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Triathlete March/April 2020

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hello triathletes

Odds are you often skip right past this page to get to the good stuff—and I don’t blame you! But if you’re pausing for a second, you might notice there’s a new face staring back at you. So let me take this chance to say, “Hi!” I’m Kelly O’Mara, the new editor-in-chief of Triathlete and first-and-foremost a diehard triathlete always. I might not be totally new to some of you, since I write the “Salty Triathlete” columns (p. 26), and we’ve probably raced together at some point somewhere. I’ve got to be honest, though. I jumped into this issue at the very end, as it was going to print, so all the amazing work you see here is really a credit to the team we’ve got working on big plans for triathlon,…

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from your fellow triathletes

Start ‘Em Young Here’s our future triathlete Lily catching up on the January/February issue of Triathlete. When she’s not reading the magazine she likes to bounce on her mini trampoline alongside her mom Heidi and I while we run on the treadmill. Perhaps she will pioneer endurance trampolining! Via emailKyle HughesArvada, CO Plans for Everyone I loved seeing the three training guides in the January/February issue of Triathlete—perfect for people testing the waters of triathlon. I used one from your magazine to do Ironman Lake Placid in 2000. It was Gale Bernhardt’s “13 Weeks to a 13 hour Ironman.” I did 13 hours 25 minutes and loved every minute of it. Via emailBob Rudolph,Pennsylvania Correction We would like to apologize to Joanna Perchaluk—who appeared on the cover of our January/February issue—for incorrectly spelling her last name.…

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this month at triathlete.com

FIND ALL THESE STORIES AND MORE AT TRIATHLETE.COM/MAGAZINE Win This Bike! One lucky reader will be pedaling away with this brand new Quintana Roo PRsix2 Disc, valued at $10,500. Head on over to Triathlete.com/winthisbike for a chance to win! Spring greens for the win Add a powerful dose of cramp-busting magnesium to your diet with these four in-season flavorful verdant recipes. Ask Chris What tire pressure should I be running? What’s the best tri bike for under $2,500? Senior editor Chris Foster has the answers in “Ask Chris.” So fresh and so clean! Is your tri gear taking over? This month we’re featuring an article on how to organize everything swim, bike, and run. ABCs Sure, you’re eager to get outside and ride your bike, but before you roll out, take five minutes for a preride safety check. Twitter Poll @TriathleteMag Which triathlon product…

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the death and life of the superbike

The average price of a triathlon bike has risen $1,500 over the past eight years. While that might sound like good news for the collective triathlon economy, it’s actually a SOS signal that the industry made a pivotal misstep a few years back. The $1,500 increase is according to bicycle search engine 99 Spokes, which calculated the median retail price of hundreds of tri bikes from dozens of brands. That means tri bikes have gotten significantly more expensive—but at the same time, the triathlon public has been looking to spend significantly less. While there isn’t concrete sales data on what the average triathlete paid for a bike over the past eight years, every retailer and manufacturer on earth will tell you it didn’t increase by $1,500. Tri bike brands spent millions developing…

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colonel yvonne spencer

Yvonne Spencer admits she was an overachiever as a child. Encouraged by her parents, Darnell and Carolyn, the young Spencer set out to excel at every activity she could, be it collecting Girl Scout accolades or leading the local softball team. Her high-achieving nature, combined with a natural leadership style, made Spencer gravitate toward the Air Force Academy after graduating high school, but there was one problem: "I was putting together my package to apply to the Air Force Academy and asked one of my school instructors for a letter of recommendation,” Spencer says. “He declined. He told me, ‘I don't think you have what it takes.’” The response was surprising to Spencer, who thought she had proven time and again that she was fit for the armed services. But instead…

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life reimagined

Sixteen years ago, Nick Watson stood at the water’s edge in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, seconds from starting the Ironman World Championships. The moment, he recalls, was epic: Not only was he competing in his dream race, but his wife, Delphine, was pregnant with their first child. There was so much he had to look forward to, as life burst with potential of what could be. For the next several hours racing under the hot, Hawaiian sun, Watson excitedly envisioned the future—one that involved one day competing in triathlon alongside his child. Fast forward to 2020 and Watson, 50, is currently fulfilling that vision, as he and his son, Rio, have completed in some endurance events together. But the journey to get there was far more circuitous than Watson could have ever imagined.…