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The Complete iPhone 8 Manual

The Complete iPhone 8 Manual

The Complete iPhone 8 Manual
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NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 138 pages of high quality content. The only digital iPhone 8 user guide you will ever need. The iPhone has had a major upgrade! The amazing iPhone 8 is the must have smartphone and The Complete iPhone 8 Manual brings you the very latest fully illustrated guides to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, their apps and the iOS 11 operating system. All the best features of the iOS 11 and the iPhone 8 are broken down and clearly explained by our team of experts, we show you how to master your iPhone 8 with ease. If you have an iPhone 8 you need this guide. 100% Independent.

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getting started with your iphone 8

This section takes you through the iPhone 8’s initial setup and basic functions but it’s still worth reading if you’ve been up and running with your Apple smartphone for a while now: there might be something you missed. For example, did you know about the keyboard’s dictation feature, or that you can add third party keyboards? Did you know that you can customise the Control Centre in new ways in iOS 11? Were you aware that you can add more than one finger to Touch ID? For all this and more, read on.…

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the iphone x vs iphone 8

The iPhone X Apple’s newest iPhone lacks a Home button but its other controls are very similar to previous generations of iPhone. The screen runs all the way from the top to the bottom of the iPhone X, making it longer than before too. The iPhone 8 The iPhone 8 is a more traditional iPhone, in that it has a bezel surrounding the screen, a black border at the top and bottom and a Home button to unlock the phone. It also comes in two sizes, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The Lightning Connector. Current iPhones use a Lightning connector for charging, syncing, and (on the latest iPhones) for connecting cabled earbuds using an adapter. The iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 comes in two sizes, the regular iPhone 8 and the larger iPhone 8…

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set up your iphone 8 out of the box

Inserting your Nano-SIM card Your Nano-SIM card, although very small, gives you access to the entire world! Without it your iPhone cannot function as a phone at all, so you need to make sure you insert your Nano-SIM correctly. Here’s how to do it. 1 In order to activate your iPhone, you must first insert the Nano-SIM card provided by your mobile phone network provider. To do this, follow these steps. 2 Use a SIM eject tool like the one pictured here, or maybe a straightened paper clip, and insert it into the small hole next to the SIM slot. The tray then pops out as shown. 3 Place the SIM card in the tray (there’s only one way it can go in) and slide the tray back in the slot. Push it in…

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erasing a second-hand iphone 8.

1 First of all, from the home screen, open the Settings app and navigate to General. At the bottom of the screen you see an option called Reset. Tap it for the Reset menu. 2 From the Reset menu, tap the link titled’ Erase All Content and Settings’. You’re shown a menu inviting you to back up before erasing; do so if you wish, otherwise, just erase. 3 Enter the passcode, tap Erase iPhone and then again to confirm, then enter the Apple ID. You might need to get these from the phone’s previous owner. Your iPhone is then wiped.…

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fast iphone 8 setup from your old phone

1 Make sure you have both phones handy and they’re charged. If you’re keeping your existing SIM, transfer it to your new phone now. 2 After selecting your country or region, you’ll see this screen. Now you should unlock your old phone and move it near your new one. 3 On the old phone, this pop-up appears. Press Continue. Settings for Touch ID/Face ID aren’t transferred; set them up now or later. 4 Frame the blue swirl in the camera viewer on your old phone. Input your passcode on your new phone, then continue on it. 5 When your Apple ID is set up on your new iPhone (Internet connection required), you’re asked to type in your Apple ID password. 6 You can restore apps, data and settings from an iCloud backup, or move data…

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sync and restore on a mac or pc

1 On your Mac or PC, open the iTunes app. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes; if you haven’t, update it now. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a Lightning cable and click the iPhone button when it appears. This screen welcomes you to your new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, assuming it has not yet been set up. 2 You can choose whether to restore your iPhone using a previous iTunes backup or set it up as a completely new phone. To set up using an iTunes backup, previously made to your Mac or PC, choose the backup from the drop-down menu, as shown. If you’re transferring to a new phone and don’t have a recent backup of the old one, back up again first. 3…