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The Canon Camera Manual

The Canon Camera Manual

The Canon Camera Manual

NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 140 pages of high quality content. The only Canon camera user guide you will ever need. We’ve compiled a guide that is designed to introduce you to the Canon range and break it down into easy to digest sections. Our illustrated and easy to follow guides can help you hone your camera craft. Fully understand your camera’s capabilities better with our multitude of hints and tips on a varied number of subjects. Our help will get you inspired; and then go out and take better photos. Our guides have been compiled by professional Canon camera using photographers and can take you beyond what you thought possible. 100% Independent.

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canon gear guide

Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast or a seasoned professional, Canon’s range of cameras and accessories means that there is something for everyone. From stylish compact cameras, to entry level DSLRs and top of the range professional equipment; the range available to choose from is huge. Over the following pages we’ll take a look at the primary Canon range with easy at a glance specifications to help you decide which type of camera is right for you, along with some pros and cons to help refine your choices. We start with a few choice compact cameras and then move on to more advanced models such as the EOS M range and APS-C crop sensor and full-frame DSLRs. We also have a breakdown of lenses for EOS M, crop-sensor and full-frame…

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anatomy of a dslr

If you’re serious about your photography then sooner or later you’re going to want a digital SLR. Despite all the improvements in advanced compact, super-zoom or compact system camera design, in terms of image quality, performance and creative versatility the digital SLR still beats almost every other type of camera hands down. There are some top-end pro cameras costing tens of thousands of pounds which can take better pictures, but frankly if you’re considering one of those then you’re reading the wrong book. The acronym “SLR” stands for “single lens reflex”. The “single lens” part is to differentiate them from the twin-lens cameras that were popular in the 1960s, while the “reflex” part refers to the reflex mirror, an angled movable mirror that sits in front of the sensor and directs…

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anatomy of a dslr

All DSLRs have a full range of manual functions, and generally have a much wider range of control than even the best super-zooms or advanced compact cameras. DSLR sensors range from 12 megapixels up to over 25 megapixels, and are physically larger than the sensors in compact and bridge cameras, giving them a number of advantages in terms of image quality. The majority of Canon digital SLRs use a sensor size known as APS-C, roughly half the size of a frame of 35mm film. They are typically around 24 x 16mm, while the advanced professional DSLRs use ‘full frame’ sensors. These are the same size as a frame of 35mm film. All Canon digital SLRs have interchangeable lenses and a wide range of accessories, such as external flashguns, extra battery packs, Wi-Fi…

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digital compact cameras

If you seek something easy to use but still powerful, sleek and stylish, then Canon’s range of compact cameras is where you can find your perfect device. Canon’s innovative technologies are the backbone of the PowerShot and IXUS range of compact digital cameras that take you to the next level of shooting and sharing beautiful photos and HD quality movies. From the ultra compact, to the versatile and affordable, you will no doubt find something that suits your pocket and your lifestyle. Here is just a sample of the digital compact camera range, that will get you inspired and ready to share your precious memories. Canon IXUS 285 HS £159/$199/€184 (US ELPH 360) Style and connectivity 20.2 MP back illuminated CMOS sensor f/3.6 - f/7.0 maximum aperture 12x optical zoom 24x digital zoom DIGIC…

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eos for beginners

Take more creative control of your photography with a range of digital cameras for enthusiasts that are as easy to use as you need them to be, with image quality that is sure to impress. Turn snaps and video clips into something far more wonderful: images and footage that you are proud of and want the world to see. Use high-end techniques such as shallow depth of field to create differential focus and draw your viewer’s eye to your subject. Make your images distinctive with the use of creative filter effects that can all be done in-camera with the touch of a button. Take command of your camera with controls that are easy and intuitive. Touchscreen LCDs give you greater access to your camera’s functions and shooting modes. You can even…

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eos for enthusiasts

Now you can enjoy ultimate image quality from APS-C and full-frame high-performance sensors. Delve deeper into the fascinating world of photography, try out new ideas and tackle new projects. You have world leading imaging technology at your fingertips, so it’s time to raise your game and shoot like you never thought possible before. The EOS system really helps you as you explore new compositions, locations and effects. Whether APS-C or moving up to full-frame, you can enjoy amazing levels of performance and image quality. You can shoot with ambient low light thanks to high ISO capability; or track and capture the action with faster and more accurate autofocus precision. Thanks to HD video capture built in to your EOS camera, you can be just as creative with your movies as you…