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Published by TI Media Limited TV & Satellite Week is a weekly magazine, perfect for TV fans looking to get the most out of multichannel viewing. It includes comprehensive listings and a film guide, coverage of the best US dramas, a rundown of the week's highlights and a guide to live sports action on TV. England and Wales edition.

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4 min.
touched by evil

NEW FANTASY DRAMA The Nevers Monday, Sky Atlantic HD, 10.10pm Victorian values and supernatural forces collide to thrilling effect in Sky Atlantic’s action-packed new fantasy drama starring Happy Valley’s James Norton and Outlander’s Laura Donnelly. As the story begins, an otherworldly event in London in 1896 has caused some of the city’s population – mainly women – to develop mysterious powers, ranging from superhuman strength to an ability to control fire. Almost overnight, the women are branded dangerous and unnatural. Dubbed the ‘Touched’, they find themselves excluded from Victorian society, maligned by the Government, feared by loved ones and a target for sinister organisations. The series – which consists of 12 episodes, split into two six-episode parts – follows Touched widow Amalia True (Donnelly), who sees glimpses of the future and who runs St Romaulda’s Orphanage,…

1 min.
who’s who?

Maladie Amy Manson Damaged by years of abuse, Maladie is unpredictable and unhinged, and causes death and destruction wherever she goes. Penance Adair Ann Skelly Amalia’s best friend is a progressive thinker and talented inventor who has the ability to see and manipulate electrical energy. Mary Brighton Eleanor Tomlinson The enchanting songstress is a target for Maladie, who violently kidnaps her mid-performance at the opera. Annie Carbey, AKA Bonfire Rochelle Neil A member of Maladie’s gang, Bonfire can create deadly fireballs and helps abduct Mary. Declan Orrun, AKA the Beggar King Nick Frost The criminal flicks between helping and harming Amalia, depending on what’s in his best interests. Inspector Frank Mundi Ben Chaplin The lawman has a strong moral code, and a surprising connection with Mary leads him to Amalia.…

3 min.
high-stakes horror

NEW HORROR Army of the Dead From Friday 21 May, Netflix It’s The Walking Dead meets Ocean’s Eleven in Netflix’s entertaining new horror film Army of the Dead, which sees a group of mercenaries break into a zombie-infested Las Vegas casino to retrieve millions of dollars locked in a vault. The one-off drama is set in the aftermath of a plague that has been released from Nevada’s secretive Area 51 military base. After a bloody war, the US government has managed to contain the outbreak by building a wall around Vegas, which has been taken over by the terrifying undead. However, casino boss Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada) is desperate to retrieve $200 million in cash from a near-impenetrable underground safe before the city is nuked by the government in 32 hours. RELUCTANT HERO To carry out the…

2 min.
praise the lord

DRAMA The Pursuit of Love Sunday, BBC1 HD, 9pm Following charismatic performances in Fleabag, His Dark Materials and Sherlock, Andrew Scott is on typically scene-stealing form as stylish Lord Merlin in BBC1 period drama The Pursuit of Love. The decadent neighbour of the eccentric Radlett family, Lord Merlin has already tried to take impulsive Linda Radlett (Lily James) under his wing and introduce her to a glamorous world of art and jazz. This week, after rushing into marriage with pompous banker and MP Tony Kroesig (Freddie Fox), Linda is miserable, but Merlin soon scoops her up again and turns her into a party-loving social butterfly. LIVING WELL ‘You could see this as a period drama with posh people, but these bright young things are celebrating life. I love the fact they think life is a party,’ smiles…

4 min.
suspicious minds

NEW DRAMA Innocent Monday-Thursday, ITV HD, 9pm How do you rebuild your life after spending five years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit? That’s the premise of ITV’s compelling thriller Innocent, which returns for a new four-part run this week. The first series saw Lee Ingleby as a husband who was wrongly accused of killing his wife. Now, the second instalment features a new story and cast, and sees Katherine Kelly take centre stage as teacher Sally Wright, who was found guilty of the murder of one of her students, 16-year-old Matty Taylor, whom she was also suspected of grooming. As the drama begins, fresh evidence has come to light that proves Sally’s innocence and she is freed. Returning to her Lake District home town of Keswick, her only aim is to pick…

2 min.
soap diary

CORONATION STREET Sam is kidnapped, thanks to shady Sharon Having so far had no joy in tracking down ‘grass’ Leanne for incarcerated drug-dealer nephew Harvey, Sharon must think outside the box. Knowing that Leanne’s son Simon is pals with Dev’s lad Aadi, she comes up with a canny way to get into Dev’s house. Left alone, she messages Si using Aadi’s games console, and asks for his family’s new address. When she fails to get what she’s after, Sharon ups the ante and turns her attention to young Sam, who she knows would be a powerful bargaining chip. Finding out that Nick’s new-found son is having his tea at granny Gail’s, she takes a photo of the lad and sends it to Harvey’s sidekick, Robbie. Later, as Sam is outside No.8, Robbie lures…