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that's life! Issue 35, 2021

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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Father’s Day this year caused quite a bit of reminiscing among the tl! team on the online message platform we use to keep in touch while in lockdown. I’ve written about my own lovely dad, Bob, before, so I wanted to share some memories from the rest of the team. I hope their stories prompt your own warm memories. Jude kicked off the conversation by telling us how her dad, Lawrence, loved taking Jude and her brother to the beach. ‘Dad would do cartwheels on the sand, which I thought was amazing,’ said Jude. ‘At home he used to stand on his head, which I found very funny!’ Beth put up some pics of her and her dad, Nick, in Paris. Of course, the very thought of being in Paris…

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we love you

My husband Angelo wanted to try something different while in lockdown. He gave making pizza bases fr om scratch a go. I was really impressed! Maria Basso, Horsley Park, NSW While travelling in our caravan in North Queensland, we called into Tully, famously the wettest town in Australia. My husband sent this picture to our grandchildren and said try to find Nanna (like Where’s Wally?). I didn’t think it was too hard. Shirley Faulkner, Boonah, Qld DON’T I KNOW YOU? Ellie and Kate were stoked when they once met Aussie swimmer and Tokyo Olympic gold medallist Emma McKeon at McKeon’s Swim School. Amber H, Wollongong, NSW WINNERS are grinners I was very excited and thrilled to open my mail and discover I had won my very first prize. I have been entering competitions nearly every week for years,…

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we tried for one more now we’ve got four!

Monique Vila Nova, 30, Mount Maunganui, NZ Watching as our son, Benji, three, ran around on the beach, my heart swelled with pride. ‘Why don’t we try for another?’ I suggested to my partner, Thiago. We’d met in 2009 at the surf shop where we both worked in Brazil. The following year, Thiago moved to New Zealand to study and I followed. Settling into our new home in Mount Maunganui, it felt like the perfect place to have a family. And in November 2016, after becoming permanent residents, we welcomed Benji. With his dark curly hair and big brown eyes, our boy showed us what love truly meant. Fast forward to August last year, a few months after our family beach day, I felt a strong cramp in my lower belly. That’s strange, I thought. My period had finished…

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i turned detective to jail my rapist

Alison Quigley, 54, Sunshine Coast, Qld She’s flying! I thought, awe-struck. I was watching the 1976 Montreal Olympics, and gymnast Nadia Comaneci was doing her gold-medal routine. Aged nine, I’d never seen anything like it. I had to be just like Nadia. Badgering my mum, Judy, she signed me up to a gymnastics club at a leisure centre. I trained once a week, and when I wasn’t practising, I was doing handstands against the walls at home and jumping on furniture. So Mum put me in a club that had sessions three times a week, with girls who trained for the Olympics. There, aged 11, I met elite coach Graham Partington. Taking a shine to me, he made me excited about my future in gymnastics. Maybe I really could be an Olympian! I thought. One session, Graham spotted…

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i walked around australia with my dad!

Mark Howison, 64, Penrith, NSW At home with my dad, David, then 36, we chatted about his passion for wildlife. A huge animal lover, Dad rescued injured birds and orphaned joeys. ‘Mark, we’ve got a meeting with the Kangaroo Protection Committee, will you come along?’ he asked. ‘Yeah, sure,’ I said. Aged 16, I didn’t think much of it. Involved in animal protection, Dad dreamed of opening a sanctuary. He’d always had grand plans, and he’d had even more since he and my mum had split and I’d come to live with him. At the meeting, though, there was a surprise. ‘David, how are Mark and your preparations for the walk going?’ the chairwoman asked. ‘What bloody walk?’ I hissed to Dad. ‘I’ll tell you after,’ he whispered. Dad had outdone himself. Flabbergasted, I listened as he told me we…

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web of lies

Gemma, 29, Brisbane, Qld* The only good thing about work was my friend Megan. She was confident and outgoing – everything that I wasn’t. We met when she got a job at the jewellery store I worked in part-time. By lunchtime that first day, I knew we’d be friends forever. Our boss, Carol, didn’t like it one bit. ‘You two – stop gossiping and attend to the customers,’ she ordered. ‘Er, which ones?’ I asked. The place was empty. ‘Don’t talk back,’ she cried, bustling into her office. ‘She’s quite a dragon,’ I whispered to Megan. ‘I noticed,’ she laughed. Carol complained about how we dressed and always made us feel we hadn’t worked hard enough. At the time, I was pregnant with my second daughter. When my partner and I broke up, it was Megan who held me when I…