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The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft!

The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft! Volume 11

Dedicated to our furry friends, Volume 24 of the Ultimate Guide to Minecraft takes you on an exciting adventure into the world of animals. Build the ultimate farmyard, meet Mincraft’s most terrifying beasts, check out the latest maps and much more.

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“make the most of spring without having to put a blocky foot outside!”

The brave green shoots of Spring are forcing their way through the frosted earth, and the clouds are finally parting. What better time to wrap up warm, take a hearty breath and rush back indoors to play Minecraft? This volume has everything you need to do exactly that. Together, we can make the most of Spring without ever having to put a blocky foot outside. Perfect! Here you’ll find a list of the best excuses to keep playing Minecraft, proving our favourite game can educate as well as entertain (it’s more fun than I’ve made that sound, promise). We’ve also got a breakdown of the best hidden Easter eggs in the game, plus a list of Spring-themed mods to make your game even more bloomin’ marvellous. And, if you want something…

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the best kind of bath

It’s not every day you get a proper excuse to build your own city in Minecraft. It’s no wonder then that Bath Digital Festival 2016’s 48 hour ‘Build Bath In Minecraft’ competition was swamped with hundreds of blocky architects. Each entrant was given a plot on a shared server to build their own piece of the beautiful Somerset city. Projects could be anything from real life inspired pieces to visions of the Bath of the future and there were categories for the most creative plot, most futuristic, best historical influence and the judge’s favourite. Dave Boddington, production manager from Minecraft supremos The Yogscast, was along to deliver prizes and catch up with the competition. “Events like this are great. They give students and all kinds of people from all kinds of…

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not too cool for school

Finally, everyone will listen! While we’ve all known that Minecraft is perfect for learning a whole raft of things from physics to design, now there’s an official Education Edition for use in schools. MinecraftEdu, a version of Minecraft specifically for the classroom, has already been available since 2011 and used in more than 40 countries around the world but now Microsoft has expanded the game for a full official release. And in even better news, it’ll start off completely free. Minecraft Education Edition will initially be available as a cost free trial for schools who choose to sign up and will be improved by constant feedback from online communities of teachers. “In education, we are constantly seeking pathways to explore learning beyond the confines of a textbook. Minecraft allows us that…

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notch wins again

Notch’s mantlepiece in that LA mansion must be pretty full. Perhaps he’s started scattering awards across multiple rooms. The 16th Game Developers Choice Pioneer Award at the end of March will be the next shiny piece of named metal to arrive in his hands. The Pioneer Award goes to those who achieve ‘breakthrough tech and game design’ and there’s no arguing that Minecraft has done that. Previous winners of the award - which was formerly know, quite bizarrely, as The First Penguin Award - include Elite designer David Braben, Riot Games founder Branden Beck, and Valve boss Gabe Newell. It’s not the first time Notch has picked up a GDC Award either. Back in 2011 Minecraft picked up gongs for the Best Debut Game, Best Downloadable Game, and the Innovation Award.…

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code to joy!

HOT OR NOT A Wii story Minecraft: Story mode hit Wii U and we love it. School points Education Edition is the best new reason to get crafting in the classroom. Boxing clever? A new Hot Wheels official Minecart is just a box on wheels with no character inside. 2 soon A sequel to Minecraft: Pocket Edition on iPhone? Hoaxes suck. We’ve seen some incredible creations such as a fully working Pac-Man arcade machine and even Pokemon on a GameBoy in Minecraft. While it doesn’t look quite as exciting as seeing the Kanto region recreated in blocky pixels, it’s actually equally impressive. YouTuber Seth Bling has managed to build a working interpreter for the BASIC programming language. BASIC stands for Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code and since its creation in 1964 has been used globally due to its ease…

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the force is strong in this one

There are fewer things deadlier than Kylo Ren in a strop in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, but the Starkiller Base is definitely one of them. Capable of destroying entire planets across the galaxy, this deadly weapon is an err, force to be reckoned with. Of course someone has created it in blocky form. Definitely no need to be Poe faced when you see the detail that’s gone into it. Just watch out for the death Rey! We’ll stop now. Ervinache235 from Planet Minecraft has the honour of crafting the first recreation of Dark Side’s second favourite weapon (surely the first is the lightsaber). It’s his biggest piece of work yet. He is still adding surface details to the planet but his piece is incredible. It even includes the…