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April/May 2021
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The Advocate has been the definitive news source for America’s LGBT community since 1967. Every issue, The Advocate keeps you involved and informed on everything that’s important to you in LGBT news, politics, culture and entertainment. You’ll enjoy our intriguing interviews with important gay and lesbian newsmakers, plus you'll enrich your life with our regular coverage of gay travel, finance, fitness, and style. Now available with the cool convenience of digital delivery. Now expanded with exclusive video and slide show in every issue.

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editor's letter

WHEN I CAME out in 1986, there was a pernicious myth that lesbians and gay men simply did not get along, that we had nothing in common and sometimes even hated each other. I was a baby lesbian prone to belting Evita’s “High Flying Adored” with the gay men in the theater department of the college I attended. Some of my earliest memories of being queer are of me dancing with my old friend Jeff, arms over our heads and sweating in shared rapture, to Erasure’s “Sometimes” at the old Backstreet bar’s Sunday beer bash in Hartford, Conn. Personally, I couldn’t square the myth that I wasn’t supposed to innately love the hell out of my gay brothers. But on a larger, more insidious scale, that old narrative served to…

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how my best friend (and britney spears) saved me more than once

AS SOMEONE WHO cut his queer teeth in the early 2000s era of Will & Grace, I was unfortunately subjected to the nauseating stereotype of the girl and her best gay friend. I have always been quite repulsed by the notion that gay men were some sort of accessory for a Carrie or Samantha to conveniently use as a plus-one or to pick out clothing, but not important enough to warrant title credits. So I typically avoided any woman too eager to befriend me as if she were adding me to her collection. To me, friendships are based on mutual respect, and any person who tokenized me due to my sexuality was swiftly removed from my circle. So that is why my best friend, who happens to be a woman,…

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drag queens, superheroes, and villains… oh my!

Cheyne Gallarde, a multifaceted artist born and raised in Hawaii, was an award-winning fashion photographer before he became an illustrationist. His nostalgic work reimagines superheroes and villains, celebrating the sentimental look and grit of vintage comics while putting a modern twist on it (with drag queens and other queer people as the modern-day superheroes the world needs). Recently, Gallarde won a Pele Award for his MTV Video Music Awards illustrations and was a contributing artist in the Pow! Wow! Hawaii Festival. His 38-foot-tall mural located behind Ward Theatres is a dedication to the fabulous mahu (third-gender people) of Hawaii. In 2019, he won a National Advertising Award for his illustrations of LGBTQ+ icons for Logo, and in 2020, his cover art for Tom & Lorenzo’s Legendary Children: The First Decade of…

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their impact endures

CARMEN VÁZQUEZ A Puerto Rican-born activist who worked with LGBTQ+ organizations from coast to coast, Carmen Vázquez died January 24 of COVID-19 complications at age 72. She was the founding director of the Women’s Building in San Francisco and helped establish the city’s Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC). On the East Coast, she held positions including director of public policy at New York City’s LGBT Community Center, deputy executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda, and coordinator of the New York State Department of Health’s LGBT Health and Human Services Unit. She also helped form the New York State LGBT Health and Human Services Network. In 2020 she received the SAGE Award at the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Creating Change conference for her work on behalf of LGBTQ+…

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big problems in puerto rico

After prodding from activists, Puerto Rico’s new governor, Pedro Pierluisi, declared a state of emergency in January over rampant violence against women. Violence has surged against both trans and cis women during the pandemic as many women have been confined with their abusers and denied access to personal and professional resources. At least 60 women were murdered in Puerto Rico last year, according to the organization Gender Equality Observatory, with six trans women killed and dozens of other cases under investigation and yet unconfirmed as murders. Among the trans women killed last year are 33-year-old nursing student Michelle Ramos Vargas and two New Yorkers visiting the island, Serena Angelique Velázquez, 32, and 21-year-old Layla Pelaez.…

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black is the new leadership

KIERRA JOHNSON, a Black bisexual woman, became the LGBTQ Task Force’s executive director in January. She previously served two years as deputy executive director and prior to that served on its board of directors. IMANI RUPERT-GORDON, the Black lesbian executive director at NCLR, previously led Affinity Community Services, the nation’s oldest social justice organization serving the needs of Black LGBTQ+ people. Before that she was a senior policy adviser to the Department of Housing and Urban Development during President Barack Obama’s administration. She joined NCLR last year. ALPHONSO DAVID was named president of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in 2019, becoming the first person of color to lead the organization. Before that the civil rights lawyer was a member of the New York governor’s cabinet as the state’s first deputy secretary and…