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that's life! Issue 16, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Our special Anzac Day story about brave WWI nurse Alice Ross-King (Page 10) will I’m sure cause many readers to reflect on their own family members, who served in our armed forces. Alice’s great-granddaughter Kate Simpson recounts how reading her ancestor’s war diaries felt like stepping back in time. I, too, have a connection with the incredibly brave nurses who served with such distinction. My husband Simon’s great-aunt Sister Olive Haynes set sail for Europe from her Adelaide home in 1914. She arrived in Egypt in January 1915, just a few months before the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed at Gallipoli, on April 25. She wrote to her family of tending wounded soldiers from Gallipoli, her horror at the extent of their wounds, as well as their graphic…

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your life!

While waiting for the next match to begin at the Australian Open tennis, I thought I’d have a read of my favourite magazine! Andrew France, Erskineville, NSW Now this is my ideal glass of wine! Krissy Buckman, Wynnum, Qld DON’T I KNOW YOU? Running into country singer Lee Kernaghan on a night out with friends was definitely memorable! Renae Brenton, Coffs Harbour, NSW Uluru is such a beautiful place to visit. Heidi Vrancic, Park Holme, SA ME and my PET Brothers Joe, four, and Andy, eight, here with their friend Tahnee, seven, love to hold our chickens, Mandy, Chicky and Barbeque. Kelli Bout, Aloomba, Qld At a local wildlife centre in Apollo Bay, I got to meet this little guy. Rivkah Bendet, Caulfield North, Vic Thank you that’s life! for this fragrance prize. Jane Morley, Kelso, NSW Nine-month-old Sophie had great fun at Warrnambool beach. Margaret Nicolson,…

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brave rosie’s big battle

Cassandra Ebenstreit, 39, Gold Coast, Qld Mummy, it hurts,’ my three-year-old daughter Rosie said, pointing to her neck. Pulling her in for a hug to get a better look, I could see she was right. There was a red mark across her neck. Rosie and her identical twin, Lily, were cheeky, active little girls, always getting into harmless scrapes, so I thought nothing of this little scratch. ‘It’ll go in a couple of days, sweetheart,’ I reassured her. A few days later, though, as I watched Rosie and Lily bouncing happily on their trampoline, Rosie said her neck hurt again. That’s when I noticed she wasn’t pointing to the scratch, but to a lump on the back of her neck. What is that? I thought, calling her over and feeling the raised bump. To my horror, it was…

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abused by my scout leader

Nikita Gibbons, 18, Bendigo, Vic Dumping my bags on the floor, I hugged my mum, Dalleen. ‘Did you have a good time, darl?’ she asked. ‘It was amazing,’ I gushed. We lived in Gisborne, Vic, and aged 12, I’d got back from a Scouts’ trip to Sydney. ‘Glad to have you home,’ my dad, Ron, grinned. I’d joined the youth club a year before and adored the outdoor adventures. My parents were friends with one leader, Michael, who went to the same church. ‘I’m glad Michael goes on the trips, I know you’re safe with him,’ Mum said. After Michael started messaging me on Facebook, he soon became someone I confided in. You can talk to me about anything, he wrote. When I was 14, Michael, then 51, offered to take me on a private camping trip, which hadn’t been sanctioned…

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our hero nurses we will remember them

Kate Simpson, 41, Sydney, NSW As the final note of The Last Post played, a hush fell. Aged 12, I’d marched in the Anzac Day parade as a Girl Guide, paying my respects to those who’d protected our country. At school, we’d learned about the courageous soldiers who’d fought on the frontlines. And, for as long as I could remember, my family had spoken fondly of my great-grandmother, Sister Alice Ross-King, who’d served as a nurse in both WWI and WWII. In the years that followed, she became the most decorated woman in Australia, receiving several medals for her service. Sadly, she passed away in 1968 – 12 years before I was born – but my family vowed that her legacy would live on. Transcribing Alice’s diaries from the First World War, my aunt, Amy,…

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fancy footwork

Ella, 25, Floreat, WA* As a child, I had a lisp which made me very shy. Although I lost it after having speech therapy, I remained introverted. All my friends started to go out on dates, whereas I would clam up as soon as a boy came near me. When I was 22, my friend Alice introduced me to her brother, Ted, and his friends at a barbecue. The moment I saw his mate Jacob, I was a goner. He was gorgeous! I smiled shyly but just couldn’t bring myself to go and talk to him. I left later, furious at myself for not making contact. The next time I saw Alice, I casually brought up Jacob in conversation to find out more about him. ‘He’s 24, single, and a great guy,’ she said. ‘But he’s…