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VertdeVin Magazine Spring 2021

Vertdevin is an tri-annual English language wine magazine. Inside there are various sections : interviews, articles, a Buying guide and 800-1,000 Wine & Spirits reviews..

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château cantenac brown an ambitious project !

Château Cantenac Brown is a 3rd Grand Cru Classé located in the commune of Cantenac, in the appellation Margaux. The winery is well known to wine lovers as being a good and reliable value for Médoc! The property which extends over 95 hectares consists of a charming and unique Tudor castle, an English garden, a nature reserve of 14 hectares and a vineyard of 53 hectares. It was created in 1806 by John-Lewis Brown, a Scotsman who immigrated to Bordeaux for the wine trade. He decided to give him this architectural style to remind him of his native Scotland. Château Cantenac Brown was bought in December 2019 by Tristan Le Lous. He recently unveiled an ambitious plan for the future: a unique winery designed by architect Philippe Madec, which will push back…

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château laurence

Château Laurence is a small family property owned and operated by Philippe Nunès. The winery is located on a clay-limestone plateau, close to the village of Montusson. The property was created in 2012 by Philippe Nunes and partners with the project of producing excellent Merlot offering very good value wines. For the anecdote, the Château takes its name from a small river that borders the plots of the property. Today Château Laurence produces fifty thousand bottles: two reds, two whites, one rosé, two sparkling wines made in the “Méthode Champenoise”. Why did you start making wine? Philippe Nunès: I’m feeling like Obelix, I fell into wine when I was young. I used to help my parents in the Margaux region and then at 18 years old I had to decide what to do.…

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château gazin

Château Gazin is a family owned and operated winery of Pomerol, located in the eponymous village. This estate has been in the hands of the De Bailliencourt family since the beginning of the 20th century. It was bought in 1918 by Louis Soualle, great-grandfather of the current owners, wine merchants from the North of France. Gazin is famous for the quality of its production since a long time. The old village of Gazin already appeared on the Belleyme wine map in the 18th century. More generally, some writings attest to the creation of the Pomerol vineyard by the Knights of Maltes, of Saint John of Jerusalem and of Rhodes. For the “anecdote”, the current chateau may be located on the old site of the “Hospital de Pomeyrols” built by the…

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barboursville vineyards

Barboursville Vineyards is one of the most iconic wineries of the Virginia state. It was created in 1976 by Gianni Zonin, descendant of an old italien winegrowers family who started to work vines at the beginning of the 19th century. The winery was created in place of the previous estate of James Barbour, who was a former governor of Virginia in the early 1810s’. Barboursville Vineyards extends over 364 hectares (900 acres) of which 180 are planted with vines and is located in the Southwest Mountains (Virginia Piedmont) region. Its vineyard, which is located between 150 and 250 meters above sea level, offers a beautiful range of terroirs mainly composed of different types of clay, alluvial deposits and limestone. Let’s go with us to meet Luca Paschina, the passionate winegrower of Barboursville. Why did…

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domaine de montcalmès

The Domaine de Montcalmès, a family property, is one of the most famous estates in Languedoc. Located about thirty kilometers from Montpellier, the cellar is located in the town of Puéchabon. It was in 1998 that Frédéric Pourtalié decided to take over the family’s vineyard and made it take an important turn. Wishing to produce under his own label, he decided to no longer deliver his grapes to a local cooperative but to vinify them himself. Rich in his previous experiences with renowned winegrowers such as Alain Graillot (Crozes-Hermitage), Allary family (Domaine Oratoire St Martin) or Laurent Vaillé (La Grange des Pères), he soon raised the Domaine de Montcalmès to the rank of one of the most famous and qualitative wines of Languedoc. In 2012 he started a conversion to…

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umeda shuzojo

The new generation, between traditions and modernity, creates delicious Japanese sakés. Can you talk about your Kura: its history and story ? Hiroshima, the world-known peace-memorial city, has another face. Throughout it’s history it has been well-known for sake production. In 1916, the Umeda brothers – Sawajiro and Naojiro – founded a sake brewery in the east of Hiroshima-City. They named their product ”Honshu-Ichi”, which means ”the best in Japan”. More than 100 years later we are producing easy enjoyable and familiar Sake, with products from Hiroshima. Our Sake has often won medals in international Sake competitions, such as IWC and Kura-Master. Where does the name Umeda Shuzojo come from ? “Umeda” is our family-name. And “Shuzojo” means “brewery”. This brewery is just a small company and a family business, so the company name is simple. What…