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The Big Issue

The Big Issue 11-11-19

The Big Issue is a UK-based street paper that supports the homeless, the vulnerably housed and those seeking to escape poverty. Vendors normally buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell to the public for £2.50. We are using Zinio digital editions to create additonal revenue opportunities to fund our street-based and pastoral care services for our vendors. We are a social enterprise company and all revenues go to support the vulnerable communities we serve. Our goal is to move our vendors away from dependency and towards full time employment

United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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£2.51(Incl. tax)
£129.96(Incl. tax)
51 Issues


4 min.
the big list.

01 Help save a fantastical set of site-specific outsider art Created over the course of 30 years by gardener Gerard ‘Gerry’ Dalton, who passed away earlier this year, Gerry’s Pompeii is a fantastical world of hundreds of sculptures set in a small social housing flat and garden in west London. Intensely private, Dalton’s project remained a hidden secret, and it’s at risk of being dispersed and removed as the property is reclaimed by Genesis Housing. Sign a petition and donate to a crowdfunder to ensure it’s preserved – and perhaps even one day opened to the public. change.org/p/ save-monumental-body-ofsite-specific-outsider-art-in-west-london 02 High-five your canine at the Top Dog Film Festival Go barkers for the goodest boys and girls at a touring festival of screenings celebrating the unique and unbreakable bond between humans and hounds.…

1 min.
this week we asked you...

@Spangle27613053 I’d re-name the dung beetle as either Boris or Jeremy for obvious reasons! @ashleighfrh I had a dream once about a Preying Mantis who was actually Freddie Mercury, so definitely that! @AlisonR84198452 A chameleon for Chuka Umunna......he changes his colours so frequently. @RoxanaShirazi I look like a potato so I’d name me potato. @twychy12 A dung beetle type named after Boris Johnson. Find him among the bullsh*t. Steve Lancaster I understand there is a haunted stick-insect called Reesmoggii, but it only lives in frigid philosophies. Ian Hoare (Music) If another species of beetle is discovered, I think they should call it Ringo!…

4 min.

The good book In response to Nigel John Currie’s letter [October 28-November 3] seeking policies that will address climate change, I can heartily recommend There Is No Planet B by Mike Berners-Lee. As well as climate change, Mike takes a holistic view to tackling food for the world’s population, biodiversity, plastics and rebalancing wealth inequality. He identifies what is most pressing, what are the knock-on effects of our actions and what we should do first. Mike highlights essential values we all need to start practising. I’m excited by John Bird’s Future Generations Bill, as it supports these values and shows change is possible within Parliament. As well as using There Is No Planet B as our handbook, we can also help bring about change through our vote. Seek out political candidates/parties…

1 min.

@TessBerryHart Just picked up this week’s @BigIssue from our local seller and discovered the great comic strip by @AndrewDonkin and @EoinColfer on rebuilding a life from homelessness inside – good work guys. @Kittybliss Sitting in a coffee shop in town and a @BigIssue seller runs in and goes to the back of the shop. He returns 30 secs later with a jug of water and exits the shop. The bin outside had been ‘on fire’ and he had put the small fire out. What a total hero. @CaritasWestm Just seen map of Victorian Poverty in London this featured in @BigIssue Interested to explore whether same areas are still deprived today.…

3 min.
the side of deep thinking and big hearts

I think about John Hume a lot. And currently, that has expanded. John Hume is a political giant. A Nobel Prize winner, he worked for peace in Northern Ireland all his political life. He was part of the Civil Rights movement in the late Sixties, and as the Troubles exploded he led the marches for peace. He kept walking all the way to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. While others shot and murdered and maimed, or advocated armed action, Hume was a democrat who wanted a better way. Others have had their moment of glory for changing Northern Ireland, for proving what was possible, but Hume is frequently overlooked. Yet it was Hume’s brilliance, his dogged smarts, his ability to listen and build consensus, the fact that he acted like a damn…

1 min.
professor green wants to change tune on hunger

The 35-year-old was fresh from a day spent volunteering at Carpenters’ and Dockland Centre, a youth and community centre in East London when he spoke to The Big Issue. He was helping prepare meals for locals after new research showed that more than three quarters of the population underestimate how many children suffer from hunger. The rapper said: “Anyone lucky enough to have a public platform should use theirs to lobby for change. No one should worry about when their next meal is.” A study commissioned by Unilever showed a two thirds (65.6 per cent) of the UK said they thought fewer than 500,000 children were affected by the food poverty crisis – while in reality four million children and their families are trapped in poverty. National foodbank charity Trussell Trust released its…