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that's life! Issue 20, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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During my 15 years as editor of this fabulous magazine, I’ve overseen lots of amazing giveaways. There’ve been more cars and cash than I could ever count, and a superstore’s worth of fridges, washing machines and TVs. Not long before I arrived at tl!, there was even a wedding dress given away! But I can’t remember us giving away underwear, which is why I loved the photo sent in by reader Cheryl (Page 24). Cheryl won a bra in tl! way back in 1994. And she reckons it’s the best she’s ever had. Firstly, I’m impressed at how we could award a prize that fitted so perfectly. So a big high five to the tl! team back then. Secondly, I’m super impressed that Cheryl could keep something in such great…

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your life!

With its gorgeous autumn leaves, Hahndorf is my mum Anne’s favourite German town in the Adelaide Hills. We had fun on our family trip to the Flinders Ranges, SA. Katrina Kovac, Craigmore, SA Thank you that’s life! for the incredible Samsung TV that I won. Yvonne Hohenhaus, Paynesville, Vic Simon had the perfect backdrop at Freycinet National Park, Tas, to read that’s life! magazine. Beverley Leeder, Robina, Qld Harper Alexia, three, loves experimenting with make-up. Possibly a make-up artist in the making? Chantelle Zissis, Landsdale, WA Seth loves his nanny’s dog, Pandora. Cate Eveleigh, Redcliffe, Qld My husband, Steve, and I took our granddaughters to the Peter Rabbit High Tea at Riversdale Estate, Cambridge, Tas. Tonia Bowerman, Seven Mile Beach, Tas email: thatslife@aremedia.com.au write: AUS: GPO Box 5245 Sydney NSW 2001 NZ: PO Box 90064, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142 DON’T I KNOW YOU? I was…

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charlotte the unstoppable

Narelle Green, 40, Gawler, SA Gazing at the monitor, my husband, Shaun, and I were in awe. At 12 weeks pregnant, this was our first glimpse of our bub – a brother or sister for our three boys, Liam, then 12, Max, six, and Dylan, five. ‘The baby seems to have its left arm behind its head,’ the sonographer said. So she told us to come back the following week. ‘We’ll try again,’ she said. Back at the hospital, I had the second scan. Afterwards, the sonographer fetched a doctor to talk about the results. ‘I’m sorry. Most of the baby’s left arm is missing,’ he said, gently. ‘How did that happen?’ I gasped. ‘We can’t tell at this stage,’ he replied. Shaun and I were devastated, unsure what it meant for our baby’s future. After tests, our baby’s missing limb was…

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claremont killings we got justice for jane

A delicious scent of meat wafted through the house as I chatted with my brother, Adam. ‘Can’t wait to dig in,’ I smiled to our mum, Jenny. ‘It’s nearly ready, so hopefully Jane’s here soon,’ she said, referring to my 23-year-old sister. Although we’d all moved out, we went to our parents’ place for Sunday lunch every week. ‘She was out last night – maybe she stayed at a mate’s place or met a guy,’ our dad, Trevor, said. By the time we cleared the plates, there was still no sign of her, and when I got ready to leave a few hours later, she hadn’t shown up. ‘She probably just had a big night,’ I said, not too worried. But on Monday morning, Mum rang – Jane hadn’t arrived at the daycare job she adored. ‘I’ve reported…

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cleaning my oven pays my bills

Chantel Ibbotson, 31, Melbourne, Vic After making the video of myself, I pressed ‘share’, feeling a wave of pride. Hopefully this helps somebody out there! I thought, happily. I’d just finished filming a video for social media site TikTok, about how to clean your mattress for the perfect night’s sleep. It was 2020, in the middle of Melbourne’s strict coronavirus lockdown, and I’d started sharing my cleaning hacks as a way to keep busy. The virus had already kept us indoors for months and I’d become obsessed with turning our new home into a sanctuary. As a mum of two beautiful kids, Mila, four, and Aston, two, I had plenty of tips to share. Plus, I had expertise passed down from my lovely mum, Rose, who taught me the clever mattress hack. After posting, I put my…

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friends with the mistress

I’m going to be late tomorrow, honey. Drinks after work.’ ‘Again?’ I sighed. My hubby, Rob, was delighted with his new workmates. ‘They’re such a great bunch,’ he said. I know why he doesn’t see me as the best company, I thought, tucking our kids, Jake, three, and Phoebe, one, into bed. Juggling work and family, I was frazzled by the end of each day. The work drinks became more regular. Then Rob stopped taking his lunch. ‘Bron from work says she always packs too much and is happy to share,’ he explained. ‘Saves us a task in the morning.’ After that, Rob talked a lot about Bron. He said she confided in him. She and her husband, Seb, had never had children, so they’d travelled a lot. But now things were shaky and Seb wanted to leave. I…