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VeloNews June 2020

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VeloNews brings you inside the sport of bike racing, with exclusive features, analysis, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews and the absolute best cycling photography.

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cycling’s biggest question

How do we get more women on bikes? It’s the most important question facing our sport, and one that race promoters, national federations, and media members alike think about on a daily basis. It’s no secret that our sport skews heavily male in both viewership and participation, and it’s a problem that all of us would love to solve. This year for our annual Women’s Cycling issue we tackled the question with a series of feature stories and essays. While last year our issue focused squarely on professional women’s road racing, this year we have broadened our scope to look at women’s cycling from a variety of angles. Betsy Welch examines how The Cycle Effect and The National Interscholastic Cycling Association work hard to get girls involved in cycling at a young age.…

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elise chabbey

How did you progress from kayaking to medicine? I started kayaking really young, maybe when I was five. And then when I was 12-13 I really got into it and started actually training. I focused on kayaking for nearly 10 years and was selected on the Swiss national team for the 2012 Olympics when I was just 19. But while it was exciting to be at the Olympics, I only finished 20th. In 2013 I went to Australia to really focus on kayaking, but I really wasn’t satisfied with the results and decided to start focusing on my studies. I am not even sure why I chose medicine, but once I started, I quickly realized that I just wouldn’t have time for kayaking. And how did you find cycling? At first when I…

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how did you overcome an early setback in your life as a cyclist?

BRITTANY JONES Contributor My biggest obstacle when I began cycling is also my biggest obstacle in life: myself. I’ve never been good at allowing myself to be bad at things, even things I’ve never done before. It’s perfection or nothing. Crit racing, cyclocross dismounts, and switchbacks were struggles; I couldn’t do them perfectly (or at all) the first time, which obviously meant I’d never be able to do them. Cue the swearing and tears. I’d ride with my partner or by myself with a steady litany of affirmational thoughts like, “This is pointless, I’m awful, I’ll never get better,” etc. While my audible frustration didn’t make those pleasant experiences for either of us, I eventually found I was doing the things I could never do. That’s honestly why I appreciate cycling so…

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cool | want | need

GIANT TCR ADVANCED SL 0 DISC Giant’s new superbike feels like a lithe climber but has aerodynamic touches to keep you going as fast or faster (according to Giant) than the competition. It’s outfitted with Cadex wheels, and Giant’s proprietary saddle and cockpit. Check out the full review on velonews.com. $11,000 THULE ROUNDTRIP BIKE DUFFEL This perfectly sized ride-day duffel features a dedicated compartment for your stinky shoes. A generous helmet compartment swallows up even XL lids, and the dividers in the main compartment make for ideal spaces for water bottles, knee pads, ride food, and more. $120 SPURCYCLE COMPACT BELL The original Spurcycle Bell rang louder and clearer than anything else on the market. The new Compact Bell does the same, but with a smaller footprint on your handlebars. $39 CORIMA MCC DX WHEELS Corima says…

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rainbow rider

Resplendent in her pigtails and stars-and-stripes jersey, 20-year-old Beth Heiden punches the air as she crosses the line to win the 1980 Road World Championships in Sallanches, France. The dramatic photo graced the cover of the September 26, 1980 edition of Velo-news, and it signaled a new era of strength for U.S. women’s road racing. In the ensuing decade riders like Rebecca Twigg, Connie Carpenter-Phinney, Inga Thompson, Janelle Parks, and Ruthie Matthes would all win medals at the world championships road race. Heiden was the only American of her era to actually win the rainbow stripes, and no elite American woman has claimed the road race title since. The dramatic sprint came at the end of the 33.5-mile race, which became a battle of attrition as the hilly circuit and stiff pace…

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ask coach connor

TED ZUHLSDORF Many factors affect heart rate: heat, fatigue, hydration, and cardiac drift to name a few. This is where the art of training comes in. The best way to gauge your true intensity is to use a mix of three metrics: heart rate, power, and RPE (rate of perceived exertion). There is a technique to “calibrate” the three metrics on your rides. First, make sure you’re warmed up and your power meter is calibrated. Then, ride at a wattage that normally feels just slightly hard – 120 to 200 watts or so. Hold it for a few minutes and monitor your heart rate response and RPE. You’ll quickly learn your typical heart rate and RPE for that intensity. Once you’ve learned what’s typical, watch for variations. For example, if heart rate and RPE…