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The Samsung Galaxy Guidebook

The Samsung Galaxy Guidebook

NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 140 pages of high quality content. The only digital Samsung Galaxy user guide you will ever need. Starting to use a new Android phone or tablet can sometimes seem like learning a whole new language, especially Samsung smartphones and tablets with their unique and custom features. With this easy-to-use Samsung Galaxy guide in hand, even a complete beginner can soon become a Galaxy expert. This is the perfect guidebook for all Samsung phone and tablet users, whatever your current level of experience! 100% Independent.

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the samsung   galaxy   guidebook

Mixing intelligently designed devices with cleverly planned software and features, it is not hard to see why the Samsung Galaxy range of phones and tablets are just about the most successful ever created. From the Galaxy S8 to the amazing Tab S3, every device is packed with incredible tools and innovations. But even if you have owned an Android device before, getting to grips with the numerous unique features, tools and apps packed in your Samsung Galaxy can be a challenge. In this guide we will show you how to get your device set and working smoothly, as well as explaining what the more advanced features do and showing you some cool tips and tricks that will help to turn you into a Samsung Galaxy pro! Learn how to make the…

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samsung galaxy smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy range has gradually condensed over the past few years to contain four main models: the S, the A, the J and the Note ranges. These devices range in hardware spec, as well as processor, quite widely but all give you access to the innovative Samsung software features that have made the Galaxy devices so popular. Let’s take a closer look at the main players. Galaxy S8 The Galaxy S8, along with the S8+, is THE phone for any Samsung fan right now! Boasting one of the fastest processors in any smartphone, an incredible Quad-HD Infinity display that flows seamlessly into the curved edges, a sharp and accurate rear camera (along with an impressive 8MP front camera), along with extras like Iris recognition and fingerprint technology, IP68-rating, Bixby personal assistant…

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exploring the galaxy note 8

The latest, and some might say greatest, phone in the Samsung Galaxy range is the Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 is something of a monster in terms of size and specification, boasting one of the biggest displays and most powerful hardware configurations available in any smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make the Note 8 such an incredible bit of tech. Infinity Display The Galaxy Note8 has the biggest screen ever on a Note device, yet its narrow body makes it comfortable to hold in one hand. The 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display lets you see more and scroll less. The Galaxy Note8 gives you more room to watch, read and draw, making it the ultimate multitasking smartphone. Water and Dust Resistance Four years ago, Samsung…

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galaxy controls and connections

Although the exact buttons and connection ports on your Samsung Galaxy device may vary, there are standard features that always appear. Let’s take a look at those buttons, connections and controls and see what they can and cannot do. Connections These are the plugs, ports and other interfaces which allow you to connect or add something to your device, or connect your device to the mains for charging. Most devices have a standard set of connection ports, but some may have additional ones. Micro USB/USB-C Most modern devices use Micro USB or the newer USB-C connections for both the charging cable and the data cable (for connecting to a computer to transfer files). The position of this will vary depending on what device you have, but it can usually be found on the bottom…

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add and use a microsd card

Many Samsung Galaxy tablets offer the ability to expand the storage by inserting a MicroSD memory card. On modern tablets, the capacity can be as much as 128GB, although this may vary and you should check before you buy an SD card. Inserting the card is relatively simple, although it might not be obvious to someone doing it for the first time. Choosing a MicroSD Some memory cards may not be fully compatible with the device. Using an incompatible card may damage the device or the memory card. Card Capacity As already mentioned, not all tablets can read all sizes of MicroSD card. The largest capacity card you will easily find is 256GB, and the smallest is 2GB. All tablets with a MicroSD slot or tray will accept and work with a 2GB card…

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first time galaxy setup

Getting the first time set up right on your Samsung phone or tablet will help to make Android easier to use going forward and allow you to explore what your device can do more quickly. As you begin setting up, you will see that the exact steps needed to set up different devices may vary slightly but the most important ones will always be the same. Getting Set Up Before starting set up on a new smartphone or tablet, it is a good idea to be patient and charge the device fully. While you are waiting, make sure you have all your Wi-Fi details ready, as well as your Google account login. 1 The first step, as shown here, is normally to choose the language you want the device to use. Use the…