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The Africa Report is the international publication of reference dedicated to African affairs, anticipating economic and political changes in Africa and relied upon for the independent expertise in its surveys, sector reports and country focus in each issue.

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debt déjà-vu

Suddenly, it is time for another financial crisis. A decade ago, those feckless US mortgage backers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac watched the issuing of mortgages that were unlikely to be paid back as a battalion of investment banks sliced and diced those debt obligations and marketed them at vertiginous profits. The protagonists’ greed and sense of impunity rendered tens of millions of people homeless. Most of the culpable banks in the US and Britain were bailed out; only the most honest (or most stupid) bankers went to jail. Chad was spending 85% of its shrinking oil earnings on its debt to Glencore That crisis held the world’s attention. This time, the looming financial crisis is facing Africa, but it is struggling to fill a 200-word story in the financial pages of…

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the africa report over a decade of scoops, news and analysis

June 2012 The Africa Report completes its hat-trick of Diageo African Business Reporting awards for Best Media. April 2017 The 4th Africa Report Debate in Marrakech asked whether Africa’s development is a mirage. TAR8 October 2007 As The Africa Report entered its third year, the vicious fight between South African president Thabo Mbeki and his disgraced deputy Jacob Zuma erupted into all-out war. TAR29 April 2011 The Arab Spring erupts, and The Africa Report headed to Egypt and Tunisia to look at the rotting roots of repressive regimes. TAR17 June 2009 Our explosive investigation into Nigeria’s banks, which looked at how numerous financial institutions cooked the books, was published two months before four bank executives were sacked. TAR43 August 2012 In honour of the outstanding contributions made by leading African cultural, business and political icons,…

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cyril’s first 100 days

The first 100 days, which will come to an end on 26 May, will test President Cyril Ramaphosa’s promises to weed out the corruption that developed under his predecessor and turn around the country’s anaemic economy. The courts are helping out with the former, as the trial of former president Jacob Zuma began in March. The court case is a reminder of the depths the African National Congress (ANC) reached in recent years and the ongoing friction between those loyal to the old guard and to the new guard. ANC secretary general Ace Magashule is a key Zuma ally, and he is in the political crosshairs over his role in a number of suspect contracts. The opposition Democratic Alliance sought for criminal charges to be filed against Magashule in April for…

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abiy ahmed

FOR ONCE IT WAS A NAIL-BITER. When Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s 42-year-old new prime minister, was announced winner of a secret ballot held by the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) on 27 March, the outcome had been far from a foregone conclusion. But, seemingly against the odds, Abiy won nearly two-thirds of the votes of his senior colleagues in the multi-ethnic coalition that has governed Ethiopia since sweeping to power as a band of rebels in 1991. The unexpected March result – chief rival Demeke Mekonnen withdrew at the last moment – catapulted the charismatic politician from Oromia, the country’s largest and most populous region, into the history books. Abiy, who heads the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO), is the first OPDO politician in charge of the country since the…

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1 EUROPEAN UNION 4% of worldwide turnover, or €20m – whichever is higher – is at stake for companies that flout the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, which comes into force on 25 May. Data protection is in the spotlight after the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. 2 SYRIA Russian fury at airstrikes The Syrian civil war entered a new chapter following the 7 April attack by Bashar al-Assad’s government on the city of Douma and the 14 April airstrikes by the US, France and Britain responding to claims that chemical weapons had been used. Just a short while earlier, US President Donald Trump said that his government would get out of Syria as soon as possible. However, Washington’s role in Syria has become a crucial test of the US government’s resolve in countering the…

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HARARE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS 1-6 May HARARE | ZIMBABWE Six days of local and foreign performing arts under the theme ‘We Count’. hifa.co.zw AFSIC INVESTING IN AFRICA CONFERENCE 2-4 May LONDON | UK afsic.net WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY 3 May AFRICAN CRISTAL FESTIVAL 3-4 May MARRAKECH | MOROCCO africancristal.com NOLLYWOOD WEEK PARIS 3-6 May PARIS | FRANCE nollywoodweek.com AFRICAN INSURANCE ORGANISATION CONFERENCE 6-9 May ACCRA | GHANA african-insurance.org NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR 7-12 May LAGOS | NIGERIA The NIBF promotes literacy and the book trade in Nigeria. nibfng.org TRAVEL INDABA 8-10 May CAPE TOWN | SOUTH AFRICA indaba-southafrica.co.za AFRICA SME FINANCE FORUM 15-16 May NAIROBI, | KENYA www.globalsmefinanceforum.org/Africa-2018/ EAST AFRICACOM 15-16 May NAIROBI | KENYA ICT event covering telecoms, media, broadcasting and technology in the sub-region. tmt.knect365.com/eastafricacom/ GAS TO POWER AFRICA CONGRESS 15-16 May CAPE TOWN | SOUTH AFRICA energycouncil.com/events/ AFRICAN UTILITY WEEK 15-17 May CAPE TOWN | SOUTH AFRICA african-utility-week.com WEST AFRICA CIO SUMMIT 16 May LAGOS | NIGERIA Organised by the International Data Corporation,…