where live sports could fit into its increasingly bloated service offering. BRINGING SPORT TO APPLE TV+ When Apple announced its TV+ streaming service last year, it was the first of four major launches in a twelve-month period. As cord-cutting and evolving consumer viewing habits hit cable networks and studios, every man and his dog decided it was time to launch their own Netflix rival - to varying degrees of success. Though Apple undoubtedly has the ecosystem, user base, and capital to…

8 min
2021: pushing the boundaries

With the introduction of a 5G iPhone, a superfast M1 chip for the Mac, a bunch of hardware like AirPods Max, Apple Watch SE, and HomePod mini, and significant investments in its services division, Apple had a stellar year in 2020. But the future is just around the corner, and even greater innovations await. Let’s take a look at what the company has up its sleeve. BUILDING ON THE SUCCESS OF THE M1 CHIP Perhaps one of Apple’s biggest “wins” in 2020 was the transition from Intel processors to new custom silicon alternatives, developed in-house and designed exclusively for macOS devices. Although the two Californian companies have enjoyed a long, fruitful relationship, dating back to 2006 when Apple released a new MacBook Pro and iMac, Intel has failed to innovate in recent…