Vogue Singapore September 2021

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editor’s letter

Is the cover really a QR code? Well, yes and no. For the marquee September issue, Anna Wintour as chief content officer and Edward Enninful as European editorial director proposed the global theme of ‘New Beginnings’ to unite all 28 editions of Vogue. All editors-in-chief were asked to consider what constitutes a hopeful new outlook for their market in order to inspire confidence for a life post-pandemic. And, to highlight this global theme, the sunrise was to be the leitmotif to visually tie in all 28 Vogue covers, together with a time stamp of when the sun rose for each country. Personally, to consider a ‘new beginning’ in fashion is to explore that growing overlap between fashion and technology—and, in particular, the birth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the digital certification, as…

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beauty in perpetuity

A flower’s beauty is as striking as it is fleeting, but not so in the digital space. As surely as the sun will rise the next day, the NFT-based artwork of a vase exclusively created by Lanzavecchia + Wai for this issue of Vogue Singapore will burst into bloom, its surface swiftly covered by petals unfurling in sync. And even when those petals fall off in a blush-pink whirlwind, the viewer feels no loss, only anticipation for the whole cycle to repeat in a hypnotising loop. Unbounded by the rules of the natural world, the blossoms’ manmade, digitally enhanced beauty take on a life of their own that lasts long after their creators do. Made in Italy and Singapore, see the finished masterpiece, ‘Living Vase 01’, on the last page.…

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editor’s picks

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body language

Hair, Michael Delmas; makeup, Marion Robine; casting, Shawn Dezan; model, Shayna McNeill/IMG; production, Kitten Production; photographer’s assistants, Théophile Mottelet and Estelle Chauffour; stylist’s assistant, Juliette Dumazy Scan the QR code to see this look come to life with augmented reality.…

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tote modern

In the 2002 French dark comedy Huit Femmes, the only major male character is found dead in his bedroom early on, and it is the women—eight of them, to be precise—who make up the bones of the film. Is it any wonder that a film that puts females front and centre caught the eye of Saint Laurent’s creative director Anthony Vaccarello? After all, since its founding in 1961, the French maison has revolutionised female dressing by celebrating women’s sexuality and empowerment through its collections. Presiding over this motley crew of eight women is Gaby (played by Saint Laurent muse Catherine Deneuve), the matriarch of the household who boasts a head of well-coiffed blonde hair, expertly painted brows and lips, and a penchant for figure-hugging dresses and luxurious mink stoles. Her words…

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sign of the times

When future generations look back at COVID-19’s impact on the world, they might be surprised to find some monograms in the mix of post-pandemic creations. Besides inspiring brands to change their show schedules and increase their sustainability efforts, this period of transformation seems to have spurred designers to think about the legacy they’d like to leave behind. In an April 2020 interview with WWD about the pandemic’s effects on the industry, Donatella Versace said: “Seasonless fashion or a slower fashion model are both viable options. I guess all of us will do what we feel is right for our own brand.” As it turned out, what’s right for her brand meant the introduction of the La Greca, made up of the Greek key and the Versace logo. The monogram made its…