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VeloNews May 2020

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VeloNews brings you inside the sport of bike racing, with exclusive features, analysis, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews and the absolute best cycling photography.

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presses stopped

This story is bigger than cycling. Over the course of 10 days, the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 completely upended our daily life and put millions at risk of infection. The virus also had a dramatic impact on pro cycling. Dozens of races were canceled, hundreds of riders were impacted, and by mid March, the entire sport had ground to a halt. These events corresponded to our production period for the May issue of VeloNews magazine, which traditionally focuses on the Giro d'Italia. In the final days before our production deadline, we learned that the Giro had been postponed, and the opening three stages had been canceled. Thus, we scrapped our Giro preview and instead focused on the biggest story in cycling: The spread of COVID-19 and its impact on the races,…

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amber neben

The Giro Rosa is currently women’s cycling’s biggest race, but what were the biggest races in the early part of your career? When I first started the Giro wasn’t as big of a deal as it is now. It was a full seven-day race, but it was mostly flat and it didn’t have much climbing in it. I did the HP Women’s Challenge for its last two years and the Tour de l’Aude and Thürigen-Rundfahrt. The La Route de France was two weeks long back then with a ton of climbing. All of those races were at least 10 stages. The Giro got hard in 2008 when they brought back a ton of climbing. And I was with Mara [Abbott] when she won her first Giro in 2010. Honestly, my most…

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off the front race radio

EDITIONS NOT HELD GIRO D’ITALIA: 9 (1915-1918, 1941-1945) TOUR DE FRANCE: 11 (1915-1918, 1940-1946) VUELTA A ESPAÑA: 10 (1937-1940, 1943-1944, 1951-1954) MILANO-SANREMO: 3 (1916, 1944-45) TOUR OF FLANDERS: 4 (1915-1918) PARIS-ROUBAIX: 7 (1915-1918, 1940-1942) LIÉGE-BASTOGNE-LIÉGE: 24 (1895-1907, 1910, 1914-1918, 1940-1942, 1944) GIRO DI LOMBARDIA: 2 (1943-1944) “We are already so vulnerable, so for us, staying healthy is always a challenge especially this time of year. We always take maximum precaution.”— Guillaume Boivin (Israel Start-UP Nation) during Paris-Nice PARIS-NICE STARTERS: 136 FINISHERS: 61 STAGES CANCELED: 1 TEAMS ABANDONED: 2 “Cycling is always a reflection of society and this has never more been the case as it is today.”—Groupama FDJ manager Marc Madiot on pro cycling’s shutdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic“We have to consider these might be the last racing days of the year.”— Thomas De Gendt (Lotto-Soudal) during Paris-Nice, the final WorldTour race before pro cycling’s shutdown.“Quarantine is definitely a fear. If you have…

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cool | want | need

YUBA ELECTRIC SUPERMARCHÉ Ditch the car. Carry the cargo. The Electric Supermarché has plenty of space to store the groceries; install the optional seat and take the kids with you. The Bosch Performance CX motor helps you get up that hill to home, even when fully loaded. $5,500 FIZIK ANTARES VERSUS EVO 00 ADAPTIVE SADDLE The Antares Adaptive capitalizes on 3D printing by creating a complex honeycomb-like structure that cushions and supports throughout the saddle. 3D printing allows Fizik to tailor which parts of the saddle cushion and which parts support. $400 POC AIM GLASSES AND VENTRAL AIR SPIN HELMET Poc makes a big play into color coordination, which is cool but not the real advantage. The Ventral Air Spin has big vents for cooling at any speed, and Poc’s Spin technology that addresses rotational…

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evan huffman’s climbing intervals

What In many ways, this climbing workout is about training your ability to never ease off. “The hardest part is the easier section, because you're mentally trained to do the effort and then just coast,” says Huffman. “There’s a big mental benefit. Like building that endurance to not just do a hard effort and then stop pedaling.” Why If the goal is simply to get over a big climb, then threshold work is all you need. Racing a climb is different, says Huffman. "It’s not very steady in a race, especially on shorter climbs," Huffman says. People attack and you must respond. So, training your ability to surge and then recover at moderate intensities is crucial. When This over-under routine is not a year-round workout. During the base season, just focus on building your engine.…

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ask coach connor

Rollers are tough. I always tell my athletes rollers aren’t “climbs,” because it’s often not the climbers who dominate the rollers. Having a big anaerobic capacity to put out a powerful short effort and then recover quickly is the key to the rollers. So, with that in mind, here’s a few tips to help get to the end of the rolling group ride: • Work on your VO2max power and anaerobic capacity – yes, we lose some of this with age, but that’s all the more reason to put a lot of work into staving off those losses. Use intervals like Tabata’s and sets of 8x1x1 (eight repeats of 1 minute all-out, 1-minute rest) or 6x2x2. • Work on your base endurance – that may sound strange, but if you’re at the back…