Victoria French Cottage 2019

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dear friends

Whether its history-steeped architecture includes roughhewn beams and stone floors or sweeping staircases and exquisite paneling, the effortless elegance of a traditional maison has a way of drawing me in time and again. In these gracious interiors, family heirlooms keep company with cherished artwork and intriguing brocante finds, allowing today’s homeowners to write their own chapters in the unfolding story of a beloved abode. I never tire of poring over the Gallic inspiration presented in French Cottage, and it seems that each time I return to a previous edition, lovely details that had escaped notice before now catch my attention. Along with taking in the beauty of these spaces, I also relish exploring the heritage that makes each residence, from farmhouse to château, a treasure worth celebrating. In this Victoria Classics issue,…

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coming home to the country

Awisteria vine drapes over the front door of Tanja Paff and Tim van de Tooren’s stone farmhouse, its clusters of purple blossoms wafting a sweet fragrance with every passing breeze. Freshly washed laundry dries on the line, illustrating one of the simple joys of country life. This was precisely the scene Tanja and Tim pictured when they decided to move here seventeen years ago—although the first time they glimpsed the house, it looked very different than it does now. After years of neglect, the main building appeared to be quite run-down, with worn floors, peeling wall-paper, and layers of dirt, prompting Tanja’s mother to declare it “a beautiful ruin.” Thankfully, it was structurally sound, just in need of a good cleaning, and there was plenty of space to accommodate their family…

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a treasured inheritance

Dominique Delalande and Henk Lokhorst call Amsterdam home but spend holidays in a cottage in a small village located in the Burgundy region of France. Henk is the decorator, combining heirlooms and antiques with elegant upholstery and brocante finds. And the home already held plenty of treasures. When Dominique’s mother moved here permanently many years ago, he says, “She brought the complete contents of her Paris household with her.” The house was packed with furniture, Henk says: “Copperware, crockery, paintings—wherever you looked, there was something standing or hanging on racks, shelves, in benches, and dressers.” When Dominique returned to the cottage, its décor, furnishings, sixties-era carpet, and even scents, awakened his memories. Even so, the clutter had to be cleared out, and antiques dealers were invited to the home. Not only were…

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love at first sight

The long-neglected building in the heart of Auxerre, France, known as La Tour des Neiges (Tower of Snow) had witnessed centuries of Burgundian life when an urbanization project left it vulnerable to complete destruction. Located in the Saint Loup quarter, it occupied prime real estate between the venerable Cathedral of Saint Étienne, with its Episcopal Palace, and the Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. When Céline and Olivier Chollet discovered that this disintegrating edifice was for sale, they looked beyond the rubble, ruined walls, and steep price tag to see its potential. “We realized very well that buying this house wasn’t a clever idea concerning our budget, our time, and our energy,” she says. “But it was coup de foudre, love at first sight.” Céline, an artist known for her aquarelles of old…

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the light within: a vintner’s cottage

Floral designer Ita Bourcier remembers the moment, more than thirty years ago, when she spotted the cottage of her dreams in Auxerre, a capital city in the Burgundy region. Traversing the French countryside to search for a new home had become a weekly ritual for the Netherlands native and her husband. One day, their realtor had not selected any listings but encouraged the pair to peruse his files. A single image immediately captured Ita’s imagination. “There it was: a photo of this wonderful house, surrounded by lots of trees and looking so pretty,” she recalls. Established circa 1880, when winemaking was prevalent in the area, the estate included wine cellars, horse stables, gardens, and a farmhouse brimming with charm. Despite Ita’s instant connection to the property, several obstacles stood in the way…

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preserving past grandeur

Ten years ago, Paris natives Marie-Claude and Michel de Beyris decided to leave the bustling pace of the City of Light for the tranquil beauty of Nièvre, a rural area of France’s Burgundy region. Because the couple is fond of old houses and of horses, their agent arranged a viewing at an eighteenth-century hunter’s pavilion–turned–manor house, complete with stables and a breathtaking view of the gently rolling landscape. The setting alone was enough to command the attention of Marie-Claude and Michel. But when they stepped inside the château and glimpsed the light-filled interiors, where many of the original features have been preserved, they knew they had found their new home. Its peaceful ambiance outweighed the amount of work that would need to be done to restore the structure’s indisputable charm. Fortunately,…