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The Week Junior is a brilliant current affairs magazine for children aged between 8 and 14. It’s filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage curious young minds and encourage them to explore and understand the world around them.

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the uk gets ready to vote in the european elections

The European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. On 23 May, the UK will take part in the European elections to decide who represents the country in the European parliament. The parliament is part of the European Union (EU) – an organisation of 28 countries that trade together and follow the same rules. It is predicted that the UK’s biggest parties – Conservative and Labour – will not do as well as usual at the elections because of their failure to deal with the issue of Brexit. Brexit is the term given to the UK leaving the EU. The vote will be held on 23 May. What are the European elections? Between 23 May and 26 May, millions of people across the EU will vote to elect Members of…

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un law to cut down on plastic is introduced

Nearly all of the world’s countries have signed up to a new deal making it more difficult to send hard-to-recycle plastics to poorer nations. The agreement was made by 187 countries in Geneva, Switzerland, during a meeting supported by the United Nations (UN) – an organisation of 193 of the world’s countries that works on human rights, peace and environmental issues.Under the new rules, countries who send any contaminated (soiled, stained or infected), mixed or unrecyclable plastic waste overseas will have to get permission from the government of the country receiving it. Previously, companies could send it to other countries without getting government approval.The new deal has been backed by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives – an organisation campaigning for an end to incinerating (burning) waste. It says…

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all-english european football finals create a challenge for fans

Arsenal players celebrate making the Europa final. For the first time ever, the finalists of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League will all come from the same country: England.Arsenal will play Chelsea in the Europa League final at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 29 May, and Liverpool will face Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League final at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, Spain, on 1 June.Yet celebrations were cut short when fans realised how much they’d have to pay and how far they’d need to travel in order to see their teams.Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur supporters’ groups have issued a joint statement complaining that both clubs have been given only 16,000 tickets each for the game, despite it being played in a 68,000-seater stadium.…

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it’s an amazing week for…

Maariya with TWJ’s Anna Bassi. BECOMING A PUBLISHED POET A 10-year-old who wrote a poem called An Ordinary Girl from Birmingham has won this year’s Premier League Writing Stars (eight to 11-year-olds category) competition. Maariya was picked from 25,000 entries and her poem has been published in a special book, launched at an event in London. SHERLOCK HOLMES FANS A special 50p coin has been released to celebrate 160 years since the birth of the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The coin features a picture of the famous detective surrounded by writing so small that a magnifying glass is needed to read it. A gold version of the coin costs £795. A SPECIAL PHOTO An entire primary school football team has…

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ancient burial site stuns experts

A burial site found near an Aldi supermarket in Essex has been described as the UK’s equivalent of Tutankhamun’s tomb. For 15 years, experts have studied the objects found in the grave and some of them are now on display at a nearby museum. What was found at the burial site? Gold coins.The grave was discovered near Southend-on-Sea in 2003. The only human remains left in the tomb were tooth fragments, which experts believe belonged to a prince from the 6th century. He was surrounded by 110 artefacts (historic objects) inside the remains of a four-metre-wide and 1.5-metre-deep wooden structure. Among the objects were a traditional harp (known as a lyre), gold coins, and a mug thought to have come from Syria, in the Middle East. Archaeologists (people…

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the week in history

Hubble Space Telescope. On 20 May 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope – the first major telescope to be placed in space – sent back its first image to Earth. Launched from the space shuttle Discovery on 24 April, it transformed our understanding of space. Suddenly, scientists could observe the most distant stars, galaxies and planets in our solar system from above the clouds and light pollution that hindered other telescopes. The first picture taken was of star cluster NGC 3532, which was about 1,300 light-years away.…