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The Prog Collection

The Prog Collection
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This collection celebrates 10 years of Prog magazine with some of the best interviews we’ve conducted with some of progressive music’s biggest artists. There’s Emerson, Lake And Palmer talking about their 40th anniversary, Roger Waters on rebuilding The Wall, and Neil Peart’s first magazine interview for six years. There’s snooker star Steve Davis interviewing Caravan, and there’s Yes on Tales From Topographic Oceans.

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10 years of prog

Welcome to 10 Years Of Prog. It’s a special one-off celebration as Prog Magazine passes its first decade in existence. That’s right folks, we’ve been up and running for ten years, and this unique magazine – the first of its kind – celebrates some of the many highlights of our first decade. I’ve gone through every issue of Prog magazine (we hit issue 100 in July 2019, by the way) and selected what I think are the most memorable and magnificent features we’ve run over the past ten years. There’s the exclusive interviews we conducted with Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer when the legendary trio regrouped to celebrate their 40th Anniversary at High Voltage Festival in 2010 – the first time the three had been interviewed as ELP for…

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crimson tides

WELL, THAT’S IT. No more tour buses, no more soundchecks, no more set-lists to ponder, no more “Can I have a bit more vocals in my monitors please, John”, no more studio tans. Having called time on his playing days and got himself a nice little office job, of sorts (see The Office boxout on p63), the only thing Bill Bruford’s drumsticks are likely to be used for now is stirring tins of Dulux matt white when he finally gives the kitchen ceiling the lick of paint he’s had to put on hold (“When I get back from the tour, darling. I promise this time”) for the past however many years of his myriad musical pursuits. Retired? Surely not? It’s difficult to think of Bill Bruford having closed the door on…

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the office

Now determinedly retired from playing music Bill Bruford will be filling his time with running his own label. Not one on the lookout for up-and-coming or even established artists to record (don’t be surprised if your unsolicited CD comes back marked ‘Return To Sender’), but more to look after his own back catalogue. Feeling very fortunate to have the rights back, he has, as he puts it, “gathered all my babies under one roof”. “It’s nice to get them all back, sort them out, reissue and remarket them, repackage them, add extra bits if necessary.” Certainly it’s doubtful whether without his own label he would have seen the albums by his band Bruford being reissued – “don’t laugh”, he says – on vinyl. Yes, apparently there’s sufficient demand.” Isn’t that amazing?” Bruford’s…

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the hero’s return

“WE DID A gig in Queens University in Belfast back in the 60s and we were driving through the pouring rain, a total downpour, to the next venue. I’m driving in a Zephyr Ford, the band are all asleep, I’m driving as fast as I can. I see this light ahead in the road and it’s a Gardee, and he pulls me over and comes round the window and says [adopts perfect Irish accent] ‘I’m sure you were going a hell of a lick!’ and I say ‘Oh, was I? I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t realise’. And he says ‘Can I ask you a question young fella? What would happen if a child or a drunk person were to have walked into the road?’. And I thought ‘I take your…

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turning the tide…

SO THERE WE were, Roger Waters interview in the can. The inevitable Pink Floyd question asked, and response, noted. Nothing acrimonious. No scandal. Just some nice platitudes from a one-time stream of anger. So you can imagine we here at Prog were just as surprised as you readers were when we got the news that Waters and David Gilmour had performed together. The event was the Palestinian charity Hoping Foundation’s Benefit Evening at Kidderminster Hall in Oxford on July 10. Gilmour and Waters (backed by a band featuring Guy Pratt (bass), Harry Waters (keyboards), Andy Newmark (drums), Chester Kamen (guitar) and Jonjo Grisdale (keyboards) performed a set that featured a cover of the Phil Spector-penned To Know Him Is To Love Him, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb and Another Brick…

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welcome back my friends…

Welcome to our Emerson, Lake and Palmer feature which we produced in 2010 to celebrate not only the progmeisters’ 40th anniversary, but also the fact that Messrs Emerson, Lake and Palmer reunited and performed at the Classic Rock High Voltage Festival in London's Victoria Park on July 25. Arguably one of the most inventive and bombastic of all the great progressive rock bands, we’ve gone some small way to honouring the band in the manner they deserve. Inside you’ll find exclusive, all-new interviews with Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, with Carl Palmer taking time out from his busy schedule to answer Prog readers’ queries. Step inside, step inside……