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The Classic MotorCycleThe Classic MotorCycle

The Classic MotorCycle

June 2019

Started in 1903, The Classic MotorCycle has more to offer the true vintage motorcycle enthusiast than any other publication, backed by Europe's largest motorcycle image archive.

United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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editor’s welcome

With a variety of other magazines also in our group, the guys putting them together really struggle with letters and correspondence, in that they don’t receive much of it. We, thankfully, are the opposite, with our letters pages going to three this month, to try and clear some of the build-up, though I’ve still lots outstanding.It’s brilliant, so please keep sending them in, but also, bear with us a little, as we will try and print them all, eventually, it just may take some time. Though as I say, it’s a great (and rare, from what I can tell) position to be in.Otherwise, I’ve managed to get out for my first club run of the year, 100-plus miles on a vintage motorcycle, starting off in just above freezing temperatures,…

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appearances can be deceptive

At a glance – and to be fair, even a reasonably sustained look – for all intents and purposes, this is a trio of Brough Superiors, posed together at the start of a long-distance event. One expects that a face among the trio belongs to George Brough, with perhaps another that of ‘Gentleman’ Dickson, ‘Oily’ Karslake, Charles Needham, George Patchett, or another of the prominent BrufSup exponents. A good, close look reveals that none of the ‘usual suspects’ are depicted.The said-same more detailed inspection of the motorcycles starts to throw up some anomalies. What are those front forks? Well, not all Brough Superiors used the Castle fork, with Webb, Brampton and even Montgomery variously employed at different times. But the ones on the featured machines don’t look like any…

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dominating proceedings

Classic trials machinery comes under critical scrutiny in the jumble, but respectable sums of money are required. The Essex Branch of the British Owners’ Club had orchestrated this glittering line-up. The first of ELK Promotions’ shows for 2019 took place on March 31, at the familiar South of England Showground venue in Ardingly, Sussex. The theme for this event was ‘70 years of the Norton Dominator.’That may have been the main focus, but the familiar Norton tank script seemed to be everywhere, with numerous examples of Bracebridge Street production and more than a few from later Plumstead and Andover continuations.Guest of honour was Rex Butcher, who was one of those who rode the famous Dunstall Domiracers. By continuing a Norton race development programme, in the 1960s the…

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asi motoshow’s 18th year

Head to Italy for the ASI show and see gems like this pair. The ASI MotoShow takes place on May 24-26 at the Ricardo Paletti circuit in Varano, Parma.The event is open to motorcycles built before 1997 and attracts a fabulous, diverse entry, from single-geared pioneer era machines to screaming early 1990s two-stroke racers. Now in its 18th year, around 750 participating motorcycles are anticipated. Public admission is free, which, coupled with a ‘parade of champions’ on Sunday, all leads to a large spectator attendance.Details from info@asifed.it or www.asifed.it…

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enfield details sought

Amazing 1904 Royal Enfield. Does anyone know any more about it? This early Royal Enfield was acquired by Vintage and Veteran (www.vinandvet.eu) in late 2017, in a complete, unrestored, but original condition. The bike was missing a carburettor and basically needed control levers, cables and oil pipes.It was sold as a 1903 bike, mainly because it was similar to the only other known pioneer Royal Enfield, which was also incorrectly thought to be 1903.Royal Enfield only assembled a handful of motorcycles in 1903/4, and then no more until 1910.The Enfield had no paperwork, no history, and no visible frame or engine numbers, though these numbers were soon revealed under the dirt and paint, and both are correct for 1904.It had been in a barn in Honiton, near Exeter,…

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nigel rollason

Winner of the 1971 Senior Manx GP Nigel Rollason passed away on February 6, 2019.Born in 1948, Nigel started his on-road motorcycling charging around Sutton Coldfield on a 750cc BSA V-twin sidecar outfit, going on to the Manx win and riding BSAs to much success in production races.He then went on to race BSA engined sidecars, securing many places in IOM TTs, finishing with a win in 1986 aboard a Barton Phoenix engined outfit.He was the only living person to have won a TT on two and three wheels and was only the second person to have achieved this.A talented engineer, Nigel was appointed chairman of the TT Riders’ Association in 2013, an organisation he was passionate about.Nigel later moved to Devon where he took up racing yachts again,…