Victoria English Cottage 2017

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dear friends

Renovating an older house offers the opportunity to preserve a charming exterior while customizing the interior to fit your family’s needs and preferences. I recently completed such a project, and found so much satisfaction in seeing the spaces I had visualized shaped into reality. Most of the inspiration for this adventure (and it truly was an adventure!) came from an assortment of books and magazines devoted to interior design and architecture. I have been a collector of these resources for years, without any hint of a renovation in my future. My husband and I had long admired a 1970s dwelling with an amazing mountain view, so when it was placed on the market, we felt it was time to utilize all those stores of favorite styles. Many of those pages came…

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a queen-anne charmer

It takes a woman of vision to buy a neglected circa-1760 Queen Anne London town house and, within a year, transform it into an elegant family home. That its graceful architectural features were intact and its room proportions generous naturally helped, and finding South African interior decorator Grant White to assist her was kismet. “When I walked into this magnificent period property,” says owner Georgie Penn, “I knew I need never move again.” Today, sitting back on the plump Bennisonupholstered sofa in the south-facing drawing room, Georgie remembers only too well the task that faced her. Converted into three flats in the sixties, the house had been untouched for forty years. Handmade partitions erupted everywhere, plasterwork crumbled, floorboards rotted, and a new roof was required. Work progressed with the help of…

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through the garden gate

So lush are the surroundings at the estate where Lucie-Clare Watson resides that the loveliness of the outdoors seems to have grown beyond its borders, spilling into the eighteenth-century abode at the heart of the property. Creeping vines add storybook allure to its weathered stone exterior, and tangles of peonies, foxgloves, and other cottage blooms lend a bounty of inspiration to the tasteful décor found inside. “I wanted a better quality of life,” explains Lucie-Clare. An antiques dealer and interior designer, she had established a firm in London but ultimately returned to her roots in England’s Peak District, a vast area known for its rolling landscapes with wild moors, ancestral villages, and Elizabethan manors. Nestled among towering trees and a shimmering duck pond, a three-story charmer in the town of Derbyshire…

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an english country house, reawakened

The marriage of James and Caroline Dean brought about what Caroline describes as an amalgamation of their lives. With five children between them, the necessary new arrangement of their combined household possessions served as the catalyst for the reawakening of this mid- Victorian home. Caroline, a former fashion designer and milliner, says that, although the home’s structure was intact, it felt a bit like a tired and uncomfortable bed-and-breakfast. When she arrived, she embarked upon the major task of remodeling and redecorating, and did so with enthusiasm. A merger of the cottage and outbuildings with the main house, she says, served to correct the overall symmetry of the building. The ultimate goal was to create a warm, familyfriendly atmosphere that embraced the home’s heritage yet added contemporary features. Structural work was addressed…

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time remembered

Once won from a reckless neighbor in a thirteenth- century bet, Capheaton Hall has transformed over the centuries from castle to Jacobite mansion to estate of Georgian grandeur. When wartime requisitions with Canadian tanks left the handsome hall half-wrecked, the house was reduced to a postwar munitions repository and was saved from demolition only at the eleventh hour. “My father-in-law was given war reparations,” says Eliza Browne-Swinburne , “ and spent forty years turning the place into what we inherited: the estate, the garden, and the house, all in good order. When he first moved back here in 1966, there were piles of silver in rubble in the middle of the house, and the huge library collection and furniture under blankets. He restored everything, found everything, and made sure everything was…

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a magnificent tudor hall

Historic registry–listed buildings are numerous on the grounds in Caroline and Russell McCleave’s picturesque corner of Suffolk, a county in East Anglia. But few are as atmospheric as the couple’s pale-pink and oaktimbered manor house overlooking the village green. Built in the late 1400s , it once was home to a niece of Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor, Sir Thomas More. “Not a day goes by that I don’t feel privileged to live here,” says Caroline. “We have a definite sense of being its custodians rather than its owners.” The structure, which benefits from plenty of natural light, began as a typical one-story Suffolk hall, later acquiring an upper floor and central windows. Between 1850 and 1920, it was split into three separate dwellings, only to be restored in the mid-twentieth century.…