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The Big Issue 19-08-19

The Big Issue is a UK-based street paper that supports the homeless, the vulnerably housed and those seeking to escape poverty. Vendors normally buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell to the public for £2.50. We are using Zinio digital editions to create additonal revenue opportunities to fund our street-based and pastoral care services for our vendors. We are a social enterprise company and all revenues go to support the vulnerable communities we serve. Our goal is to move our vendors away from dependency and towards full time employment

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the big list.

01 Flock to the Shepherdess – One Woman Farm exhibition Ruddy reclusive men with hooked canes who spend most of their time in fields with livestock – shepherds have long needed a bit of a PR makeover. Here to alter at least some of your preconceptions about sheep tenders is this photo exhibition about Alison O’Neill – a born and bred farmer who lives a hard-working but bucolic life caring for her flock in the Yorkshire Dales. Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes, until September 8; dalescountrysidemuseum.org.uk 02 Shop socially for a wonderful-looking Wonderbag cooker It’s World Humanitarian Day this August 19, a moment to pay tribute to aid workers around the globe. Many vendors in The Big Issue Shop support humanitarian endeavors – be it Wonderbag’s revolutionary, non-electric portable slow cookers, one of which is…

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this week we asked you...

Big Issue founder John Bird said we should act thoughtfully and not be blinded by short-terminism. What do you think? @MarkStevenWoods So often we are drawn to the grandest of solutions when we could make real change on our own doorsteps. While I love what tech has brought us, I also mourn the loss of community it has brought too. @camdenlockbooks Short-termism is the ultimate folly. Allowing aggressive lobbying from oil industries, closing libraries and persevering with business rates are glaring examples. @ThePhraser The great library system that was in place did so much for my family and Sure Start held such promise for stressed young families. Sarah McGinley, LinkedIn Nothing focuses the mind more than impending doom. Climate change is throwing new challenges at us every day and I believe it is the catalyst to shake us…

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strictly stacey

@hannaheustace121 Thank you for your absolute determination to uncover the real truth in today’s world despite your own fears. This is what journalism truly is and we want you to know that the people that watch your documentaries are behind you all the way and love you for being the one that gives deserving people a voice! You are the change we need to see in our world. God bless you xx @sharonhallam Stuff the negativity Stacey, being yourself hasn’t stopped you yet x @kourtfairlie Amazing woman! Absolutely fearless filming some things, think it was Egypt, a few years ago – wanting to be right up at the front line when things were kicking off! @pezhelen What you are doing for journalism and young people being interested in real issues is amazing. What a woman @kyla_michaela_ And supporting the…

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The view from overseas I left England in the Seventies – worked in Zambia, mainland Europe and California before eventually settling in the Caribbean on retirement. However I have visited Blighty most years, first to look after ageing family and now just visiting. It is sad to see the increasing disparity between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ and while not unique to the UK, I always thought of us as a caring, sharing nation willing to look after the less fortunate. It seems not so much. However, I do think the concept of The Big Issue is brilliant. I always make a point of buying it when visiting and, no matter which town or city I am in the sellers are always polite, personable and quick to smile. The magazine is…

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if it’s climate chaos you’re selling, i’m not buying

One of my favourite useless pieces of information relates to Greenland. You can quiz your family and friends with it after reading this and annoy them for hours. Greenland is the only nation in the Americas that uses its indigenous language as the official language of state. All others use the language of the conquering nation – whether that be English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. For a long time it was Danish in Greenland but the nation has been self-governing since 2009. And don’t write in to tell me it’s not wholly independent yet. I have Wikipedia too. Greenland is not just useful in pub quizzes, it also feels like a barometer for the state of the planet. If its big glaciers are melting, then we’re all in trouble. And there is…

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madness go one step beyond for public sector workers

Madness are inviting public sector workers into their House of Fun with free tickets to their 40th anniversary bash. The British pop icons want to honour the “tireless” efforts and invaluable work of doctors, nurses, teachers and the emergency services by waiving the £35 ticket fee for their House of Common event on London’s Clapham Common on Monday August 26. “Those working in Britain’s public sectors work tirelessly 365 days of the year to keep us safe, well and in education so it’s only right that we do what we can to offer something in return,” the festival organisers said. Madness extended similar invitations to public sector workers in 2017 after the London Bridge terror attacks and the Grenfell Tower tragedy, while Glastonbury festival founder Michael Eavis made the same offer to…