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Ultimate Cross Stitch Toys

Ultimate Cross Stitch Toys

Ultimate Cross Stitch Toys

Discover a treasure trove of toys in this special issue of Ultimate Cross Stitch! With over 300 exciting designs to choose from, take your pick of teddy bears, dolls, trains, circus characters and much, much more! Inside, there are over 300 projects of our favourite toys – from babies to tweens and the young-at-heart there’s a design for everyone. Stitch beautiful pictures and mobiles for baby’s nursery, make fun games for all the family, create a teddy bear card and gift a precious heirloom design. Inside this issue: ✱ Stitch a nostalgic design, from sweet Babushka dolls to an antique rocking horse ✱ Don’t miss our teddy family having a picnic, plus cuddly bears cards and gifts ✱ You’ll adore our matchbox mice, dress-up dolls and summer pinwheels ✱ Birth sampler, baby mobiles and fun ABCS ✱ Designs for tweens, charms, masks & more

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1 min

We’ve chosen designs that will sing out to you and remind you of the toys you played with as a child and which you can now recreate in stitches to gift to your own children or grandchildren. If you’re celebrating a new baby in the family and want to decorate the nursery, there are heaps of ideas here. We love the helicopters mobile, the must-stitch birth sampler and the jungle mobile – they’ll make gifts that’ll be treasured forever. There are designs for older kids too, from cute bag charms to adorable mice-in-a-box, they’re never too old for playthings like these. Dress-up dolls will take you right back to your childhood, these stitched replicas of paper dolls and their different outfits are fab. You’ll love our pretty Russian doll bunting too. The teddy…

2 min
retro rocking horse

Durene’s sweet nursery scene is such a delight to stitch, complete with pretty wallpaper in the background, and the cutest teddy waving hello. Taking centre stage though is the charming rocking horse, decorated in a bold, bright folk art style. We love the way the border of this design echoes the decorative elements of the horse, creating a beautiful backdrop that ties the piece together. Using a variety of techniques and plenty of clever shading, this would make a great project for beginners who may be looking to expand their stitching skills. Perfect as a gift for someone special, or for your own little one’s nursery wall, give it a go! You will need Threads: Stranded cotton as listed in the key Needle: Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric: 14-count white aida measuring 35x40cm (13_x15_in) Extras:…

2 min
traditional toy box

This traditional toy box design is a fun picture to stitch because it will bring back memories of yesteryear. Although the modern toys that kids have to play with these days are great, we still have a soft spot for old-fashioned toys, especially soft toys and wooden toys like alphabet blocks and train sets. From the rag doll to the soldier, the drum to the doll’s house, these classics should still find a place in any nursery. The design uses whole cross stitch and fractionals, plus some backstitch for added detail. Complete the backstitch once you’ve finished the whole stitch for the smoothest finish. You will need Threads: Stranded cotton as listed in the key Needle: Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric: 14-count white aida measuring 35x42cm (14x16_in) Extras: Frame and mount of your choice with…

2 min
robots sampler

Worked mainly in whole cross stitches, with just a little backstitch to add detail, stitching this fun design will be a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or looking to take on your first larger project, this sampler is ideal for stitchers of all abilities, so why not grab your tools (or needle and thread, as we like to call them!) and try it out? Choose to stitch the whole chart, or simply pick out motifs to create super-cool cards and tags for birthdays and more. In fact, you’d better keep this crew of customisable robots somewhere safe, as they’re sure to come to your rescue on more than one occasion. You will need Threads: Stranded cotton as listed in the key Needle: Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric: 14-count white aida measuring 46x41cm (18_x16_in) Extras:…

1 min
jurassic stitch

Children always seem fascinated with dinosaurs, it must be because they are so enormous and so ancient. And yet, thanks to the wonderfully preserved dinosaur bones that survive to this day, we have quite a good idea of what they looked like. We’re not convinced the dinosaurs in Lucie’s sampler would scare too many people if they walked the earth today – they are far too cuddly to be menacing. Lucie’s colourful dinosaur alphabet is stitched on 28-count white evenweave and, although quite large, this dino design is simple to stitch and suitable for stitchers of all abilities. You will need Threads: Stranded cotton as listed in the key Needle: Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric: 28-count white evenweave measuring 53x46cm (20¾x18¼in) Extras: Frame of your choice with a minimum aperture of 40x31cm (16x12¼in) Stitching Factbox Stitching time:…

2 min
fun & games

You will need Threads: Stranded cotton as listed in the key Needle: Size 24 tapestry needle Fabric: 3in wide 14-count white aida band cut to the required length Extras: Backing fabric of choice from local stores Stitching Factbox Stitching time: Approx 3-4 hours each Type of stitches: Cross stitch, backstitch, French knots Level: Advanced beginner Working the backstitch The backstitch is worked in one strand of dark grey thread. Check the chart to make sure you have the correct placement of the stitches. Always make sure you have an even fabric tension, so that the thread sits neatly and is neither too loose or too tight. Dangle your needle regularly so that the thread untwists itself. How to make a French Knot 1 Bring your needle up through the fabric. Holding the thread taut between your thumb and forefinger, wrap the needle…