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that's life! Issue 19, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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At the weekend, my husband, Simon, and I went to a local oval to watch our nephew Angus play AFL. ‘Guz’ as we call him, is 20 and a top-flight player. It was a great game, but while admiring the athleticism of the players, I couldn’t help also noticing a couple of young men sporting very distinctive mullets. My first exposure to the hairstyle sometimes known as ‘business at the front, party at the back’ was in the ‘80s. But it eventually became less popular. And although for some men and boys, it never left, that footy game made me wonder if it was making a comeback. I mentioned this to the tl! team, most of whom are quite a bit younger than me, and they all confirmed that the…

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your life!

My husband, Barry, was so excited with his win. The prize is sure to keep him interested in doing the puzzles. Heather Walker, Nar Nar Goon North, Vic On the stairway to the beach from Observatory Point in Esperance, WA. I didn’t walk all the way down, as there were way too many stairs for my liking! Ali Stone, Penguin, Tas Celebrating my birthday with my daughter Melissa and granddaughter Audrey, 10, who created my delicious cake. Sylvia Petty, Wollongong, NSW Siblings Eve, Harry and Elle love their cute bunny pyjamas! Kathryn Sliwinski, Flynn, ACT Elijah, 10, and Ashton, 12, recently earned some pocket money by picking blueberries at a local farm. They managed to pick eight kilos in a little over an hour, and walked away grinning. Missy Abbott, Cygnet, Tas Who says men can’t enjoy some pampering too? Karl…

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i paid for my wedding with rubbish!

Leonie Porter, 31, Sunshine Coast, Qld Sailing through the crystal blue waters of Vanuatu, I was on cloud nine. It was March 2018, and I was on a cruise with my boyfriend, Matt, then 27, and his family. When we’d met 11 years earlier through my cousin, Rachael, he seemed quite shy. Getting to know each other better though, we quickly bonded over our shared love of camping, 4WD-ing and the great outdoors. Both passionate about the environment, recycling and reducing our waste, we were the perfect match. During the cruise, one day Matt suggested that we join his family on a private boat tour. Jumping out of the boat onto a small beach, I was eager to see as much as possible. ‘Come on,’ I called out to Matt, who was dawdling behind me. When I turned around…

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attacked by a fake uber driver

Jessica Small, 28, Brisbane, Qld Cheers!’ my friends Janine and Becc grinned, as we all clinked glasses. It was a Saturday night in September 2018, and we were out celebrating, because Janine and I had both got new jobs. As we chatted over cocktails, the night flew by, and once the bar closed, we went for a kebab. Then, using my phone, I ordered an Uber car ride to take us home. When it arrived, we decided it would be better for Becc to go in one, and Janine and I to get another. After waving off Becc, a big black car pulled up, and the driver called us over. Maybe Becc ordered an Uber too, I thought. ‘Did Becc order you?’ I asked, to confirm the car was ours. ‘Yes,’ the driver replied. So, we got in the back. Wanting…

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the exceptional son i never expected

Bernadette Agius, 60, Phegans Bay, NSW Staring out of the train window, I was lost in a daydream. Seven months pregnant with a baby boy, I was thinking of his future and all the great things he’d achieve. I wonder if he’ll be the next David Attenborough, or develop a love of books, like me? I pondered. Deciding on the name Richard, I was adamant that, no matter what my son turned out to be, he was going to fly high. When I shared my first cuddle with my newborn, in March 1991, he instantly stole my heart with his almond-shaped eyes and tiny fingers and toes. Shortly afterwards, doctors took him away to place him under a sunlamp to help fix his jaundice. But when a group of doctors in white coats entered the room…

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the undies thief

Hayley, 31, Launceston, Tas* A few years ago, I moved into a house with two flatmates – Garth, a quiet studious guy, and Camille, a personal trainer. I couldn’t help but envy Camille with her outgoing personality and great figure. She was always going out with a new guy. I, on the other hand, was plump and shy, and stayed home most nights. So did Garth, which is how we got to know each other. He was funny and sweet – my perfect guy, in fact. We’d often chat in the evenings and I found myself dreaming about our future together. I could just see a big white wedding, a nice house and two cute kids. Meanwhile, I noticed Camille had started looking at Garth in a new way. ‘You busy tonight, Garth?’ she said one evening.…