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Vogue hommes English Version Fall - Winter 2020-2021

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The style and lifestyle magazine for men in their thirties interested in Fashion. The magazine for men like nowhere else

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—Since last March, which saw the world descend into a scenario worthy of a science fiction film, our lives haven’t been the same. A virus with a global reach succeeded in striking at the very heart of our innermost selves. And in instilling a sense of fear, instinctive mistrust, with physical contact proscribed, and our relationship to others turned on its head, our very skin under boycott, a movement of self–withdrawal, our hopes shot down in flames, and our convictions laid to waste. The impact on a personal level is devastating. As in any time of disruption, the shock wave has given way to self–questioning and radical change. One of its major symptoms is that millions of people all over the world are considering a complete rethink of their existences, seeking…

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—No other woman in the world has been photographed as often as Cindy Sherman, and yet despite taking self–portraits for over 40 years, she can still pass incognito. She has willingly offered up her face and her body to the joys and despairs of loss of identity, inventing a new reflection for every mirror that then melts into a series of avatars — long before these became de rigueur in the gaming and virtual universes. She has achieved a level of dissociation worthy of David Lynch or Hitchcock, and is capable of demonstrating to the wide–eyed observer the effects of narcissism, which have now reached the stage where it is definitively no longer possible ( or indeed desirable) to know who you are. In her Clowns series, taken between 2003 and…

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SUMMIT MEETING A slim fit twill TUXEDO JACKET with point collar and satin lapels over pleated trousers. Black, naturally. Off white for the more daring. KIM JONES, creative director at DIOR MEN, is behind the SKI CAPSULE line of skiwear and accessories. Produced in collaboration with some of the biggest names on the slopes — Descente, AK SKI and POC — it matches high performance with impeccable style. Puffer jackets, parkas and ski pants in sapphire, silver or lemon tones are joined by skis, snowboards, helmets and goggles, all with the Dior name inscribed on them. Guaranteed to make an impression both on and off the piste. Launching in November. Impeccable WHITE JEANS,CalvinKlein, Levi’s 501 or The Raw. THE EYES HAVE IT All eyes are on PORT TANGER, a fledgling sustainable eyewear label whose inspirations are…

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NIGHT REPAIR When Estée Lauder’s scientific researchers discovered a microsignalisation molecule with an incredible skin repair effect, they went ahead and reformulated their cult serum. Chronolux Power Signal technology reactivates cellular renewal and restores elasticity. ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR SYNCHRONIZED MULTI–RECOVERY COMPLEX, ESTÉE LAUDER, 50ML, €123. COSMIC SPLASH The colour of a summer sky, this fragrance, imagined by Louis Vuitton master perfumer Jacques Cavallier–Belletrud, is a crystalline composition built around a bracing backbone. Juicy citrus essences meet spices and peppers for texture and, most importantly, vetiver wood from Java which, stripped of its smoky notes, reveals unexpected facets of moist soil. MÉTÉORE EAU DE PARFUM, LOUIS VUITTON, 100ML, €225. SKIN CAVIAR First, the combination of biomolecules with Caviar Peptide firms the features. Then, Caviar Absolute, a precious blend of oils and proteins, plumps the complexion.…

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