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mac mac ultra

MPUMALANGA 21-23 May 2021 This year’s edition of ‘Africa’s freshest ultra’ produced 148 finishers in the 46km, 53 in the 80km, 24 in the 100 miler and four in the new 200 miler. Jack Davis won the 100 miler in 24:48:29, with Ilze Wagener the first woman in 32:04:09. In this image, Shaun Sutton leans into a tricky downhill in the 50 miler (80km) race. He finished 29th in 14:54:31. The Mac Mac 100 Miler is part of the AMUK Challenge, a for-kicks idea started in 2019 to recognise those who completed four 100 milers (Addo / Ultra-Trail Drakensberg / Mac Mac / Karkloof100) in a calendar year. There are five hopefuls in 2021 with their final event at the end of September: Justin Oelofsen, Marius van Rensburg, Ben Samwell, Riana Henning, and Tobie…

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tomato chickpea soup winter fare

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, Nut Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat Free 4 servings This delicious meal is made using canned tomatoes and chickpeas along with a few other pantry staples and just three fresh ingredients. It’s easy to whip up, requires simple ingredients, and is budget friendly. Quick, Easy, Tasty! Onions, garlic, and celery are sautéed until they are soft, along with some smoky paprika, thyme, salt, and pepper. I like the flavour you get from the smoky paprika, but if you only have regular paprika that’ll work as well. Likewise, with the thyme – any dried herb will work. Next, your canned tomatoes, chickpeas, some tomato paste for added flavour, and water are added. Simmer until everything is soft. Then it’s time to blend. I use a stick blender – making…

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winter 2021

30 South Trail RX R850 | 30south.co The Trail RX is perfect for the trail runner who wants one sunglass for different conditions, quality, and value. And you have options! The three interchangeable lens model offers: non-polarised mirrored lens / grey CAT 3 polarised lens / clear UV400 lens. The second option is a Transition lens for on-the-fly adaptation to weird weather days. This photochromatic lens option is R300 extra. The Swiss-engineered, ultra flexible TR90 frames are lightweight, non-slip, non-abrasive, and hypoallergenic. The cutting edge HDo lenses use NASA-developed REVO coatings to ensure high contrast viewing and enhanced clarity. Six colours. Buy 30south.co and use coupon code trailmag to save 10% (also applies to other 30 South models). Offer valid to 30 September 2021. Rock Rabbit Trail Pack R1 399 | rockrabbit.co.za Rock Rabbit is a local pack, designed and…

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rattling the spears, rousing the dragon

KWAZULU-NATAL / LESOTHO 23-25 APRIL 2021 Runners descend the notoriously rugged Sani Pass that links Lesotho’s eastern border to South Africa in this year’s Ultra-Trail Drakensberg. The 100km race plummets down the pass from the Lesotho border post, while the flagship 100 miler race challenges runners with 73km in Lesotho with altitudes often above 3,000m before partly descending the pass and wending nearly 100km more. Both are true mountain running giants. Reflection Of The Soul It gets quiet as reality sinks in during the shuttle ride to the 100 miler UTD160 start. You’re going to be taking on more than 160km of unknown. Of course you’re going to have your doubts. Kennedy Sekhuthe is lost in thought as he heads up Sani Pass. It’s Nearly Go Time! On the UTD160 start line at Sani Mountain Lodge,…

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your photos

MOUNT FORMICA SENTINEL Ashwill Petersen is inspired by words from poet Christy Ann Martine: “When your life is moving too fast, and you find yourself in chaos, introduce yourself to each colour of the sunset.” He and photographer Demetrius have summitted Mount Formica’s taller neighbour Ceres Peak a combined 80 times this year. Demetrius’ 2021 goal is 120 ascents of Ceres Peak, a whopping 120,000m of elevation. Demetrius van Rooyen, Ceres MY GRIT SMILE Dean had a blast during his debut Ultra-Trail Drakensberg 32km. “This is the point that I realised just how in awe I was of the mountain and how lucky I was to be taking part. A combination of grit face and excitement. After doing the Virtual UTD in 2020, I found myself entering the real deal a few months later. Although…

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runners are hip (whether we like it or not)

We spend a lot of time training to run further and faster. But most runners do not spend as much time training to be more efficient or to reduce risk of injury. This is where specific strength conditioning can play a significant role. Posture is the first of the four key strength aspects for runners. The four strength aspects which should be trained in the following order are: ▪ Posture▪ Pelvic stabilisation▪ Strength▪ Plyometric power In this revisit article, we will work on your pelvic stabilisation. Loose Hips. Excessive hip movement during running represents a major injury risk factor for runners. There is a proven link between hip muscle strength and pelvic stability and the onset of running injuries. Lower back, hip, knee, and ankle problems can be affected by inefficient pelvic and/or hip…