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FRESH IDEAS FOR GROWING & ARRANGING YOUR OWN FLOWERS Sow today for summer displays, discover the glamour of new-season bulbs, learn the language of flowers, dye your own silk ribbons, embrace eco-friendly floristry... FREE INSIDE SEED ORGANISER & PLANTING GUIDES + FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP FOR EVERY READER + 15% OFF SUMMER BULBS FROM FARMER GRACY

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The love of flowers is locked deep in our DNA. This issue, it’s been a joy to talk to so many growers and florists who can pinpoint how early in life their path was set, even if it took some time to realise it. Erin of Floret talks about sweet peas in her grandmother’s garden, while Rachael of Olive + Blossom smiles as she recalls making rose petal perfume as a child. And the graduates of the Tallulah Rose Flower School almost all trace their creativity and enthusiasm back to a flowery childhood spark. I’m no different: I have amazing memories of spring in a new house where the garden revealed the previous owners’ passion for daffodils – classic yellows and fancy frilled varieties were everywhere. My Mum and I…

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growing notes

1 HUNTING FOR COLOUR It’s time for gladioli to reclaim their rightful position as stars of the late summer. If you like to grow colours that you can’t buy as cut flowers, Gladiolus ‘Indian Summer’ really fits the bill. Quite a statement in a vase on its own, you could also pair its coral tones with the beloved dahlia ‘Café-au-Lait’ for a bold display. Dutch bulb experts from Farmer Gracy say: “Just imagine: peachy flowers with a twist of lilac fading to soft cream throats. Choose a sunny spot, plant your bulbs according to the package instructions, add water, and wait for your reward. It won’t be long in coming.” These bulbs like to be planted 20cm apart (10cm at a push), and will grow happily in a container if you’ve…

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the pleasure garden

For me life would be poorer without the possibility of harvesting at least a small bunch of flowers from the garden. I love the instant colour, a jug here, a mini vase there and the odd single stem. The corner of your room is instantly brought to life by even the simplest thing. Getting it there is also a gift. I’m incredibly lucky to live on a farm with plenty of space, but wherever I lived I’d have to find a few square feet for growing. It gives me such life-affirming pleasure harvesting what’s looking fantastic on that day. There aren’t many things more absorbing, where hours rush by and you emerge calmer. Growing, choosing, picking, conditioning and arranging are all so peaceful, satisfying and creative, thinking what might go with…

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sarah* raven

At Sarah Raven, we have drawn on years of flower-growing and floristry experience to create a stunning selection of seeds, plants, bulbs and kit to help you grow and care for your dream flower patch. All tried and tested in Sarah’s own garden at Perch Hill, only the most beautiful and productive varieties are chosen for our range. Our exclusive collections make planning your garden easy. Expertly handpicked for their perfectly matched combinations of colour and texture, they include superb sweet peas and prolific cut-flower collections. You will also receive a free planting guide with your order to help you every step of the way. ✽ To get 20% off your order visit sarahraven.com and quote offer code TFP19SPR TERMS AND CONDITIONS Offer valid until 31 July 2019. Can only be used once and not in…

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perfect plants for your flower patch

There’s something deeply satisfying about gathering flowers from your garden, whether it’s to share with someone you care about or simply bring some colour to the kitchen table. Just like there’s no comparison between garden-grown and shop-bought tomatoes, the same can be said for flowers. The stiff grocery-store blooms imported from afar don’t hold a candle to fresh flowers grown seasonally and harvested from just outside your door. Floret started more than a decade ago with a simple row of sweet peas that I tucked into my vegetable garden in our backyard. I planted the sweet peas in memory of my Grammy who had introduced me to growing flowers as a child. When the first flush of flowers bloomed, I shared some of the bounty with friends and family. Soon after,…

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creating a small cut flower garden

For anyone who’s dreamed of having an abundance of fresh flowers at your fingertips, why not experiment with growing your own? It doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult or expensive. Start off by growing some hardy annuals from seed: love-in-a-mist, cornflowers and poppies are all fail-safe and can be sown directly in the ground in early spring. By mid-May you’ll be picking armfuls of flowers to display in your own home and give as gifts to your friends. The results from growing your own are so immediate and satisfying that it can soon become something of an addiction. There are so many amazing flower varieties that are suitable for growing as crops to harvest – once you get the bug you’ll certainly want to grow more. You may decide to…