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VertdeVin Magazine Summer 2021

Vertdevin is an tri-annual English language wine magazine. Inside there are various sections : interviews, articles, a Buying guide and 800-1,000 Wine & Spirits reviews..

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7 min
château beychevelle

Château Beychevelle is a Médoc property located in AOC Saint-Julien and which was recognized in 1855 as a 4th Grand Cru Classé. This winery has a rich history with roots in the mid 16th century. The first castle was built in 1565 by Bishop François de Foix-Candale whose niece inherited the property and was married to the Duke d’Epernon. Of course at the time there was certainly vines, but the estate was not geared only towards this activity and was then managed in mixed farming. Subsequently it was partly destroyed only to be rebuilt in 1757 by the Marquis de Brassier. He was one of the main architects of the vineyard and of the renown of Beychevelle wines at the time. Following the French Revolution the property was seized and then…

5 min
iinterview with françois chartier

Could you please tell us how you came to the world of saké? François Chartier: Japan and i have a long story… i have always been fascinated by the culture, the philosophy and the gastronomy of this country and therefore by sake. i think our connection really started in 1992, when i was studying for the World Sommelier competition, to be held in Tokyo in 1995. Then, in 1995, in my first trip in Japan, during the World Sommelier competition in Tokyo, i was so inspired by all sakes breweries I’ve visited around Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo. Two weeks immersed in trying to understand this culture and discovering its richness in depth. As the competition was taking place in Japan, many visits to Kura were organized and allowed me to better…

3 min
weingut wachter wiesler

Christoph Wachter, 33 years old, is the head winemaker at Weingut Wachter-Wisler, standing as fifth-generation making wines on these schist-rich soils of Burgenland. He began working at his family winery in 2008 when he was just 20 years old. He took over full responsibility in 2010. It’s hard to say what’s more impressive between all the accolades he’s got for his wines and his title of “Newcomer of the year” in 2014 from der Feinschmecker or the outstanding authenticity and quality of his wines, vintage after vintage. Weingut Wachter-Wisler has 14 hectares of vineyards in Südburgenland, in the towns of Eisenberg and deutsch-Schützen, which both form the viticulture center of the appellation. The unique soil of this small region is quite unique, Eisenberg is the only place where you can find…

3 min
hidden bench

In Ontario’s Niagara region, about an hour east of Toronto, tucked away on the famous Locust Lane wine route, you will find the Hidden Bench Winery. Founded in 2003, Hidden Bench is an artisanal, estate winery situated in the heart of the Beamsville Bench subappellation of Niagara. Perched in the heart of the Niagara peninsula just west of Beamsville, the Beamsville bench subappellations only count a handful of producers. However, the ”Bench”, a narrow terrace covering 6 kilometers in length and 600 meters in width, benefits from deep, ancient limestone-rich soils with optimal drainage and a microclimate tempered by the strong air circulation from lake Ontario, offers unique characteristics ideal for vinification. founded in 2003, with the first vintage released in 2005, Hidden Bench has quickly established itself as a quality cool…

2 min
collection 242

Some weeks ago in Paris, he showed up not just simple champagne but a new concept of it, a revolution. The blending of how we know and how we knew about the best seller Maison product, Brut Premier, doesn’t exist anymore. Collection is a new idiomatic form of blending, based on a need for change. A challenge for Louis Roederer who wants to benefit from the climate change and enhance the peculiarity offers by the different Champagne soils studied by the Maison teams in the last twenty years because of the decision to approach biodynamic farm practices Today Roederer is the most important farmer in champagne with 140 hectares biodynamic off 243. The huge effort has been awarded: louis Roederer is one of the 22 farmers in the world insert in…

5 min
alto piemonte

There aren’t so many cultivars like Nebbiolo able to cast in the glass each shadow, energy and sentiment of soils, and even the microclimate around them. Normally, Nebbiolo stands for Langhe but there is such a movement in the north of Piedmont… many young farmers are coming back to farming proposing again with modern style wines become famous in the XIX century; in the near future we may say there will be even more thrilling and awesome passion by those people who are looking for wines rich in elegance, verticality and powers. Wines with an unbelievable acidity able to age very well. in each ten denominations produced (Gattinara, Boca, Ghemme, Sizzano, Fara, Bramaterra, Colline novaresi, Fara, Lessona and Valli ossolane) in 30 kilometers, disciplinary allow wineries to use besides Nebbiolo grapes…