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Cars & Motorcycles
Volkswagen Camper and Commercial

Volkswagen Camper and Commercial No. 146

Founded back in 2000 VW Camper and Commercial is the original VW Bus magazine out there. Written by approachable, passionate bus owners, it has an established reputation for quality writing, drawing on a wide knowledge base, and for bringing together some of the best and most inspiring buses from around the world.

United Kingdom
Jazz Publishing
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£29.99(Incl. tax)
12 Issues

In this issue

3 min.

www.volkswagencamper.co.uk Well I suppose I should start by saying “HO! HO! HO!”, given that Christmas is just around the corner. The downside of course is that another year has gone by … but enough of that, after all, ‘tis the season to be merry! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake upon Christmas morning and find this “under” your tree; one can always dream and maybe one day it might be the Lego Camper or a Revell kit, or even a Brekina Model Bus stocking filler, instead of VW socks and a Camper Calendar! This month’s Christmas Hamper has something for everyone, custom, stock, a Brazilian Special Edition and a T3 that looks like it should have been a Special Edition. First up is a T4 that took Best In Class (1968 >…

1 min.
volkswagen camper and commercial

EDITOR David Eccles editor@volkswagencamper.co.uk ASSISTANT EDITOR Dave Richards dave.richards@volkswagencamper.co.uk DESIGNER Sarah Barnes design@jazzpublishing.co.uk CREATIVE MANAGER David Gamble davidgamble@mac.com PRODUCTION MANAGER Justine Hart justine@jazzpublishing.co.uk SALES & EVENTS DIRECTOR Shelley Bond ☎ 01244 881888 shelley@jazzevents.co.uk ADVERTISING SALES Karen Hall ☎ 01244 886027 advertising@volkswagencamper.co.uk CREDIT CONTROL Emma McCrindle ☎ 01244 886009 accounts@jazzpublishing.co.uk ADMINISTRATION Jan Schofield ☎ 01244 886019 jan@jazzpublishing.co.uk SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES ☎01244 881888 magazines@jazzpublishing.co.uk MANAGING DIRECTOR Stuart Mears stuart@jazzpublishing.co.uk DISTRIBUTION Susan Saunders ☎ 0207 4294073 susan.saunders@seymour.co.uk…

7 min.
it just needed a new sill fitting…

The owner bought it whilst on a touring holiday and shipped it home to the UK. There were few pictures, but David Read was hooked. “It was absolutely stock, a VW split screen SO42 with very faded yellow paint and some hippy flowers. I contacted the seller to express an interest. Some weeks later, me and the Mrs travelled down to a field somewhere near Bournemouth. It didn’t look quite as good in the flesh, but I wasn’t discouraged. “The bus had been named Sunny by its original owner, we loved it and the name has stuck to this day. My friend Mark Hewitt and I recovered it to the Midlands and realised that the bus would need some welding to get through an MOT. Keith Jones & I did a…

1 min.
a square kettle!

The RidgeMonkey Square Kettle redefines traditional thinking and provides a fresh new look at a commodity that has remained effectively unchanged for hundreds of years. The large surface area of the square footprint ensures a fast boil especially when used in conjunction with the RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Stove, while the folding handles & ergonomic design mean it can be packed away into the tightest of spaces. A perfect complement to the RidgeMonkey cookware range, the Square Kettle can be used on any direct heat source. Available in two sizes, 0.5 & 1.1 litres both just 15 cm square and made from anodised aluminium, it will transform both your boiling times and the way you pack away your kitchen. From about twenty pounds. Find a list of suppliers at ridgemonkey.co.uk…

1 min.

I’d never heard of mophie, but their PR people sent me a rather nice looking fag lighter adapter thing to try. This introduced me to the brand, and to their website which has all sorts of cordless charging solutions which looks like it’s going to be the next big thing in camper-vans in the new year. “The intelligent solutions from mophie are recognised for their style, and are engineered for performance, providing a seamless integration of hardware, software and design, while empowering the mobile world to Stay Powerful”. mophie can be found at zagg.com…

1 min.
enamel mugs

These quality enamel mugs from Industry & Supply feature hand-drawn, original artwork printed on the front and back. Choose from a range of vintage VW designs including the VW bus, pickup, Westfalia, T4 and Bay Pop Top. They’re perfect for throwing in the back of your VW for a trip away and strong enough to survive time in the workshop. All mugs are priced at £15.99. Industry & Supply also sells a range of art prints, t-shirts, hoodies, army kit bags, pin badges, stickers, notebooks and more. You can see the full range at industryandsupply.com or visit their shop in Rugby, which also stocks a unique selection of one-off vintage memorabilia which changes every week. If you’re driving your vintage VW at the time, they even have a VIP parking space…