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Triathlete May/June 2021

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swim better, swim faster

The key to getting faster in the water is consistent focused swimming—and this training plan will help you do just that. Ideally, you’ll tackle the first session on a Monday or Tuesday, the second session mid-week, and the third session on the weekend. “The more frequently you can swim, the better,” Melgaard said. There are also options for both beginner and intermediate swimmers who are looking to improve fitness and stroke mechanics. Below are the first two weeks of Melgaard’s four-week plan. Active Pass members can access the full plan via triathlete.com/magazine. WEEK 1 SESSION #1 Warm-up: 5 min. easy swim 4 x 50 kick @ 70-75% effort with 20 sec. rest, using snorkel, fins, kickboard Kick with your face down, holding the sides of the kickboard and keeping the kickboard flat. Maintain the three touchpoints (back…

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small moves, big gains

WHILE IT'S BOTH IMPORTANT AND FUN TO FOCUS ON the big lifts and the major muscle groups in the gym, it’s just as beneficial to pay attention to the smaller, subtler movements that often get lost in the shuffle. Imagine, for example, you just bought a new TT bike. You’ve got the latest aero wheels and fanciest Di2 electronic shifting, but if every time you pedal your bottom bracket sways and flexes, then you’re literally leaking watts with each pedal stroke. This happens more often than you think, except it’s not your bike that’s the problem (hopefully!): It’s key body parts that sway and flex when they shouldn’t. This routine not only shores up those vulnerable areas of the body, but it also draws particular attention to developing your awareness and improving…

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get set

With more and more races (finally) on the horizon, knowing how to reach the start line feeling fast and fresh is more important than it’s been in a long time. We asked four top pro athletes to share their favorite go-to-race week workouts, including how to prepare for the session, nail it, and recover well afterwards. On the other side of this page, you can find the workout prescription as a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to take with you to the pool, track, or into your pain cave. Remember, though—these people are pros so you’ll need to adapt some of their workouts based on your own fitness and needs. And don’t do them all in the same race week! SWIM JUSTIN METZLER WORKOUT RACE-DAY BUILD SIMULATION Warm-up 400 easy swim 12 x 25 as [1 build, 1 fast,…

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sam holness’ superpower

One day, during a bike workout, Sam Holness got doored. The now 28-year-old triathlete had finished loop three of seven, circling the park near his home in London, when the door of a parked car swung open and knocked him over. A passing cyclist helped him up, and Sam got back on his bike. But the crash broke his routine. Without giving it much thought, he started back at zero. Instead of 50 miles that day, he rode 70. Sam may look like every other dedicated, tri-diehard, clocking 20-hour weeks and overdoing it on his bike miles, but he’s not. He’s autistic. When he crashes in his favorite video game, Mario Kart, he says he starts over. So that’s exactly what he did that day on the bike. He simply started the…

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getting in the swim of it

Learning to swim as an adult can be a daunting task. Of the three disciplines, it is by far the most technical and challenging to learn later in life. But fear not, we’re here to help guide you through the water. LEARNING TO SWIM AS AN ADULT Learning to swim isn’t just physically challenging, but can be laden with some very real fears too, and it’s often those fears that are the biggest barriers. Morgon Latimore is a U.S. Masters Swimming “adult learn to swim” instructor and Ironman University triathlon coach. “When adults learn to swim, they bring with them a lifetime of experiences, which can be positive and negative," he said. "This is one of the reasons why kids seem so fearless 99% of the time when they’re in the water—they have…

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how learmonth fuels

6:20 a.m. Pre-swim: Toast with jam and banana or Greek yogurt 9:10 a.m. Post-swim: Oatmeal with banana and raisins, topped with peanut butter Ride: Eat 1-2 bars, usually OTE Anytime bar or Duo Vanilla 2 p.m. Sausage and scrambled egg sandwich lunch, with a cup of tea and a flapjack 4 p.m. Post-run: Greek yogurt with chocolate protein powder topped with frozen berries and granola 6/7 p.m. Falafel, hummus, aubergine chickpea salad, and flatbreads for dinner Food diaries depict a regular day in the life of various pro triathletes. They are not intended as dietary recommendations.…