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that's life! Issue 17, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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I’ve long joked that once you’re on team that’s life! you never really leave. Our Ms MoneySaver, Sam, has been with tl! longer than I have. And that’s a long time, given I joined in January 2006! One of our former features editors, Lisa Brookman, is back writing for us after a long break. And this week, we welcomed one of our writers, April Glover, back into the fold… as chance would have it, in April. It made me wonder whether this was April’s birthday month and if that was how she got her lovely name. ‘My mum just liked it,’ she said. ‘And ‘April Sun in Cuba’ was one of her favourite songs.’ The song, by Kiwi band Dragon, is also one of my faves. And, as many of…

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your life!

I’m a happy little vegemite with my $50 cash prize! Sean Bowe, Glen Iris, Vic Maeve is ready to go for a swim. Giselle Godwin, Clunes, NSW I stopped by Cowaramup, WA, with a copy of that’s life! Leanne White, Canning Vale, WA I had the most amazing holiday in Greece with my cousins. Elizabeth D, Bondi, NSW Martin and Mackenzie caught these two beauties while fishing. They released them after having the photo taken. Cheryl Soutar, Ballina, NSW My friend Stephanie and I were happy to be able to go back to the theatre to see the ballet. Sandra Moyden, Inala, Qld Chloe picked the cutest pumpkin in the patch. Mary Madigan, Langwarrin, Vic Since working from home, my favourite office companion is Max. He never complains about the work. Nadia Williams, Aspley, Qld email: thatslife@aremedia.com.au write: AUS: GPO Box 5245 Sydney NSW 2001 NZ: PO…

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no cruise? no worries!

Cheers!’ we grinned, clinking our glasses together. Six of us, all hardworking mums, were enjoying cocktails on board a beautiful cruise liner. Most of us have known each other for close to 40 years, and we all live within 10 kilometres of each other. Now, here we were, having a well-deserved girls’ trip away without our kids or partners. There was my sister-in-law Sandra, a mum of three, who works in the office at the local high school, and Kath, a mum of two girls, who has a job in a hospital X-ray department. Also with two girls, Louise is a science laboratory assistant, while mum-of-two Sharon has a position with the water board, and Mary, Kath’s younger sister and also a mum of two, works in catering. As for me, my husband Rob and…

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told i was dying but my doc was lying

Looking around the waiting room at the very sick patients, I shivered. I can’t wait to get this over with, I thought. I’d had pneumonia and, when a blood test came back as slightly abnormal, my GP wanted me to see a haematologist. So now, I was about to see Dr Farid Fata. ‘Dr Fata comes highly recommended,’ I’d told my husband, Michael. A technician in an emergency department, I’d done my research. And Dr Fata, a haematologist and oncologist, had a sterling reputation. ‘I’m much better,’ I told him, thinking the visit was just a precaution. He took blood and asked me to wait while his in-house lab tested it. Only an hour or so later, he had the results ready to discuss. ‘The numbers have dropped a lot,’ he said in his soft, kind voice. ‘You need…

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my girl is one in 80 million

Cradling our newborn, Ariella, I felt overwhelmed with love. ‘She’s perfect,’ my husband, Daniel, then 24, gushed. First-time parents, life was a blissful blur of nappies and feeds. Breastfeeding was difficult, though, as my girl struggled to latch on. So I expressed milk and used a bottle, which helped. By the time Ariella was five weeks old, I noticed her eyes darting erratically around the room, from one corner to the other. ‘Some babies just don’t have great eye contact,’ my midwife reassured me. When Ariella was three months, we were told she had low muscle tone, which explained her struggle with breastfeeding. Around the same time, Ariella started making terrifying, high-pitched screams. Nothing settled her and it sounded like she was in serious pain, so we took her to hospital. ‘It could be bad colic or a sore…

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foul-mouthed bird

Marion, 44, Orange, NSW* Have you seen the new neighbours?’ I asked my hubby, Vic. ‘I peeked over the fence and it’s like a zoo! ‘They’ve got six chooks, a dog, two cats and a turtle.’ ‘They also have a bird – a galah,’ Vic said. ‘It’s on the front porch in a cage.’ I went to take a closer look. The bird eyed me and said, ‘Polly want a cracker?’ ‘Cute galah you have,’ I said, introducing myself to our neighbour. ‘I’m Marion.’ ‘Hi, I’m Lily, and the galah’s Charlie,’ she replied. ‘He loves to chat. My boys teach him new words.’ As it turned out, Charlie liked to do more than chat – he had a vocabulary worthy of a drunken sailor. Over the next couple of months we were all forced to listen as he…