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Vegan Food & Living January 2021

Vegan Food & Living is the fastest growing UK magazine celebrating the delicious approach to ethical eating. Every issue features at least 75 delicious recipes, plus ingredient focuses, expert guides to nutrition, important ethical issues, the latest news and exclusive competitions, plus how to take your culinary skills to the next level.

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As a team, we always look forward to January as a time of fresh starts and positive new habits and resolutions (and let's be honest, there probably wasn't a single person who wasn't looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020!) We get together for a big strategy session to decide what we'd like to try over the coming year, and figure out new ways to keep you guys entertained and informed. And, like most of the world, we always start the year with the best intentions to eat more healthily, stop trying all of the new vegan products as soon as they hit the shelves, and eat our 10-a-day every single day. We can't say all of these resolutions last that long, but it's the trying that counts, right? So this…

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eating out with this vegan city

DOPPLEGANGER Location: 59 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1AB Website: dopplegangerburger.co.uk Cuisine: Vegan gourmet burgers Service: Eat in and takeaway Today we find ourselves in the university city of Cambridge. The idea of students and food might conjure up an image of baked beans on toast being gulped down while working out a difficult maths formula, but outside the university walls is another solution to hunger problems. Owner Alf has come up with the perfect equation for a burger that looks, smells and tastes like meat, but is made of plants. One-third mushroom, soy and plant fat to be exact (with a little magic thrown in). This is high-quality, full-flavoured fast food that can reduce our impact on the both the Earth and animal suffering. Initially using a dark kitchen to experiment with plant-based cooking, Alf quickly found…

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what’s january cooking?

ALPRO LAUNCHES NEW PLANT MILK ALTERNATIVE THAT’S DESIGNED JUST FOR TEA! There are lots of plant milk alternatives to choose from these days, but there’s a new product on the block that has been designed especially for tea drinkers! While coffee addicts have been well catered for, tea lovers have still been left with a sometimes curdled cuppa, which is why Alpro developed My Cuppa – a plant-based product that performs just like semi-skimmed milk in tea. Working hard with tea-lovers and tea-experts alike, Alpro developed My Cuppa specifically for the great British tea drinker, delivering a brilliant brew that is 100% plant-based, low in sugars, and made with sustainably sourced soya. Alpro My Cuppa ticks all the boxes when it comes to colour, texture and flavour. That tannin tartness you find…

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behind the scenes at viva!

Our latest exposé: Scottish salmon farming Viva!’s investigation into Scottish salmon farming hit national headlines when The Mirror ran the story. The investigation revealed a hidden industry that is damaging the local environment and forcing salmon to live in sea pens where they are being eaten alive by sea lice. Farmed salmon are kept in overcrowded sea pens that provide a breeding ground for sea lice. In severe cases, lice consume the flesh around the fish’s head and neck area right down to the bone, causing immense suffering and stress for the fish. Campaigners have been raising concerns for years, yet this abhorrent industry continues to thrive – generating millions of pounds in revenue annually. Read the full investigation at viva.org.uk/scottish-salmon. Viva!’s brand new website! We have been busy working away behind the scenes…

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pressing pause

HAPPY NEW YEAR Happy 2021 to you! I hope you have or had a fabulously festive Christmas (depending when you’re reading this), full of cheer, delicious food and some time to rest. 2020 was a testing one to say the least, so it was quite right that we all let our hair down a bit and allow ourselves some time to recalibrate and restore our beautiful bodies and minds! It’s our first Christmas with our baby boy, River, which makes it so special and, of course, I keep dressing him as a Christmas pudding! Having a baby during this time has presented its challenges and to any new parents out there; you rock! With the arrival of a fresh and shiny new year, it can be a good opportunity to cast off the…

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behind the scenes with viva la vegan

If you have visited a vegan fair, there’s a good chance you will have seen a Viva La Vegan clothing stand. Lisa Fox talks to their founder about their mission What were you doing before you launched Viva La Vegan? I designed clothes for many of the main UK high-street brands for over 15 years. The environmental impact of this and social justice concerns about the true cost of the fashion industry led me to leave the mainstream fashion industry in search of something better, kinder and greener. It was my passion for veganism that gave my business focus, from which Viva La Vegan was born. How hard have you found it to source vegan materials to work with? There are many amazing plant-based alternatives, from leathers made from pineapple, mushrooms, fruit skins and…