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VeloNews Gear Issue 2020

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VeloNews brings you inside the sport of bike racing, with exclusive features, analysis, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews and the absolute best cycling photography.

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gear obsession is my profession

I have an unhealthy relationship with gear. Because of this, you can have a healthy one. OK, perhaps I’m playing too much the martyr here. I get to play with all the toys, and I have a lot of fun doing it. But one of the side effects of gear obsession is a honed sense of minutiae. People often ask me if I can really tell the difference in stiffness between a 45mm-depth rim and a 60mmdepth rim. After all these years, the answer is yes. Maybe that takes a bit of the fun and mystery out of gear, but my general rule of thumb is it’s always better to know than not know. I’m hardly the only gear-obsessed nerd in the VeloNews office. All of us have a (somewhat unhealthy) ability…

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BONTRAGER CITY SHOPPER BAG $115 It connects to a wide variety of pannier racks and comes with a shoulder strap for easy loading in the grocery store. And the zipper top keeps everything contained within. HUTCHINSON OVERIDE TIRES $65 Choose from 700x35mm, 38mm, or 45mm, and create your gravel adventure from there. The low center profile makes for low rolling resistance, while low profile side knobs bite in over rough roads and light gravel. E-BIKE: A GUIDE TO E-BIKE MODELS, TECHNOLOGY & RIDING ESSENTIALS by Martin Haussermann $20 This handy book offers electric bike shoppers the essential guide to this exciting new way of riding a bike from features, benefits, pros and cons, and the best ways to take advantage of motor assisted cycling. CERAMICSPEED UFO CLEAN $30 It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and actually works. UFO Clean is designed…

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TREK DOMANE+LT Starting at $6,500 A Fazua drive system gives you a bit of extra boost when you need it. But otherwise, the Domane+LT looks and feels like a regular road bike — a really svelte one at that. LIGHT & MOTION VAYA PRO COMMUTER LIGHT COMBO $100 200 lumens up front, 100 lumens out back, and small enough to stash in your pocket when you reach your destination, these USB-rechargeable lights will become indispensable on your daily commute. The smart sensors detect movement and turn on automatically too. TOPEAK PREPSTATION PRO $900 55 tools populate this rolling tool case. The trays swing out for easy access to each layer, and the wheels extend outward to stabilize the entire unit. The handle folds down too for easy storage. BONTRAGER ADVENTURE WOOL BLEND CYCLING HENLEY $90 A lightweight Merino…

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WACACO NANOPRESSO JOURNEY SPRING RUN $80 We’ve thought long and hard about it, and nope, we can’t live without this. Make an excellent shot of espresso just about anywhere. The awesome bike graphics make it a fun inclusion in your travel gear. BOYD TRAILBLAZER WHEELS $1,650 Are they mountain bike wheels or gravel wheels? Both. The Trailblazers come in both a 29er and a 27.5 configuration, and can handle tires over 32mm for gravel and from 2.1 to 2.5 for mountain biking. At 1,375 grams for the pair (29er) and a 26mm internal rim width, the Trailblazers could hit the racecourse or the multi-day adventure route. EVOC PRO ROAD CASE $895 If you’re looking for a safe and easy to use option when you fly, the Pro Road Case requires you to remove your wheels…

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what is the fastest tubeless setup?

Of all of the forces opposing your efforts at propelling your bike down the road, those working on the wheels and tires comprise a significant percentage. Tubeless tires and rims can maximize speed, as they have improved to the point that there is now no faster road tire/wheel setup. Get the combination of the tubeless tire, wheel, and pressure right, and you’ll have “free” speed. Optimizing speed from your tubeless wheels and tires also requires hitting the tire diameter, tread compound, tread pattern, and rim shape — as well as spoke count and shape. AERODYNAMIC DRAG Aerodynamic drag increases exponentially with speed. It doesn’t take twice as much power to go twice as fast relative to the air; it takes four or more times as much power. Since rider power is limited, going…

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de-mystifying performance e-bikes

E-bikes will inevitably become a higher percentage of the bikes on the roads and trails near you. While the technology is far more refined than a decade ago, e-bikes are still in their infancy. As consumers clarify what they want and manufacturers figure out how to deliver it, development continues apace. And while aesthetics will constantly change year to year, the most important technological development is largely focused on three characteristics: versatility, power, and weight. E-bikes of interest to longtime road riders tend to be pedal-assist only, either class 1 (motor assist only up to 20mph) or class 3 (28mph max). Class 2 e-bikes have a throttle, don’t require the rider to pedal, and top out at 20mph. Performance e-bikes for road and gravel riding fall into one of two general categories. Mid-motor…