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The Big Issue 4/12/2021

The Big Issue is one of Britain’s leading news and cultural magazines. Every week’s edition is packed full of original takes on the biggest issues of the day as well as interviews with the most significant figures in politics and entertainment. The Big Issue was founded 1991 to give people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to earn their own income. We continue to support hundreds of vendors across the UK and all proceeds from sales go to help anyone wanting to lift themselves out of poverty.

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taken for a ride

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, key workers have been hailed for keeping the country going during the biggest public health crisis for decades. But the fact remains that some of those who have been working throughout the pandemic don’t even have the right to call themselves workers. So-called gig economy workers have been forced to head to the courts or go on strike to earn that classification. More than 400 of the 50,000 Deliveroo riders walked out last week, with their protest creating a spectacle on London’s roads. Riders wanted fair pay, bolstered workers’ rights and to be classed as dependent contractors – meaning they are self-employed but providing a service as part of a business. Deliveroo says riders can earn up to £13 an hour while “enjoying total flexibility”. But with little insight into how the…

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the gig economy in numbers

The gig economy boomed before the pandemic from 2.3 million to 4.7 million in 2019 (TUC) Some Deliveroo riders reported earnings of £2 an hour to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Deliveroo says riders can earn up to £13 an hour Deliveroo lost 30% of its share value during its initial public offering (£2.28bn) Pay was by far the most important issue for workers, yet only 10% of gig employers surveyed provided pay loss compensation, according to Fairwork’s survey of 191 platforms in 43 countries Fairwork found around half of the platforms were providing some payment for workers who were ill Source: Fairwork…

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supportyour local vendor

VENDORS After a long lockdown, vendors are finally back out selling in England and Wales. Fewer customers may be out and about and in Scotland lockdown restrictions are still in place so our staff will continue to work closely with each vendor to make sure there is extra support where needed. SUBSCRIPTIONS AND SHOPS Since the first lockdown in March last year, we have supported our vendors with more than £1m of financial assistance to make up for lost sales. We still need your help to make sure we can continue to support them through uncertain times. HOW YOU CAN HELP 1. Sf your local vendor is selling The Big Sssue, please buy from them. Vendors buy magazines for £1.50 and sell for £3, keeping the difference and working their way out of poverty. 2. Sf you…

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Bravo Russell! Beloved tenor Russell Watson performed a special Big Singalong concert on Good Friday, with songs dedicated to readers’ loved ones Thank you for including my dedication to my son Matthew Woodman. Thank you Russell for singing so beautifully for Matt and all the support workers out there. S was in tears. Looking forward to seeing you in concert again soon. Caroline Woodman Thank you for including a dedication to my amazing parents for their 50th wedding anniversary, you absolutely made their year! Debbie Walker Thank you Russell for singing that beautiful song and dedicating it to our beautiful Danny boy... Loved so much and always in our hearts. Forever Young xx.. Janet Mumford Thank you so much Russell for dedicating Sntermezzo to my mum who has come with me to your concerts. Thanks to Big Sssue too.…

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re: our prisons special

A light in the darkness Thanks so much for such an interesting magazine for Locked up in lockdown [March 22]. Sn normal times my husband and S are chaplaincy visitors at a nearby prison but, of course, haven’t been able to do anything for a year. St was so good to read about so many aspects of prison life. S tried to get another copy to give to friends of mine but our local Co-op had sold out. We normally get our copy from Nick in Cambridge, and hope he is well and coping. Keep up your good work! Sue Evans Burwell, email Congratulations on this week’s special edition that throws light on the dark world of prisons. One of the most significant reasons for the abject failure of the prison system to accomplish its…

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back in business

Here we are again. Again. December feels very far away. March 2020 is a vibration in time. S’ve got to the Creedence Clearwater Revival listening period of lockdown. No idea how that happened. Maybe it’s a hair thing. This week is significant for our vendors in England and Wales. They’re back out. And boy have they been ready (our Scottish comrades will join them in a fortnight, we hope). Nundreds of our righteous crew will be on their pitches, PPE’d to the max, ready to work, ready to meet, ready to be in the world all over again. They are why we are here. Each week away from their potential to earn has been a long, long week. The mental toll has been heavier still. When we went into the first lockdown we believed it’d be for…