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Vogue Australia epitomises the finest in fashion, design and journalism. It enlightens, entertains and inspires by focusing on its position as the authoritative voice in Australian fashion. Vogue Australia combines a modern mix of glamour, style and intelligence presenting the ultimate in fashion, beauty, health, and the arts.

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editor’s letter

Each May we celebrate Mother’s Day in Vogue and in doing so, we are really celebrating families. In the past year we have all come to value these special people even more. Forced separations due to border closures have been tough for some of us. Tragically, there are those of us who have not had the opportunity to say goodbye or hold loved ones for the last time. And so in this issue – which in previous years have been fronted by Teresa Palmer with her kids, and Elsa Pataky with hers – has extra special significance in 2021. It is brimming with women to admire, three in particular who I share friendships that continue to mean a lot to me. During lockdown, musician Amy Shark shared her brand-new single prior to…

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in memory of carla zampatti

The designer Carla Zampatti AC always knew how to zero in on a fashion mood. She read the times, the cultural and economic cues, and translated them in her fashion. Those markers lent her work a sense of liberation. “[It] has always been my ambition to give a woman the feeling that she can go out into the world and achieve anything she wants to achieve,” Zampatti said, and she never swayed from the brief. Having steered her company across five decades, her longevity in the business is no small feat. Pushed and pulled by her heritage, the designer built her brand around the idea of Italian-Australian chic: haute yet carefree, modern yet nostalgic, masculine and feminine. The tension worked. Her meticulous suiting and architectural dresses served as a kind of…

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Nikki Gemmell To mark the release of The Ripping Tree, Nikki Gemmell’s first adult novel in 10 years, we tasked the writer with penning Vogue Voice from page 38. “I wanted to explore the idea of family as rescue – because in the space of a lifetime, it’s not always,” she says, reflecting on her own childhood. “Also, the fact that your family can change over the years. For a long while, mates were my family. I found my way back after years of gypsy wandering and it was a revelation.” How does the mother-of-four describe life right now? “Chaotic. Loud. Crammed. Jumbly. Shrieky (that’s me). Cuddly. [My kids] know all the hiding places for chocolate, there are never enough chargers and washing needs doing every day. But I wouldn’t have…

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nikki gemmell on family

We must love one another or die,” urged the poet W. H. Auden. Yet growing up, my riven family seemed quite beyond any of that. Snippets of unwelcome memory. Thuds in a room. Anguished sobs. The flash of a police siren in the suburban dark. Having to face school in a neighbourhood where everyone knew everyone’s business and the hot shame of having to talk about something I had no understanding of. I was seven. It felt like some fairytale of vicious darkness that had seeped slowly into my family and cursed us all, yet no one would tell me anything. I wouldn’t understand, was too young. But amid the acrimony there was the silent roar of a little girl lost. There was no one to talk to about it because in…

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stories we tell

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case in point

AN ANTIDOTE TO down-dressing, a pointed toe speaks to a certain daintiness yes, but this season also captures a variety of attitudes from prim propriety to a fierce spirit that flowed through the winklepicker-wearing rock’n’roll subculture of old. Put store in delicate details and unexpected twists of design for an au courant update. “Nineties minimalism is here to stay, so investing in polished slingbacks fit for Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy is the right move.” – HARRIET CRAWFORD, JUNIOR FASHION AND MARKET EDITOR “Classic elegance reborn in a 2021 context is a PVC heel trimmed in graphic lines of black suede, like Emporio Armani’s decidedly demure pair.” – KAILA MATTHEWS, FASHION AND MARKET EDITOR “The new generation of pointed pumps should have a strength or boldness to them. To lift an existing outfit, add styles that…