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Spring 2021

Vertdevin is an tri-annual English language wine magazine. Inside there are various sections : interviews, articles, a Buying guide and 800-1,000 Wine & Spirits reviews..

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United Kingdom
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domaine de montcalmès

The Domaine de Montcalmès, a family property, is one of the most famous estates in Languedoc. Located about thirty kilometers from Montpellier, the cellar is located in the town of Puéchabon. It was in 1998 that Frédéric Pourtalié decided to take over the family’s vineyard and made it take an important turn. Wishing to produce under his own label, he decided to no longer deliver his grapes to a local cooperative but to vinify them himself. Rich in his previous experiences with renowned winegrowers such as Alain Graillot (Crozes-Hermitage), Allary family (Domaine Oratoire St Martin) or Laurent Vaillé (La Grange des Pères), he soon raised the Domaine de Montcalmès to the rank of one of the most famous and qualitative wines of Languedoc. In 2012 he started a conversion to…

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Similar to the hype on New World wines and regions, the same is also happening inside the European boundaries. The term new old world is now a thing to recognized emerging, once smaller regions in old world countries that are now making waves and showing their true potential. For Spanish wines, this newcomer is certainly Bierzo with its rich history, past, unique style and classic local varietals. Cloistered in the northwestern extremity of Castilla-y-Leon, close to the Galician border, Bierzo has many aspects to brag about, but surely its shining light’s the excellent potential of Mencía. Not exclusive to Spain, as it can be found in Portugal under the synonym Jaen, it’s a rather fresh, rich-flavored, high quality wines with the ability to exhibit earthy, vegetal characters with red berry nuances…

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MACONNAIS Domaine des As 2017 Mâcon Péronne The nose is relatively aromatic. It reveals notes of blackberry, lilac and small notes of small blue fruits associated with touches of rose, peony as well as a hint of crunchy strawberry and pepper. The palate is mineral and offers a small suavity, an acidulous frame, roundness as well as a certain fat. On the palate this wine expresses notes of pulpy / juicy cherry, crunchy strawberry and small notes of rose associated with touches of raspberry leaf, fresh / fleshy small blue fruits, fine hints of liquorice stick, varietal as well as a discreet hint of green cardamom, almond and an imperceptible hint of tonka bean in the background. Good length. Score: 14.75/20 (88-89/100) P. Ferraud & Fils 2019 Mâcon The nose is fruity and offers a certain…

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vignobles de l’auxerrois

VIGNOBLES DE L’AUXERROIS Clothilde Davenne 2017 Irancy The nose is fruity, racy, slightly tight and offers a slight sensation of tension. It reveals notes of cherry, small red fruits and small notes of mulberry leaf associated with touches of blackberry, hints of racy minerality as well as a very discreet hint of pepper (in the background). The palate is fruity, racy and offers a certain suavity, dynamism, an acidulous frame, a good definition, a certain harmony, gourmandize, juiciness, roundness as well as energy. On the palate this wine expresses notes of acidulous / juicy redcurrants, acidulous / juicy raspberry and small notes of raspberry leaf associated with touches of acidulous blackberry, fine hints of racy minerality, rosewood as well as a subtle hint of sweet spices / almonds and tea. Score: 15.25+/20 (90-91/100) Maison de…

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castillon côtes-de-bordeaux

Château Beynat – Cuvée Léonard 2018 Castillon Côtes-de-Bordeaux (Organic) The nose is fruity, racy and offers a small power as well as a fine intensity and deepness. It reveals notes of ripe Boysen berry, fleshy strawberry and small notes of blueberry associated with touches of small bright red fruits as well as fine hints of vanilla pod, nutmeg, chocolate, a fine hint of cuben pepper and spices. The palate is fruity, elegant, generous, gourmand, full of control and offers a fine acidulous frame, a beautiful frame as well as volume. On the palate this wine expresses notes of bright raspberry, blueberry and small notes of pulpy cassis associated with touches of chocolate, lily, cornflower, liquorice stick as well as discreet hints of cardamom, toasted and a very discreet hint of coffee (in…

139 min

MÉDOC Château Prieuré de Blaignan 2018 Médoc The nose is fruity and offers a small power. It reveals notes of crunchy blackberry, iris and small notes of fresh violet associated with fine touches of cassis, rose as well as a hint of pepper and a subtle hint of zan. The palate is fruity, well-balanced and offers an acidulous frame, juiciness, a small tension, balance, juiciness and a fine crunchiness. On the palate this wine expresses notes of crunchy/juicy raspberry, small red berries and small notes of violet associated with a touch of crunchy cassis as well as a hint of cassis leaf, raspberry leaf as well as a subtle hint of toasted/sweet spices. Good length. Score: 14.75+/20 (89/100) Château Carmenère 2018 Médoc The nose is fruity and offers gourmandize as well as a beautiful ripe/bright fruit and…