Victoria Linens, Lace & Monograms 2017

In a frantic and hurried world, Victoria offers a respite from the chaos of everyday life. The pages are dedicated to living beautifully when entertaining, cooking, and decorating and even in artistic pursuits - and now you can enjoy every single page on your tablet! With a distinct personality all its own, Victoria personifies feminity, passion, and an enterprising spirit. Each issue features decorating and entertaining ideas, recipes, travel stories, essays from inspiring women, and much more.

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dear friends

L inens are ubiquitous in most every home. Consider the well-stocked closet, with its stacks of sheets and towels resting on shelves, or the linen press, a stately furniture piece with ample space for all the accoutrements of a household’s bedding and bath. Although these practical goods can be utilitarian, even spare, there is a category of lovely and elegant linens that are functional while showcasing graceful needlework. These impressive pieces often come from earlier times, before the advent of mass-produced home necessities. Whether inherited from a female ancestor or collected from shops specializing in antique textiles, the worth of these linens rests in the strong fibers used to create them, as well as in their embellishments. With this volume of our Victoria Classics series, we present a showcase of beautiful images…

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the gentle care of fine linens

ENJOY YOUR LINENS. Frequent use extends life, so linens need not be held in reserve for fear that service will diminish quality or value. Stashing them in cupboards indefinitely causes fold lines to create stress on the fibers and promotes damage. Most textiles actually fare better when used and laundered regularly, so let them breathe, and appreciate the pleasure they bring. MANAGE STAINS PROMPTLY. The gracious hostess does not fret when spills soil her table linens. To avoid disturbing the meal further, without a lapse in conversation she quickly dabs the affected portion with a cold, wet cloth; rubs a sprinkling of table salt over the blemish; and covers it with a napkin. After a dinner party, all linens should soak in an ice-water bath for a few hours or even overnight. Marks…

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a modern serviette guide

“Large, snowy fields of linen that drape my lap and protect me, with a graciousness you can measure: That’s what I’m looking for,” says well-traveled writer William J. Hamilton. He has noticed a shift in fine-restaurant accoutrements during the past twenty-fi ve years, from a generous 30-inch-square napkin to a more modest 22 inches. The contrast is even more pronounced when comparing napkins of Colonial Williamsburg, historically 36 inches square, to the standard 20-inch variety used at White House state dinners today. With household linens trending toward a smaller dinner napkin and a larger lunch napkin, Hamilton suggests that casual entertainers may opt for styles that can do double duty. Here is a contemporary guide for today’s hostess to keep in mind: • Formal dinner: 20 to 27 inches square • Buffet:…

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wonon wrought in exquisite detail

Luxurious Linen Vintage linens enrich the look of a room—especially when chosen with an eye for meticulous handwork. Beyond a fundamental recognition of the physical beauty of these objects, many collectors become equally fascinated by the human connection they provide. For Martha Lauren, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, stitches plied long ago link past, present, and future. The purveyor of antique linens inherited esteem for fine needlework from the matriarchs of her family. “My mother sewed baby dresses for a shop in New England, and my grandmother was an excellent seamstress, also,” she says. “I was raised with handmade linens.” Admiration for the artfulness of interlocking monograms sparked Martha’s personal quest for heirloom textiles, such as tea towels, handkerchiefs, and other sundries. Of particular interest are rectangular damask napkins customary in France through…

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tranquil splendor

“HOME IS A PLACE NOT ONLY OF STRONG AFFECTIONS, BUT OF ENTIRE UNRESERVE; IT IS LIFE’S UNDRESS REHEARSAL, ITS BACKROOM, ITS DRESSING ROOM.” —Harriet Beecher Stowe Lavish textiles contribute the finishing touch of softness to our bedrooms and baths—mingling favorite hues and soothing textures to bring about the relaxation we crave.…

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of rest and restoration

When Pandora de Balthazár debuted her European Sleep System, the bed pillows did not fit standard American shams. An avid linen collector, she began selling antique pillow slips, thus introducing consumers to the quality and exquisite loveliness of textiles previously unavailable in this country. “Some people find us, attracted by the beauty,” the entrepreneur says. “Others understand our message of nurturing and seek me out.” Pandora de Balthazár, founder of the luxury bedding company that bears her name, has been known to linger for hours with guests who visit her retail space in Pensacola, Florida. In a role she describes as equal parts therapist and interior designer, the former financial planner now helps clients invest in their own well-being. With roots in Dalton, Georgia, which she calls the “textile capital of the…