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The Big Issue 08-07-19

The Big Issue is a UK-based street paper that supports the homeless, the vulnerably housed and those seeking to escape poverty. Vendors normally buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell to the public for £2.50. We are using Zinio digital editions to create additonal revenue opportunities to fund our street-based and pastoral care services for our vendors. We are a social enterprise company and all revenues go to support the vulnerable communities we serve. Our goal is to move our vendors away from dependency and towards full time employment

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the big list.

01 Experience art on an epic scale at Olafur Eliasson’s In Real Life When the natural-world obsessed Danish-Icelandic artist comes to the Tate he comes big – his 2003 installation The Weather Project drew more than two million visitors, while 2018’s Ice Watch brought chunks of ice from Greenland. Reflecting on issues of climate change, energy, migration and architecture, Eliasson’s new exhibition will reimagine every corner of the gallery, from a spectacular sculpture out front to a vegan takeover of the Terrace Bar kitchen. Tate Modern, London, July 11, 2019-January 5, 2020; tate.org.uk 02 Read a lavish illustrated history of an iconic record label From Vera Lynn to the Rolling Stones and from David Bowie to Luciano Pavarotti, Decca Records has been home to legends of every kind. A new book of rare photography…

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this week we asked you...

@Mark_ED_Lowe Ride of the Valkyries? @isbiltur Dukes of Hazzard @dy0b1 Kanyes HAAAH ad-lib @isbiltur In all seriousness, for Health and Safety reasons it’d have to be... Psssh-ticooff, psssh-ti-cooff, psssh-ti-coof @Sparklylilgem Cat purring! @rosjones25 The Pearl & Dean theme @Holling_Richard Brum brum @LinniMay The rumble of a Harley Davidson @holtenderkarl The Benny Hill Soundtrack @HipThorn Chopin piano music @FamiliesSELon Children’s voices shouting “vroom vroom” @AngryScribbles Sword cut…

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letters@bigissue.com Minority report The Windrush edition was nothing short of superb. All power to you. Roger Knight, email A lesson learned Passing a Big Issue seller yesterday I was struck by what I took to be the disheartened look on his face. I quickly retraced my steps and purchased a copy from the vendor. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that it was all about Windrush as, like many other members of the white British middle class (whatever that means) I knew very little about it. I read the magazine avidly in bed last night and found it really informative and humbling. The seller himself was a black man who looked to be in his 60s and it left me wondering whether he himself was a descendant of that generation. Needless to say I…

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our doors and minds must be open

Even Donald Trump morphing into Ron Burgundy hasn’t helped me like him a great deal more. As Burgundy fans will know, Ron will say anything that is put into the autocue in front of him. In Anchorman, a ne’er-do-well tries to get Ron fired. His sign-off is normally “Stay classy, San Diego”. On this fateful occasion the words are changed and Ron reads them. “Go fuck yourself, San Diego,” he says with focus. Cue mayhem. I thought of Ron as the US president read a speech honouring America at his rain-sodden July 4 parade. Trump has a style of delivering speeches that makes it look like the moment of reading is when he’s first been introduced to both the words and the phrasing. It also looks like he’s misplaced his reading glasses.…

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clive’s taking centre stage with dog geezer

Clive had a leading role in Theatre Royal Plymouth’s show Citizen while his canine companion had a walk-on cameo in the four-show run that ended on Saturday. Acting enthusiast Clive, 56, told audiences true stories from his past sleeping rough and how The Big Issue and his customers have helped him win his battles with alcohol and his mental health. These tales are part of the show’s bid to create a “living breathing portrait” of Plymouth using a cast of 20 local people and, of course, one dog. “Geezer’s been really good – he’s been working on the streets with me since he was 12 weeks old and he’s a tough dog, a proper Big Issue dog. He can take anything,” Clive said. The vendor attended the theatre’s Our Space and Project X acting…

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ambassador sabrina is in the mix for diversity honour

The 36-year-old Big Issue ambassador featured on the cover of the magazine in April telling her story of how she went from selling The Big Issue as a teenager to becoming one of the country’s most senior female firefighters. Cohen-Hatton was in charge of the fire service’s response to the 2017 London terror attacks in Finsbury Park and Westminster, and is a prize-winning academic. She chronicled her life in the book The Heat of the Moment: Life and Death Decision-Making from a Firefighter and became an ambassador for The Big Issue earlier this year. Now, Cohen-Hatton’s work has been recognised with a National Diversity Awards nomination in the Positive Role Model Award for Gender category. She will find out if she is a winner alongside the other 123 nominees at a ceremony in…