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April/May 2019

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editor’s letter

I’VE BEEN MARRIED 28 YEARS to the same person, though half that time he identified as a lesbian and for the last 14 years as a transgender man. Because we started “marrying” long before marriage equality was legal, we’ve now had five wedding ceremonies—each one a move forward in our legal protections.In 1985, West Hollywood become the first city in the nation to create legal status by passing a domestic partnership ordinance. It was the first place we went to get hitched, having a private ceremony for two and framing our certificate like it was a Harvard diploma. When we moved to Marin County, Calif., in 1993, we had our second wedding with our domestic partnership papers in tow. Then in 1999, California established the nation’s first statewide domestic partnership…

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world pride 2019

WorldPride 2019 is rapidly approaching, and we could not be more excited. In anticipation of this monumental event for the LGBTQ+ community, as well as for all of New York, we’ve chosen two Out Travelers to share what they do to celebrate New York Pride in their own personal style. From sunbathing on the beaches at Fire Island’s Cherry Grove, to admiring the picturesque views of the Empire State from the five highest peaks in the Catskills, these Out Travelers are going beyond the city limits to take their Pride experience to the next level.Travel writer, Barry Hoy, and Olympic athlete, Chris Mosier, celebrate New York Pride in very different ways, but that’s what makes this celebration so great! New York offers endless opportunities to make your Pride exactly what…

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black & proud love

WHEN I WAS 15 years old, I went on a class trip to Washington, D.C. A few months later, I kissed a boy for the first time—and by boy I mean man, but that’s another story for another column. Before you judge me for leaping too fast, I can only say that in my defense I was precocious. I guess that’s not really a defense, but so what.Being a good Southern church boy, my sexuality was the only rebellion I ever staged. And it was glorious. I had never even gotten detention before, so I savored that rebellion fully and completely. No longer conflicted, I put away my bible and brought an unceremonious end to my tortured church-boy phase. If kissing boys was a sin, call me a sinner.On this…

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cancer chronicles

BABS SIPERSTEIN (1943 – 2019)Trans activist Barbra “Babs” Siperstein died at the age of 76, days after a New Jersey law was named in her honor that allows transgender people to change the gender on their birth certificates without having to undergo gender-confirmation surgery. She was surrounded by family, friends, and her partner, Dorothy, according to Insider NJ.Siperstein made history in 2009, when the then-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Sen. Tim Kaine, appointed her to the executive committee of the DNC where she served until 2017. The first out trans member of the DNC, she was also a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. An Army veteran, a business owner, and a parent to three kids, she also served as an original board member with…

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bye-bye binary

A new report from Pew Research Center compared the social and political views of America’s youngest, post-Millennial generation (aged 13 to 21, known as “Gen Z”) to previous generations.1 OUT OF 3 The number of Gen Zers who know someone that uses gender-neutral pronouns.59 % The percentage of Gen Zers who stated that paperwork forms and online profiles should include gender options beyond “male” or “female.”Source: Pew Research Center report, “Generation Z Looks a Lot Like Millennials on Key Social and Political Issues,” released November 25, 2018.…

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skin in the game

Getting a wax—especially in the more delicate regions—can leave LGBTQ people feeling vulnerable, particularly if their body doesn’t meet certain expectations or beauty standards. Joshua Collins, a gay man who co-owns several Texas franchises of LunchboxWax (LunchboxWax.com)—a company hoping to revolutionize the waxing industry through queer inclusion—says the “sad truth is the body waxing industry, outside of LunchboxWax, generally will not service our trans community, or men from the waist down.… People are judged for being [fat], judged for being too skinny, judged for being part of the LGBTQ community, judged for the color of their skin. Enough is enough!”Already queer-welcoming and body-positive, LunchboxWax expanded efforts to become trans-embracing last year by eliminating male/female gender checkboxes and gendered service options like “Manzilians,” and instead asks clients their preferred pronouns.“There’s no…