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Travel News Namibia Autumn 2021

Travel News Namibia is a high-quality Namibian travel and lifestyle magazine tasked with promoting Namibia to the world. With riveting stories, first-hand encounters and magnificent photographs showcasing tourism, travel, nature, adventure and conservation, TNN is the ultimate and most comprehensive guide to exploring Namibia.

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honest travel and stories that matter.

It’s a daunting task stepping into the shoes of your mentor. For 28 years this letter has been written by the same extraordinary woman. A woman who, over the past 7 years, has taught me about the importance of living your truth. Not saying or writing one thing and existing another. Of being truly in love with life and with the world around you. They say that people with fresh eyes see things differently, sometimes more clearly... How then does Rièth to this day make everything she sees, hears and experiences seem like she’s living the moment for the very first time? There is no old news for her. No ‘been there, done that’. Every visit to any destination, though she has been there many times, seems like the very…

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editor’s letter

I travelled a lot in 2020. Despite all odds. I was able to visit our clients and tourism friends all across the country and my misgivings were echoed by many of them. My travels gave me a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with what I now think of as honest travel. I rediscovered why travel matters. Why stories matter. People’s stories. Destination stories. Nature stories. That’s what we will be attempting to do this year. Share stories that matter. You’ll ^nd this issue, our first since COVID hit, to be filled with stories of purpose and hope. One of the most important in Namibia being the stories of communities who live alongside nature. Beguiling tales of fairies in the desert. The not to be overlooked north-eastern wetlands. The adventurous coast. And a…

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are namibian fairy circles euphorbia tombstones?

Fairy circles in the Namib Desert have fascinated people for centuries – from Himba traditions to more recent scientific theories, we have formed numerous different explanations for how these enigmatic circles of sand came into being. Several recent theories revolve around competition among plants or termites, or both. A scientific study this year went back to one of the original theories for fairy circle formation, and found some compelling evidence to support it. Fairy circles have several features that must be explained by any proposed cause – they occur at regular intervals, often they are almost perfect circles (although some big ones are more oblong in shape), the centre of the circle is totally bare, whilst it is ringed by denser stands of grass than the immediate vicinity. Water also behaves…

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in the land of sand and freedom

Back in June 2014 we got a call from a colleague asking whether the owner of our then workplace and home would be interested in purchasing three giraffes that were living on NamibRand, in an area that wasn’t the best place for them to be. The best solution at the time was to relocate them. A deal was done and the move needed to be planned. We spoke with experts and game capture vets. We researched best practices for building a boma and, as we did and do with most things, unleashed our enthusiasm onto the project. Murray started building the boma according to the specifications we had received, in the perfect spot. Shaded, surrounded by trees and with soft sand allowing for poles to be dug in easily. I left…

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it’s time to explore the zambezi

Namibia as a travel destination has become known for cliché phrases such as ‘wide open spaces’, ‘desert vistas’, ‘rolling dunes’ and ‘desert-adapted’, to name but a few. Yet, in the country’s oddly shaped north-eastern arm is a wild, natural playground that is surprisingly accessible considering its largely unspoilt wilderness. It is an area that contains winding waterways, wetlands, floodplains, forests, grasslands and the host of wonderful creatures big and small that inhabit these different ecosystems. Le Roux van Schalkwyk delves deeper into what makes this corner of Namibia unique and a must-see during your visit. The Zambezi Region derives its name from the legendary Zambezi River. The river forms the northeastern border of the region, starting from Katima Mulilo. From here it flows southeast to the tip of the country and…

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the adventurous coast

Namibia’s eponymous Namib Desert lines the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean for more than 1 500 kilometres between South Africa in the south and Angola in the north. Almost right in the centre of this massive desert belt lies a cluster of towns: The port of Walvis Bay, quaint and historical Swakopmund and the retirement-slash-holiday resort of Henties Bay. These municipalities host some of the most exciting and diverse adventure activities to be found in the country. Whether you’re in the market for a relaxing excursion, getting in touch with nature, or for an adrenaline-fuelled experience that will get your blood rushing, you will be spoilt for choice along Namibia’s adventure coast. DOLPHIN CRUISES ON THE BAY A number of companies offer boat cruises from the waterfront in Walvis Bay. Usually…