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March 2019

Top Sante is the healthy lifestyle magazine for sophisticated women. Packed with the latest tips, expert advice and inspirational ideas on how to look after every aspect of your wellbeing, we'll help you look great, feel inspired and be happy in your own body. Every month we advise you on: - Health - Psychology: insightful solutions leaving you empowered to live a happier and lighter life. - Beauty: anti-ageing advice and tips that will encourage you to look your glowing beautiful best. - Fitness: the latest trends and inspirational ideas on how to stay fit and healthy. - Diet: healthy recipes for those that love food Top Sante. For the sophisticated lady.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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Hello! It’s the start of a new season and, for me, also a new start back at Top Santé having been off for a year on maternity leave. And spring really does epitomise new beginnings – all you need do is look at nature to see life bursting forth. The days getting longer and lighter certainly lends energy to new fitness and healthy eating plans, too. This time last year the clock change made a huge difference to me as it came 6-7 weeks after the birth, and heralded a more positive frame of mind as I felt I was no longer living in the dark all day. I began venturing out more and the walks really helped revive both my body and mind.But although the evenings are now…

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our contributors

Sam SimmondsSam wrote about Japanese wellbeing trends. ‘I’ve been inspired by the ancient Japanese wisdom that connects us with nature and the changing seasons. Fresh from a week skiing the snowy Bulgarian pistes, this month I’m planning to welcome the dawn of spring with a hike in the beautiful Surrey hills.’ Sarah CohenSarah is a freelance beauty writer covering cosmetics, skincare and hair, who wrote our Beauty Toolkit. ‘This March I will be spring-cleaning my skincare routine. My sensitive skin suffers in the winter, so I am looking forward to lightening up with a more streamlined regime!’ Ruby Deevoy Ruby is a freelance writer who did our feature on brain health. ‘This March I’m moving house, so making sure I take regular breaks to unwind is even…

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your healthy march

MAGIC NUMBERS If you’ve ever wondered whether listing the calorie details next to food makes much difference when it comes to what you actually choose, the answer is yes! A new study from Dartmouth College has revealed that not only does calorie information make food become less appetising, but it also seems to change the way your brain responds to the food, making it less enjoyable. The study was conducted on 42 people, half of whom were on a diet, half not. They were shown images of unhealthy food and asked to rank how likely they would be to eat them. When all participants were shown images of food with the calorie content, their brains showed decreased activation of the reward system and increased activation in the control system.…

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books to reduce stress

‘Spring is the time of plans and projects’ Leo Tolstoy The ethical one Lightly: How to Live a Simple, Serene and Stress-Free Life, by Francine Jay (Mar 14, £14.99, Quercus) As well as ridding your home of clutter, living ‘lightly’ is about worrying less and reducing your carbon footprint. The celeb one Quiet: Learning to Silence the Brain Chatter and Believing That You’re Good Enough, by Fearne Cotton (£20, Orion Spring) We all have that little voice of doubt in our head, but if yours is stopping you living your best life, you need this! The holistic one The Stress Solution: The 4 Steps to Reset your Body, Mind, Relationships and Purpose, by Rangan…

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SORE THROAT HEALING JUICE Last year I got a cough that just wouldn’t budge. It kept me up at night – that and the baby, joy! – and the only thing that seemed to cure it was drinking this concoction three days in a row. ■ 1 x large carrot■ 1x 2.5cm-wide slice of ginger (or as much as you can tolerate)■ 2 x cloves of raw garlic Juice all the above and neck it! If the taste is too horrid, add an apple or another carrot. The ginger and garlic kick any cold viruses to the curb. SWAP: fake cinnamon FOR: real cinnamonDuring maternity leave I ate a lot of porridge, and I mean a lot! (apparently oats help increase breast milk production, or…