Vogue Singapore November - December 2021

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editor’s letter

That feeling when you’re in the ocean. No shore in sight. Endless deep blue sea below you. Fading into darkness. That sense of perspective on a night flight. Staring out of the window above the clouds. The gentle curve of the Earth at the horizon. An infinite sky littered with stars above. As we close out 2021, the world finally opening up, and families reuniting after two years apart, this holiday issue of Vogue is dedicated to ‘eternity’— a concept that is at once frightening and mesmerising. An idea so unfathomable, and yet so intrinsic, that we feel it in our very core. Bigger than us, yet within us. For fashion director Desmond Lim, eternity gave birth to a fashion story exploring our universal need for connection, but grew and evolved into a…

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artist in residence

Architect John Lim’s accidental foray into botanical design began when he took a mental health break from his work. The founder of award-winning studio This Humid House continues to redefine boundaries and challenge the perception of what botanical design is and could be. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and the history embedded in them, it is his belief that every artwork should continue to carry its past while staying grounded in the contemporary. In this piece for Vogue Singapore, this ethos extends to an exploration of how nature, in its transient and evanescent form, remains eternal and carries a sense of legacy. Working with rocks for this piece, he uses these forms of nature to bring across the sense of prehistory associated with them. It is Lim’s belief that every artwork…

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editor’s picks

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secret codes

On my 28th birthday, I wasn’t thinking about cake. In the midst of an almost-30 existential crisis I chose, instead, to be comforted by the faint memory of a factoid I had once read under a Snapple cap. It was the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner’s theory on the stages of life, in which he states that your body completely regenerates itself every seven years. A cellular overhaul, if you will. To me, this meant I was model 4.0 of myself. In my hands lay the possibility of a new identity. The bric-a-brac of the previous version would make way for a new one—and as with most variations of spring cleaning, my first plan of attack would be my closet. Thread by thread, I could work away failures and embarrassments. In their…

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heat wave

Whether worn with tweed or leather minis, fishnet stockings add edge to every look. Turn up the heat by mixing and matching prints, textures and layers with wild abandon. Hair, Wataru Suzuki; makeup, Kenny Campbell using K. colo(u)rs; casting director, Jordan Mergirie; producer, Sina Linke/Services United; model, Berit Heitmann/Spin Model Management; photographer’s assistants, Kristina Weinhold and Lukas Wenninger; stylist’s assistant, Stanley Bruzzese…

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seeing double

Cartier has been winning over luxury watch and jewellery cognoscenti since its conception in 1847. Over its 174-year trajectory, the French maison has taken its expertise in horology and precious gems to the world of accessories as well. In its repertoire are crowd favourites such as the Marcello and Guirlande de Cartier bags designed by creative director for Cartier leather goods, Marlin Yuson. Her latest creation is Double C de Cartier, a sleek shoulder bag topped off with a jewelled metal and lacquer double C clasp. Inspired by the scarlet wax Louis-François Cartier used to seal gift packages with, the bag features a simple rectangular finish and colourways that include black, red and pink. Fresh off the launch of the Double C de Cartier’s chain bag variant, Yuson speaks to…