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Ultimate Adventure Bike June 2018

Our goal in ULTIMATE ADVENTURE BIKE AUSTRALIA is to appreciate everyone that’s having a crack — big or small — and enjoying whatever it is that’s an adventure to you. Hopefully, along the way we can steer you in the right direction (pun kinda intended) and bring to the fore just how much fun and how liberating adventure riding is. The adventure bike scene is one of the most vibrant across the globe and nowhere is it more relevant than in this vast sunburnt country. We were built by adventurers and the need to explore is in our blood. There’s never been a better time to do it on a motorcycle with an amazing array of machines and gear available for all. And now they’re finding freedom once again on bikes that take them back in bush and well beyond, in a less aggressive environment. Now is the time to reach those riders. Readers will be treated to the highest quality photography and journalism with bike tests and bucketlist rides leading the features. Each issue will also have dedicated ride tutorials and handy on track how to’s and will be chockas full of gear and accessories that we know this audience loves.

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welcome to the ultimate adventure

‘Adventure bike’ is a fairly loose term. In some regards, any bike you’re riding on an adventure is by definition an adventure bike. That then could be an R 1200 GS Adventure with brushed aluminium panniers, or a CT110 postie bike with a milk crate on the back. It also comes down to your own definition of an adventure. My next-door neighbour is so locked to his own home that when he mows the lawn out to his front gate, he sends a postcard back. That’s as far as he’s ever been interested in travelling. That’s his adventure. An adventure bike is expected to perform so many separate functions in so many varied circumstances that it damn near defies a singular definition. The first rider to circumnavigate the globe on a bike…

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conceptual timeline

The creation of a functional airbag system as a proof of concept Development of the crash-identification algorithm component and data logging capability The introduction of analysis tools to process the large amount of real-time data acquired by the highly advanced AST (Advanced Safety Technology) data logging systems Ongoing development of the airbag system based on test data, rider feedback and, where relevant, the incorporation of the latest technological advances in electronics and sensing components Medical and accident statistical research into injury causes and computer simulation of active prevention covering crucial anatomy most susceptible to crash damage Development of the Tech-Air Race Suit, a modified version of Alpinestars’ leather racing suit accommodating the electronics, sensors, inflators and airbags Deployment of the active system to MotoGP riders and also amateur racers to fine-tune the activation parameters of the…

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alpinestars tech-air

The Tech-Air concept was conceived in 2001 and started seeing real-world trials on riders in 2004, eventually finding its way to GP riders in 2009. It’s no stranger to the MXGP and AMA motocross circuits either. Alpinestars is a very clever Italian company that way back in 1963 produced the very first motocross boot. Since then it’s been a world leader in tech and design of not only boots but a broader range of apparel, from neck braces to helmets, adventure wear to the highest-end MotoGP kit. Now the company has taken the concept of protection to another level with what is effectively an airbag system for riders. It’s a true active protection system as opposed to the passive systems of guards and plates we’re used to. STREET LIFE The Tech-Air is…

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vital stats tech-air street

Comprehensive inflatable upper body protection for back, shoulders, kidney area, chest and upper abdomen. Electronic sensors are securely and unobtrusively incorporated within the system’s chassis (in the shoulder area), meaning the vest is completely self-contained and allows it to be worn interchangeably between compatible jackets. Constructed from a strong and durable mesh main shell with stretch poly-fabric on shoulders and torso for a compact and secure fit that is close to the rider’s body while allowing complete freedom of movement. Incorporates removable inner mesh and elastic Velcro® waistband to position airbag system to customise fit and improve adjustability. Full internal back lining constructed from 3D mesh for optimised levels of ventilation and breathability. The Airbag Control Unit (ACU) for Tech-Air® is incorporated with a strong, lightweight polymer back protector, which features an ergonomic plate construction…

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macna fulcrum pants

“THEY ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE PANTS I’VE WORN AND THAT’S BY SOME CONSIDERABLE MEASURE.” I’m a firm believer that what you wear on an adventure ride has a pretty big effect on your enjoyment of that ride. Too heavy and after a couple of days it starts to make you feel uncomfortable. Bad fit and it’ll drive you nuts and make you fidget all the time. Some gear is ridiculously heavy, too, but the first thing that blew me away with the Macna Fulcrum pants is how light they are. They’re easily the lightest pair of adventure pants I’ve ever come across and that translates as a better choice on and off the bike. My first reaction to the feel of the Fulcrum pants was that they wouldn’t be able to fight…

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alpinestars yokohama drystar jacket

The holy grail combo for an adventure jacket is that it isn’t too heavy and that it can easily handle changing weather conditions. There are many variables around this though, including number and size of pockets, ease of liner use and build quality down to the type of cuff closure device and how good the zips are. An adventure jacket is an expensive piece of kit, too, so it must last. It’s not easy to live up to all of this and the good stuff tends to set you back solid dollars, but in return it’ll last you years and years. I’m pretty fussy about jackets and gloves, more so than pants. If my jacket is a bad fit or it can’t handle hot conditions it just shits me no end.…